This time there are two names in the list of winners!

The second season of the Makeup Beauty Battle is over, and the final was unpredictable. Contrary to the conditions of the competition, two participants were named winners at once: Roman Mokroguzov and Anna Zavgorodnyaya. Now Roman and Anna will represent L'Oréal Paris in Russia as national make-up artists.

This is how L'Oréal Paris Global Makeup Director Val Garland comments on this decision: “During the final test, Anna demonstrated one of the most important qualities for any professional - the desire to develop and be confident in what you do.Moreover, she approached the work not only as a make-up artist, but also as an artist, able to see the whole picture as a whole and every detail separately. This is what convinced me of our choice. Throughout the competition, Roman remained true to himself and demonstrated filigree make-up techniques. Possessing an impeccable sense of style, he first of all tried to reveal the facets of the beauty of his models and emphasize their dignity. A wonderful duet of qualities for everyone who seeks to conquer the world of beauty. I am convinced that Anya and Roma have a bright future as national make-up artists, and I am glad to welcome them to the L’Oréal Paris team!”

The winners also shared their impressions. Roman Mokroguzov: “This project is a kind of strength test: strong competitors, an influential jury, the need to create makeup under the cameras. Sometimes it felt like holding a brush for the first time. Many things and images made on the project are now comprehended in a completely new way. The worst thing was to fly out, and if in the qualifying round you can still forgive yourself for many things, then then you get a taste and for the duration of the project you drop out of real life for good, because day and night you only think about winning.

Anna Zavgorodnyaya: “I have conflicting feelings about participating in the project. On the one hand, it was a great experience: I really stretched my hands, which were stiff after endless nude make-ups, met cool people, and my work was evaluated by real pros in the world of make-up and fashion. On the other hand, many hours of shooting amid constant stress turned out to be a difficult task for me. But it was definitely worth it! When Roma and I were declared the winners, I couldn't believe my ears - until the very end I thought that it wouldn't be me. But I am extremely happy that there are two of us and we can support each other in this new experience for us.”

You can look at the images that Anna and Roman created as part of another interesting project, Trend Drive, here and here. In addition, we suggest recalling the brightest images and moments of the second season of Makeup.

Which of the make-up artists were you rooting for?

By the way, on June 23 at 16:00 at L'Etoile Mega Adygea Kuban in Krasnodar there will be a meeting with participants of Makeup ”, don't miss it!