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Test your beauty knowledge in an express format: there are only seven questions in our test.

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    "Spider Web" is

    Eyeshadow Blending Technique Special Foundation Sponge Trendy Nail Design Microfiber Mascara

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    What series is Urban Decay's new eyeshadow palette about?

    Black Mirror Game of Thrones Stranger Things Big Little Lies

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    The picture shows a new product from L'Oréal Paris. Which one?

    Eyebrow Pencil Eye Pencil Ultra Thin Mascara Liquid Eyeliner

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    Which shade of lipstick is NOT suitable for red-haired girls?

    Terracotta Taupe Fuchsia Cherry

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    What tool is useful if you need to make your cheeks visually plumper?

    Dark sculpt Blush Bronzer Thick concealer

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    What do you need green corrector or concealer for?

    Covers redness & pimples Covers pigment spots Used in contouring Helps to enhance the color of lipstick or eye shadow

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    What make-up tool will prolong the durability of the shadows on occasion?

    Foundation Mattifying Powder Tint Lip Balm