The most practical option for protecting your skin from UV rays is a corrective product with SPF. And the optimal combination of the properties of decorative, caring and protective products is in CC creams

Applying a separate layer of sunscreen before applying makeup is not the best beauty solution. Such products often have a sticky texture and leave white marks; additional coverage will be felt on the skin and make the make-up heavier. It is much more convenient when SPF is built into the formula of decorative cosmetics. This allows you to skip an additional step in skin care.We are talking about products in which SPF is one of the many useful components. CC creams in this sense can hardly be overestimated.

Benefits of CC cream with SPF

Initially, CC-cream is a multifunctional tool that evens out the tone and at the same time copes best with color imperfections: redness, dark circles, age spots. At the same time, it has caring properties. Most often, CC creams perfectly moisturize, nourish, soften the skin, help get rid of imperfections (for example, relieve inflammation due to the action of soothing components), restore skin radiance, and protect against negative environmental influences, including UV rays. This helps to protect the skin from photoaging and pigmentation.

The main advantage of CC-creams with SPF is that their complex formulas allow them to replace several products at once, including sunscreen, which, according to cosmetologists, the skin needs not only in summer - at the peak of solar activity, but also in the cold season.

What are SPF CC creams?

Products with SPF extend the time you can safely spend in the open sun. The protection factor index helps you navigate in time: in simple terms, you can multiply the number on the package by the time (in minutes) in which you can burn yourself without any protection.

You will also get the result in minutes. But in the case of CC creams, you need to understand that these are not specialized sun protection products; the formula contains pigments that even out the tone, and many other ingredients, so this cream cannot be considered a full-fledged sunscreen.

SPF 15 is a fairly low degree of protection. It is enough if you use CC-cream in the cold season, when the activity of UV rays is low.

SPF 30 is what you need for everyday use in spring and summer. If you do not spend hours under the sun, but you are outside during the day, then this degree of protection is optimal for you. These include, for example, Rosaliac CC Cream. where to find?

SPF 50 and 50+ are the safest. Such creams are suitable for girls who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in summer. A tool with this protection index can also be taken with you on a trip. On vacation, people walk more often, and while you enjoy the sights, CC-cream will take care of the skin, keeping it beautiful and he althy.

How to choose a CC cream with SPF?

Since sun protection is not the main function of CC creams, it is better to focus on other qualities of the product. First of all, the cream should match your skin tone and create the optimal coverage for you - light enough or dense enough. And also have the most natural composition.

It should correct color imperfections, give the face a fresh look, and the skin a natural glow.What matters is the texture of the cream. It should provide comfort. To make a choice, test the tool. The feeling of dryness and tightness is a definite "no" for a cream that is designed to be applied all over the face.

As for SPF specifically, choose the degree of protection taking into account the time of year and lifestyle. A higher SPF is important for those who spend a lot of time in the sun.

Review of the best CC creams with SPF according to

SPF always just complements the properties of CC creams, which were originally conceived as multifunctional products. So choosing the best option for yourself is based on the profile qualities of the cream; in the case of CC cream, this is the ability to qualitatively correct the tone. According to the editors, the creams from the list below may well claim to be chosen.

  • Corrective CC cream Rosaliac CC Creme, La Roche-Posay

    This CC cream is for girls with sensitive skin prone to redness. Rosaliac CC Creme has one shade - universal, it adapts to skin tone, whatever it may be. Pigments help hide redness and even out complexion, while ambophenol, a plant component in the composition, reduces inflammation and gradually reduces their appearance. Complementing all these advantages are good sun protection properties. Rosaliac CC Creme is equipped with a Mexoryl XL filter system that neutralizes the negative effects of UVA rays.

  • CC C'Est Magic Color Correcting Cream, L'Oréal Paris

    Aimed at concealing redness, this CC cream is formulated with microcapsules of pigments that spread evenly over the skin to even out skin tone for a fresh, he althy glow. The coating at the same time meets the requirements of “make-up without makeup”, that is, it turns out to be light and invisible.But this is not just a decorative make-up tool - it has pronounced moisturizing properties; the effect persists for 24 hours. Another useful function is to protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

How to use CC cream with SPF?

There are no special rules for using CC cream with SPF. For some, CC cream is enough for a full correction of tone, for someone it is more convenient to apply CC cream as a primer, on top of which a layer of foundation is spread to more reliably hide skin imperfections.

It should be remembered that the use of a product with SPF does not imply uncontrolled exposure to the sun. Considering that the coverage becomes less dense during the day (under the influence of many factors), the protection gradually weakens. Avoid long sunbathing, it is not safe. And do not forget to protect the skin from risks with the help of special cosmetics, including tonal products.Learn more about how to apply foundation in this video tutorial.

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