The most trustworthy are those make-up products that can take care of the skin. This is also why many of them are labeled SPF

Still not many people think about protecting their skin from the sun, unless it's about relaxing on the beach. In the beauty industry, they could not help but pay attention to this. Therefore, most makeup today also neutralizes UV rays, helping to protect the skin from photoaging and other negative effects of exposure to the sun.

What are SPF cushions for?

Cushions are a relatively new format of cosmetics: under the cover of the case there is a soft porous pad soaked in fluid or cream. Most often, these are tonal foundations (the popularity of cushions began with them), but recently blush, highlighters and even color correctors have taken on the same look. We talked about those that are definitely worth a try here.

Those cushions that are designed to be applied all over the face come with SPF in the formula so that, in addition to masking imperfections, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, it also protects it.

When there is a chance to rid the skin of early aging, pigmentation and a number of other possible problems, why not take advantage of it? That is why manufacturers do not consider it superfluous to enrich the composition with sun filters.


How to choose a sunscreen face cushion?

When choosing a sun cushion, focus primarily on the main functions of this tool.

If you need a foundation in this format, it should first of all correct the tone and mask imperfections well. SPF will not be in the first place here, although the presence of protection matters to many.

You also need to pay attention to the fact that the product has a comfortable texture. So that the fluid can be easily shaded and evenly distributed over the skin.

Cushion's moisturizing abilities are also easy to appreciate, even if you try it on the back of your hand in the store.

As for the SPF itself, you should choose the optimal degree of protection for yourself. Based on what phototype you have; in addition, your lifestyle plays a role.Those who only spend time in the sun on their way to work and home don't need SPF 50 "armor" . SPF 15 base protection will suffice.

If your daily activities involve being outdoors, directly under the open sun, this is an occasion to think about powerful protection from UV rays.

Review of Cushions with SPF

  • Cushion Le Cushion Encre de Peau, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    Cushions like Le Cushion Encre de Peau turn tone work into the ultimate beauty ritual. The coating, as soon as the texture of the product comes into contact with the skin, refreshes it. The tone layer turns out to be as light as possible - no feeling of heaviness and a mask effect that spoils the make-up with its unnaturalness. With this cushion, you can achieve the result that you need for "makeup without makeup." In addition, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté recommends using this cushion as a top coat when needed to help give the skin a he althy glow.SPF 29 will protect the beauty of the skin and will not allow it to experience the negative effects of UV rays.

  • Cushion primer Fresh Tint, Shu Uemura

    You can reliably protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation even at the stage of preparing the skin for makeup. Fresh Tint by Shu Uemura is a product that can take care of that. Fresh Tint SPF 38 is, although not the ultimate, but a fairly high degree of protection, which is suitable for periods of strong solar activity.

    This primer has many other benefits as well. This is an all-in-one formula that allows you to smooth the micro-relief of the skin (including filling the pores and making them less visible from the outside), moisturize it and mattify it. The antibacterial coating of the applicator is what helps fight inflammation. They can also remove excess sebum and thereby control the appearance of oily sheen in problem areas.For those who do not use dense tonal means, this base may be enough to achieve a flawless tone.

  • Tone Up Cushion, Giorgio Armani

    Extremely light in texture, Tone Up Cushion contains an impressive amount of skin-friendly ingredients. These are hyaluronic acid, and protective ingredients against environmental pollution, and a whitening component that makes skin tone more even over time, and SPF. Due to the fact that the product lays down in a very thin layer, it can be used to correct makeup during the day without thinking about whether this Giorgio Armani hit will create a mask effect. After all, the answer will be a clear “no.”

  • Teint Idole Ultra Cushion, Lancôme

    Cushions have many advantages, but some may seem like disadvantages - for example, not enough coverage. Lancôme solved this problem with Teint Idole Ultra Cushion, a cushion with a thicker texture and long-wearing formula. The tool mattes the surface of the skin well; oily sheen will not make itself felt during the day. There will be no trouble from UV rays either: the skin will not be harmed by them even on the hottest days thanks to SPF 50. Not every foundation can boast of such a degree of protection, but they were also able to “equip” the cushion. An important tip: for complete sun protection, cover the entire face and neck with an even layer of tone - there should be no “gaps” in this “armor”.

How to use SPF cushions correctly?

If UV protection is especially important to you when using a cushion with SPF, apply the product before sun exposure so that it has time to absorb into the skin and prepare it for the "attacks" of UV rays.

Remember that SPF reduces the negative effects of sun exposure, but does not eliminate all risks - you need to be vigilant and get out of the sun if you feel that the skin turns red and starts to "burn" . And we talked about how to apply funds in the cushion format in more detail in this video tutorial.