Powder can certainly be handled by anyone. But we will tell you how to use it more effectively

Powder belongs to the basic makeup bag, which is partly why it is considered easy to handle. This is true if you just need to brush your face with a fluffy brush with a little powder.

However, this is only one of the many ways to improve the image or make makeup better.

Why use face powder?

Classic face powder, as a rule, serves as an addition to foundation and helps to bring the skin tone to the ideal: make it as even as possible, and also create a velvety finish that hides any hint of oily sheen.

Sometimes powder is used as a standalone product. True, this only works if there are no noticeable imperfections on the skin; the powder coating is thin and cannot hide strong redness.

Recently, powders with tonal pigments are out of work - radiant skin is in fashion.

With powder, the desired effect will not work. Therefore, many people limit themselves to foundation or even mix it with a highlighter to “illuminate” the skin even more. Thanks to this, she acquires freshness and "vigority" , as after a he althy sleep and proper rest.

But transparent powders, which are designed to complete makeup, are more relevant. They help someone fix a make-up to prolong his life until late in the evening.

There is even a separate technique called "baking" , in which the layering of powder allows for maximum durability.

Someone uses this powder to remove oily sheen, especially since some formulas can completely absorb sebum - thanks to this, the skin retains freshness throughout the day.

How to apply powder on the face: step by step photo instructions

  1. Prepare your skin for makeup. Use a primer and apply foundation on top. Best of all "seized" powder with a cream base. Therefore, you should not apply it directly to the skin.

  2. Directly applying powder in terms of technique can be different - depending on what effect you want to get.

  3. If your goal is to create a weightless powder veil that will give your skin a matte finish, take a small amount of powder into a fluffy brush and brush it over your face to leave a thin layer of product.

  4. If you need a thicker coverage that will last on the skin for a long time, use the stippling technique. With a sponge or, for example, a kabuki brush, apply powder, as if pressing it into the skin.

Whatever method of applying powder you use, it is important to ensure that the result is not a puff cake effect. This happens mainly due to the fact that more funds are taken than needed. Fix your knowledge by watching our video tutorial.

How to use powder at different times of the year?

Spring-summer season

At this time of the year, many people want to limit themselves to powder so as not to overload the skin while the weather is warm or even hot. True, in order for the coating to be well distributed over the skin and remain on it throughout the day, you still need a creamy bottom layer.

You can use a light primer, which at the same time additionally moisturizes the skin.

Autumn-winter season

In the cold season, the combination of foundation and powder is quite appropriate. Moreover, the skin under such a coating is comfortable: in autumn and winter it needs protection. The powder itself can be used a little more than usual; the main thing is that it looks natural on the face, without creating a mask effect.

Powder life hacks

  • Powder is better "fastened" over a slightly damp layer of cream. However, this does not mean that you need to apply it immediately after you have spread the moisturizer on your face. Wait a couple of minutes for it to soak in. And if the film does not disappear from the skin, blot it - at least with a regular napkin.

  • To perform contouring, it is not necessary to have a bronzer or a special sculpting powder in your cosmetic bag. Ordinary powder is also suitable - only its shade should be a couple of tones darker than the main tone. In this case, the result will be less pronounced, but more natural.

  • Missing with a touch of powder is even easier than with a touch of foundation. In the package, it always seems lighter than it actually is. Therefore, it must be tested before buying (of course, observing all the "safety rules" ).

    It is best to check the color on the lower part of the cheek, closer to the neck.

  • It is not necessary to use powder only for its intended purpose. Using the same tool, you can achieve the effect of thick, "fan" eyelashes. To do this, powder them - you get a layer of "primer" , which will add both volume and length. And then apply mascara in the usual way.

  • Another trick with using powder is to apply it to the roots of your hair instead of dry shampoo, if you suddenly need to freshen up their appearance. After spreading, wait about five minutes for the product to absorb the sebum, and then comb the powder with a fine comb so that there are no visible marks on the hair.

face powders review

  • Stay Matte But Not Flat Compact Powder, NYX Professional Makeup

    Stay Matte But Not Flat is a powder that will help out in a variety of life situations. If you need to turn it into a tonal base, you can apply the product with a damp sponge, then the coating will turn out to be more dense and reliably hide all imperfections underneath. If, on the contrary, you want the powder not to be visible at all, turn to dry application with a voluminous brush. Thanks to her, the result will be as natural as possible. Among the advantages of this powder are minerals and vitamin E in the composition, as well as the absence of talc and oil components, which are contraindicated for oily skin.

  • Powder Alliance Perfect, L'Oréal Paris

    Among other L'Oréal Paris powders, this one stands out for its mineral composition.These, unlike conventional powders, do a good job of evening out the tone, covering the face with tiny mineral “flakes”. They do not interact with the skin and its metabolic products (for example, with sebum), and therefore do not clog pores, unlike the same talc. And they don't irritate! Lightweight coverage with a satin finish is what you get with this Alliance Perfect powder.

  • Teint Idole Ultra Compact Powder, Lancôme

    Designed for oily to combination skin, this powder mattifies first. But the external effect alone would not be enough - so Lancôme made sure that Teint Idole Ultra Compact also takes care of the skin, moisturizing it (the formula lasts up to 18 hours), and also protecting from the sun with SPF 15.

  • Baking powder Master Fix Baking, Maybelline New York

    Maybelline New York has a product for those who have long dreamed of trying the baking technique. They started talking about it a couple of years ago - and then baking techniques gained popularity. They involve the creation of a dense coating with which you can appear both in front of the camera lens and under the spotlight. Perfectly even, smooth, matte skin without a hint of oily sheen - baking allows you to get such a result and also make it resistant. In baking, freshly applied concealer is “sprinkled” with powder, after which it is left to soak (“bake”). Master Fix Baking is specially designed to give you flawless skin and set makeup with ease.

Do you use powder in your makeup? How does this tool help you? Tell us in the comments.