Two shades better than one? In experiments with coloring, for sure! In addition, there are a lot of techniques and methods that allow you to harmoniously combine colors. More about them

There are many good reasons to opt for two tone hair. Moreover, they are relevant for those who are for naturalness, and for those who want to become brighter. But it will not even be the choice of shades that is more important, but the technique. If, for example, you wanted to combine “milk chocolate” with a blond, but missed the staining method, you will get a clear border between the two colors.It is hardly possible to call such a result successful. We understand the tricks that colorists use and suggest how to change the image with the help of home coloring."

What is two-color dyeing and who is it suitable for?

Most often, such staining is performed in such a way that a “stretch” is obtained with a smooth transition from one shade to another, as in the photo. The way they merge into each other looks spectacular - even if the basis of the image is natural colors.

True, you need to understand that this requires sufficient hair length. On girls with a pixie haircut, such coloring is hardly possible. And a short caret will not be enough to get a soft blur of the border. It will be easier for them to make a solid coloring.

There are many techniques that colorists use to create expressive play of shades on the hair.

  • Highlighting is perhaps one of the most famous techniques: with this coloring, the second color is applied to the hair in strands, and from the very roots to the tips. They often stand out sharply against the general background, so over time the trend has come to naught - colorists prefer techniques without strong contrasts. But if you want to experiment, this effect is easy to achieve with L'Oréal Paris Preference in Glam Light.

  • Ombre is usually a transition from dark roots to light ends. As the trend evolved, different color combinations began to be used; the main thing was the gradient effect at about the middle of the length. There is also a technique called "sombre" : this is the creation of a transition between shades only on some thin strands. The result is much softer and more natural.

  • Shatush is another name for the gradient staining technique. Usually with its help they create the effect of sun-bleached hair, the play of light and shadow between light and dark strands.

  • Balayage is a technique similar to shatush, but much more often it is not a two-tone coloring. For softer overflows, several shades are used and they still get the same “sunny” effect.

The matter is not limited to this. In addition to the classic horizontal and vertical techniques, there is also zonal coloring, when whole sections of hair are dyed in separate colors. And also - dyeing with a stencil, which allows you to create patterns on the hair - primarily on straight, smooth ones.

Two-tone short hair coloring: photo ideas

Short hair is considered both in a haircut "under the boy" and in a bob to the chin. There is no universal coloring for these two cases, if you want to combine two tones in it. Ombre is definitely not suitable: with such a length, a smooth transition between shades, most likely, will not work.The gradient will come out only if you start stretching the color from the very roots.


If you are not ready for a contrasting color on the roots, then turn to coloring in two colors with strands. Thin, barely noticeable or large - the choice is yours. Read more about how to make strand coloring depending on hair color here.

A light "feather" coloration with subtle color strokes will look more delicate, even if you use a bright neon color on a darker background. The owners of the caret may also like the usual highlighting, if you subtly paint in mint, pastel pink or blue many strands on different layers of hair. The effect will turn out to be as if the color is “lost” in the bulk of the hair and in motion it now and then looks through, creating overflows of shades.

Medium hair

For girls who wear a medium length haircut, there are many more options available in two-tone coloring. This is the effect of sun-bleached hair, with which a brunette becomes half blonde, and ombre with absolutely any combination of colors (both pastel and neon - you can use everything), and shatush with different levels of transition of shades on different strands.

If you choose the coloring technique not only for the length of the hair, but also for the shape that the hairdresser gave them, the image will definitely turn out to be thoughtful and complete. If the haircut is made with the expectation that the hair looks more voluminous, coloring in two colors can further emphasize this.

Long hair

It is especially interesting for colorists to work with long hair: these are great opportunities for implementing a variety of ideas in coloring. You can easily increase the transition between shades, making it more extended and therefore smooth.

You can raise or lower the border at the junction of two colors on different strands, adding volume to the hairstyle. Another option is to emphasize with color both the roots and the tips, again using the ombre effect.

For those who are not afraid of contrasts and truly bold decisions, you can divide your hair into two parts with the usual parting, and then dye the right one in one color, the left in another. After “connecting” them, you can use different weaving options.

Two tone color on wavy hair

An expressive ombre effect on a mirror-shine smooth surface of straight hair is not the same as a gradient on waves or curls. Girls with this type of hair need solutions that take into account the structure of their hair, how the curl is formed and lays dry.

Although they don't need to create volume with coloring, still techniques like shatush and balayage give the best result on wavy and curly hair.

Trendy two-tone color options for light and dark hair


Girls with blond hair at the peak of popularity for many years have been coloring with the effect of burnt hair. Ombre, shatush, balayazh - masters take up these techniques and with one additional shade they achieve a brighter and sunnier look.

But blondes don't stop there. After all, bold colorings are also popular, which attract attention due to the contrast: against the background of the natural hair color, red, blue, green, purple, pink and many other shades reveal themselves in an unexpected way. Try L'Oréal Paris' Colorista Washout, a soft pink 'Flamingo', for example. where to find?

In the case of a blond, by the way, colored pastels are also suitable for beauty experiments. The result will be softer, but no less interesting.Most often, blondes choose a soft pink shade and color the strands with it. Mixing with "their" light ones, they create the effect of "strawberries and cream" ; thanks to this, there is no radical change in the image, but it still looks unusual.


Brunettes can easily become half-blonde by lightening with a smooth transition from dark at the roots to golden at the tips.

"Bronde" has already become a familiar coloring option. The result is perceived as natural.

When there is no goal to get an image with natural shades, brighter colors can be used, just remember that the choice will have to be made in favor of dyes with an almost neon effect. Softer and lighter shades will not be visible on the hair of brunettes. Therefore, if you paint strands, then in “electric” blue, acid green, pink neon or, for example, juicy red.You can easily find such shades in the Colorista Hair Make Up line from L’Oréal Paris. It's Neon Mermaid and Neon Unicorn .

With permanent coloring, the hair will have to be lightened beforehand. If you choose funds with a temporary effect, such an impact can be avoided.

How to beautifully dye your hair in two colors at home?

Dyeing your own hair at home is easy. Two colors is not so much, you don’t have to mix compositions like colorists in the salon, but you will need to pay attention to the choice of dyes. Before you finally transform, try changing your hair color for a couple of days or a week or two. There are tools with which you can do this quickly and get a beautiful result, even if you have never tried to dye your hair before. For example, Colorista Hair Makeup jelly from L'Oréal Paris.

How to apply it, we showed in this video.

First you need to wash your hair and dry your hair, and then apply dye to clean hair. You can do this manually or with a brush. The second option may provide more accurate color application. There are also products in spray format that do not require additional tools for staining. Like the Colorista Spray from L'Oréal Paris.

Place a towel over your shoulders so you don't accidentally stain your clothes in the process.

Two-color hair color review

  • Colorista Spray, L'Oréal Paris

    Bright two-tone coloring is needed only for one evening? You can quickly create a look with colored strands or bright sections of hair with a spray that only needs to be sprayed dry. Colorista Spray is perfect for the case when there is very little time and there is no way to wash off the paint, dry the hair, and re-style it.The shade, whatever you choose, will be as saturated as possible: the paint envelops the hair from the outside, and therefore its brightness is not absorbed by anything. Even on brunettes, you can see the color in all its depth. Then, after washing the hair, it will disappear from the hair, the image will return to the original.

  • Colorista Hair Makeup, L'Oréal Paris

    This is a different format tool. It should be used by those who have time for more thorough staining. Colorista Hair Makeup jelly is first distributed over the selected strands, then they are dried with a hair dryer so that the color can fully express itself. Some shades - for example, blue, green - will look better on blondes, as they may not show their full brightness on dark hair. With the resulting image, you can spend a day or two - until the next use of shampoo, which will wash off the paint and return the hair to its original appearance.

  • Colorista Washout, L'Oréal Paris

    Colorista Washout balm is designed for a longer result. Your new two-tone color will last a week and a half or up to two or three shampoos. During this time, you will definitely be able to understand whether you want to stay in a new image. The tool will need to be left on the hair for 15-30 minutes, choose the time based on how persistent and intense the result you want to get. After that, rinse the composition with water (without shampoo) and proceed with styling - already with a new color.

Which of the two-tone coloring techniques do you like best? Tell us about your experiments with hair color in the comments.