Either dark circles or redness - skin problems are different and most often appear suddenly, without warning. To be prepared for any trouble, it is useful to have several color-correcting concealers in one palette

Color correction is no longer the secret knowledge of makeup artists, but multi-color palettes with concealers are not only their secret weapon to combat skin imperfections. Such funds have ceased to be a rarity and appear even in cosmetic bags with a basic composition.They are easy to use and much easier than you think.

What do you need concealers and proofreaders in makeup for?

When choosing such a palette, it will be useful to first understand what concealers and proofreaders are, because these two products are not the same thing.

Concealer is usually a creamy product with a dense texture, which is matched to the shade of your foundation. With its help, spot correction is performed when it is necessary to hide, though small, but very noticeable imperfections: they are usually still visible from under the foundation. The corrector is applied under it, and this, by the way, is one of the main differences between the product and the concealer.

Concealer also helps to mask imperfections. It is also thicker and denser in texture than foundation. However, its application is slightly different. It helps to achieve the effect with the help of highlighting. Sometimes reflective particles are even added to the composition, as in the case of Touche Éclat from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.First of all, with the help of such concealers, dark circles under the eyes are hidden. And they apply the product on top of the foundation, blending the borders.

By the way, corrector and concealer can complement each other in makeup. For example, bruises under the eyes can first be “covered up” with an orange or pink corrector, and a concealer can be applied on top, which will even out the coverage with the skin tone and also enhance the masking due to the radiance effect.


Perhaps the most versatile option is flesh-colored correctors and concealers (they are matched to the color of the foundation). They are the most common, although there are also color correction tools. In some cases, they are more effective than usual, each has its own specialization.

For example, the green corrector does a great job of masking redness. Red and pink neutralize the bluish tint of dark circles under the eyes. And yellow lightens age spots and freckles, if you suddenly want to hide them from prying eyes.


So that everyone can choose a comfortable version of a corrector or concealer for themselves, they are produced in separate tubes, with a soft cream or fluid texture, and in palettes. The compact format offers a more concentrated formula, so there's a denser, firmer cream underneath the lid that needs less application.

How to apply concealer or corrector from the palette on the face?

The main thing is not to confuse anything in the order of actions: if you are dealing with a corrector, it should be under a layer of foundation, if you have a concealer in your hands, its place is on top. With application tools, everything is easier. The choice is yours - you can choose what is more convenient for you to use.


There are several types of concealer brushes. Professionals have them all, but in ordinary life one or two will be enough. There are small flat brushes for precise application. With its help, it is best to mask relief inflammation.

A slightly more voluminous and fluffy duofiber is ideal for areas with thin, sensitive skin, such as the area around the eyes. It is convenient to blend the product with the same brush: it will distribute its dense texture over the skin with an airy layer and help hide the boundaries of the application.


Used to use sponges? Traditional sponge drops have long been produced in a mini format, which allows you to delicately work with imperfections in small areas of the skin. They are convenient, by the way, for wet application, which makes the coating even more reliable. Try, for example, Latex Free Tear-Drop Blending Sponge by NYX Professional Makeup

Hand applied

No brush or sponge handy? You can do without them and not lose the quality of makeup. You can apply both corrector and concealer with your fingertips, using patting movements. This will provide good shading.

We talked about the three ways to apply foundation in this video.

How to paint with a palette of correctors for the face: a step-by-step application scheme

Not sure you can use the corrector palette correctly yet? Step by step instructions to help you.

  1. Preparation

    Although the correctors are applied under foundation, on “raw” skin without preparation it is unlikely to be well fixed. Make sure to cleanse and moisturize before applying correctors. Better yet, use a primer. For example, Eyeshadow Primer Potion by Urban Decay

  2. Color correction

    If your choice is a skin tone corrector, then the process is simplified: you just need to distribute the desired shade from the palette with a brush, sponge or fingers.Remember that imperfections with voluminous forms - rashes - are best covered with a thicker layer, this will visually make the skin smoother. But for dark circles under the eyes, such a coating is not required. If you are armed with a palette with color correctors like Correct, Contour Palette from NYX Professional Makeup, you will have to act with deeper knowledge of the matter. Hide pimples and other redness with a green corrector.

    Red, pink, orange are colors that work under the eyes to hide bruises. Apply them as shown in the diagram.

    Yellow will help make age spots less noticeable. Do not forget to soften the border of applying correctors. Otherwise, colored spots will be clearly visible under a layer of foundation.

  3. Fixing

    So that during the day those imperfections that you masked with correctors do not appear again in everyone's mind, fix the result with a special “finishing” spray or transparent powder. Try All Nighter by Urban Decay

How to use a concealer palette correctly: step by step instructions with photo

  1. Preparation

    In the case of concealers, in addition to moisturizing the skin and applying a primer, you will also need a tonal coating. When the cream is distributed, wait a couple of minutes - the product should “lie down” and merge with the skin. After that, it will become clearer which areas definitely need additional correction.

  2. Application

    Choose the most suitable concealer shade from the palette. It can completely match the foundation or be a little lighter. Spread it over the places where you have already applied the corrector, as well as separately - on the area under the eyes. There are several life hacks with concealer: you need to apply and blend it at the inner corners of the eyes, as well as at the wings of the nose, as shown in the photo, so that the face immediately looks fresh and cheerful.

  3. Fixing

    A layer of powder will help the concealer keep your makeup looking its original. Colorless like High Definition Finishing Powder from NYX Professional Makeup works best.

Review of the best concealer palettes according to FashionVIPdergisi.com

Not many brands offer to combine several concealers in one palette. NYX Professional Makeup has an option that the editors believe is worthy of attention.

Palette Conceal, Correct, Contour, NYX Professional Makeup

In addition to concealers, this palette, which includes six shades, has several correctors. Beige - for general masking of imperfections (such as acne, for example). Pink - to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Additionally, Conceal, Correct, Contour includes shades for contouring, which can emphasize the cheekbones, as well as darken those areas of the face from which you need to divert attention.If you use all these tools together, you will perform a full face correction and get a detailed, complete image.

Review of the best concealer palettes according to FashionVIPdergisi.com

We believe that these palettes are best suited for girls who have mastered the techniques of color correction and therefore want to see all the desired shades in one tool.

  • Color Correcting Palette, NYX Professional Makeup

    Another six-color palette from NYX Professional Makeup - only with a different content. There are no concealers here. This is a complete color grading kit that will allow you to cope with any tone imperfections. Green, yellow, purple, pink - the Color Correcting Palette contains shades for all occasions. They will help with dark circles under the eyes, with irritations and inflammations, with pigmentation - no matter what problem appears, there is a solution.And two natural beige shades will help hide subtle imperfections, enhancing the coverage of foundation. By the way, they are also good for the skin: the cream formula of these correctors contains vitamin E.

Compact palettes are practical all-in-one tools that are easy to take with you. True, sometimes there is not enough space for them. In this case, some manufacturers offer a different format for combining shades.

Do you choose separate correctors and concealers? Or a complete palette? Write a comment.