This summer we color our eyelashes in blue, purple and brown

Colored mascara is not a new phenomenon in the beauty world, but this season it has reached the peak of popularity. Following fashion show makeup artists who dyed models' eyelashes in light green, orange and purple, well-known cosmetic brands picked up the trend and released entire lines of mascara in all colors of the rainbow. Meet the new Paradise shades from L'Oréal Paris.

L'Oréal Paris Paradise color mascara features

Recently, major cosmetic brand L'Oréal Paris has introduced new shades of the iconic Paradise mascara. What are her features? What is included? What colors did she come in? And how to choose the right color? We answered these questions and did a test drive.


Firstly, the novelty contains carnauba wax, or, in other words, the juice of the Brazilian palm tree, which is released from its leaves in the heat. Thanks to this ingredient, the mascara does not spread or crumble during the day, it is easy to apply and gives the eyelashes a glossy shine.

Secondly, the composition included a loading dose of caring ingredients, such as jojoba oil, fruit extracts and panthenol.

Thirdly, the formula contains color pigments in high concentration. Even one layer of mascara gives a bright effect. In addition, the novelty has a bonus - a pleasant floral scent.


The applicator of the new mascara features thick and ultra-soft bristles, thanks to which the pigment is easily distributed along the entire length of the eyelashes and paints them from root to tip in one stroke. In addition, the special shape of the brush allows you to give your eyelashes a beautiful curl.

New Paradise mascaras

When choosing a shade of mascara, focus not on beauty trends, but on the color of your eyes - choose the one that emphasizes it favorably. We tested three shades: blue, purple and brown.

Blue Fantasy Flower Mascara

Among the options for colored mascara, blue is considered universal. It suits absolutely everyone, but it looks especially impressive in the make-up of blondes. Pair it well with a translucent pink lip gloss and refreshing cool blushes.

As for the characteristics of Paradise mascara, it looks bright on the eyelashes, as promised, even when applied in one layer. The novelty lengthens the eyelashes well, and also makes them more fluffy and thick. To create a fashionable effect of spider legs, you need to apply mascara in several layers, without waiting for the previous one to dry.

Purple Forbidden Berry Mascara

Purple mascara gives brightness and expressiveness to the eyes of any color, but it emphasizes brown-greens especially advantageously, optically bringing their color closer to emerald.

On the eyelashes, the purple mascara "Forbidden Berry" gives off a little burgundy shade and looks very impressive. Makeup artists claim that purple mascara can be an alternative to shadows and eyeliners, as it alone is enough for a full-fledged eye makeup.A great life hack for when there is no time for a full-fledged make-up.

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Sandalwood Brown Mascara

Brown mascara is perfect for nude makeup. It makes the look more expressive and deep, but, unlike black, gives it softness. The shade is not suitable only for burning brunettes, as it introduces some disharmony into the image, but for fair-haired girls and blondes, brown mascara will be a great solution for everyday make-up.

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Do you use colored mascara? What is your favorite shade?