To ensure full protection from UV rays, without gaps, lip products should also be chosen with SPF. Today we will talk about balms that can be used daily

Moisturizing and nourishing isn't all skincare can do. It's good when formulas can also protect her, because the environment sometimes poses a serious threat to her he alth and beauty. Take solar exposure. On the one hand, a light tan gives the face a fresh and he althy complexion.On the other hand, ultraviolet rays cause photoaging, provoke hyperpigmentation and other things that are unpleasant for the skin. Therefore, there are more and more decorative cosmetics with SPF. And it's not just about tonal products that are distributed all over the face. Today we will talk about lip cosmetics, in particular balms with SPF 15, 20, 30 and 50.

Why use SPF lip balms?

We have already talked about what should be in your makeup bag in the summer. But even when sunbathing on the beach, we use sunscreen, lips often remain uncoated. But this is a thin and delicate skin that needs protection not least. Provide her ready balms with SPF.

SPF lipsticks exist, but sunscreen is much more important, because most girls only wear bright colors on special occasions. And the colorless balm with SPF can be worn on the lips every day, providing them with reliable protection, regardless of the image.

Maybelline New York SPF Lip Balm Review

Maybelline New York's Baby Lips series has several balms that also take care of protecting your lips from the sun. So, the formula of Baby Lips "Intensive care" is rich in regenerating ingredients (among them - centella asiatica, aloe, shea butter, vitamin E and honey) and contains SPF 20.

Balm can be used daily all year round. It will simultaneously protect the skin from chapping, prevent cracks and protect from ultraviolet radiation.

Baby Lips Gentle Care has the same protection factor (SPF 20). Unlike the previous one, this balm has a lighter formula.

It is suitable for softening and moisturizing the skin of the lips in an everyday make-up. And it will perfectly play the role of a primer before applying lipstick.

This video tutorial will help you create a flawless lip makeup.

Kiehl's SPF Lip Balm Review

Kiehl's, when creating a lip balm, could not help but make sure that it protected it from excessive solar activity. Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 30 is an oil-based lip balm.

Contains coconut and lemon oils with a high content of antioxidants. The formula has SPF 30. This protection factor allows you to use the balm without fear for skin he alth in the summer. And translucent shades are just what you need so that the coating created with the help of a balm successfully complements the image.

La Roche-Posay SPF Lip Balm Review

La Roche-Posay's arsenal has a separate sunscreen line, which includes a convenient stick balm that you can safely trust to protect your lips from UV radiation. Anthelios XL has a high degree of protection - SPF 50+.

The formula based on a combination of sunscreens called Mexoplex becomes literally a shield behind which the skin is completely safe. This complex protects against UV rays of different spectrum - UVA and UVB. The texture of this colorless balm is not "high humidity" , so it can be applied not only on the lips, but also on other areas of the skin that need special protection, such as moles, scars, tattoo areas and other vulnerable areas.

La Roche-Posay have ensured that skin protection in the open sun is provided for about 6 hours. The formula, by the way, is also resistant to water: in a humid environment, it does not lose ground up to 40 minutes.

How to use sunscreen lip balm?

It is best to apply sunscreen lip balm half an hour before going out into the open sun so that the product has time to be absorbed into the skin: this will provide more reliable protection. Remember that double application will not increase the SPF - the effect of the filters will remain at the same level, regardless of how much the product is used.

Renew the coverage according to the sensations: if you feel that the balm is "eaten" , that there is a feeling of dryness and tightness, reapply the product.

Don't forget that SPF balm is still not pure sunscreen. The presence of filters in the composition of such cosmetics does not mean at all that after applying the product you can not limit your exposure to the sun. Even the highest degree of protection 50+, the manufacturers themselves warn, is not one hundred percent insurance against unpleasant consequences for the skin. It is important to track the time spent in the sun and go into the shade without waiting for signs of discomfort when the skin begins to redden and “burn”.

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