Dreamcatcher, according to legend, protects the sleeper from bad dreams. We tell you how to beat this mystical amulet in a manicure for office everyday life or relaxing by the sea. And we analyze ideas for long and short nails

Do I need to attend courses or watch a few video tutorials before creating a manicure called "Dreamcatcher" ? Or can even a beginner do it? Who is this design suitable for and what will be needed to complete it? We tell in detail in this article.

When can I draw a dreamcatcher on my nails?

Dreamcatcher is an Indian talisman that, according to legend, protects a sleeping person from evil spirits and bad dreams. While good dreams easily slip between the threads, bad dreams, according to legend, get tangled in them, like in a web.

Many girls choose dreamcatcher nail design not only because they like the pattern, but also because they believe in the power of such an amulet and want to always have it with them. But it is not at all necessary to invest a special meaning in such a manicure. Nail art with a dream catcher, in principle, looks original and bold, plus it goes well with ethnic-style dresses and laconic jeans.

Girls with both short and long nails can choose it. The main thing is to take into account the features of your nail plate. For example, if the nails are very short, you should give preference to vertical patterns, as in the photo: they will visually stretch it.

True, it will not be easy for a beginner to draw a "dream catcher" on the nails. Follow our step-by-step guide for helpful tips for every step of creating a dreamcatcher manicure.

Dreamcatcher manicure: step by step photo tutorial

What should I do? In the instructions, we tell you step by step and show in the photo how to draw a “dream catcher” on your nails yourself.

Prepare funds:

  • Maybelline New York nail polish - 749,

  • Essie nail polish - 190,

  • Essie nail polish - 390.

Dreamcatcher is a stylish ethnic design. It will perfectly complement a bright summer outfit, and will also be a great accessory for a boho style look.

It may seem that drawing a "dream catcher" with ordinary varnishes is quite difficult. But if you break the drawing into simple individual steps, even a beginner can complete this design.

  1. Apply base color to all nails. Wait for complete drying. An excellent basis for such a design will be light pastel shades.

    The most versatile option is a white polish like Essie's Blanc.

  2. Pick up some bright polishes. For example, "Banana Shake" from Maybelline New York and "On Style" from Essie. In order not to use an additional thin brush and save time, remove excess varnish from the brush. The easiest way to do this is by swiping across the neck of the bottle. A small amount of varnish should remain only on the sides of the brush.

  3. A minimal amount of varnish on the narrow side of the brush will allow you to create fine strokes. Alternate colors and create a smooth curve of the pattern to create an imitation of feathers.

  4. With the help of dots, mark points that will make it easy to draw an even symmetrical semicircle near the cuticle.

  5. Transfer a drop of dark varnish onto the palette. Dip a thin brush into it and drag it across the palette so that the varnish is evenly distributed over the brush. It is not necessary to use black. Feel free to experiment with blue, burgundy, brown. So the design will look more interesting, and also retain its lightness. In this manicure, we used Essie's Glitter Buttons.

  6. Connect the dots with thin lines.

  7. Down from the semicircle, draw lines to the center of the drawn feathers.

  8. Small curved lines mark the outline of the feathers to make them look more contrast.

  9. Connect the upper and lower semicircles at the cuticle with straight or cross lines.

  10. Add some dots at the base of the feathers and next to them. This will make the design more effective.

  11. Dreamcatcher on nails goes perfectly with any other ethnic patterns. The simplest is to arrange the colored dots in a semicircle using dots.

What does a dream catcher look like on bright yellow nails?

To make the manicure look sunny in summer, but at the same time bright yellow nails do not distract attention from the dream catcher pattern, use varnish on two or three nails.

And for the nails on the middle fingers, for example, choose a contrasting shade - blue will work well. Like "Turquoise and Caribbean" by Essie. Both colors can be used for drawing: this will give the manicure a finished look.

A bright yellow shade like Maybelline New York's Banana Shake that fades to lime at the base of the nail is an ombre option for those who aren't afraid to experiment. We talked about this technique in more detail in this video tutorial.

By the way, the feathers that are usually used to decorate the "dream catcher" do not have to be drawn in detail. It will be enough to depict them schematically using lines. Draw on one of the nails the edge of the amulet, and on the other draw the feathers that did not fit.

And the most daring you can choose not yellow, but neon lemon varnish (we shared the ideas of manicure of this shade here).

Dreamcatcher nail designs

There are many design options with a dream catcher. The choice of design will depend on the length of your nails and preferences in choosing colors. We share ideas for every taste.

Dreamcatcher & French

A classic jacket will look much more original if you complement it with a black dream catcher consisting of thin lines. At the same time, the manicure will remain discreet and gentle.

Dreamcatcher and feathers

Feathers are one of the main parts of the dream catcher. According to legend, the feather symbolizes air and breath - the most important thing in life.In nail design, this detail can be beautifully beaten in different ways. For example, on one nail depict several feathers and part of the "web" , and on the other - one large feather. In addition, you can play with shades and textures. Use, for example, black and white and gold glitter.

Or paint all but the ring fingers with a rich raspberry nail polish - you can also use it for a pen that will be clearly visible on a white background. Take a closer look, for example, at Essie's Mark of the Master shade.

You can depict the "dreamcatcher" completely on one of the nails, draw a multi-colored feather on the other, and choose a plain varnish for the rest.

Unusual iridescent rubbing in pink tones - why not an ideal addition to the image of an ancient amulet? A manicure with a dream catcher and a feather, made in such a range, will look even more unusual.

Dreamcatcher on almond nails

In 2023, many girls prefer almond-shaped nails. Which dream catcher design to choose in this case?

Almond-shaped nails give room for experimentation. After all, the length allows you to draw complex patterns and draw details. But a manicure will require a lot of effort from the master. Draw the amulet completely with a brush or go the easier way - use the stamping technique.

Almond-shaped nails will look good with both deep tones and bright shades. The blue color will harmoniously complement the multi-colored pattern and decor - for example, rhinestones. Get a trendy design for a seaside vacation.

And purple is suitable for urban everyday life. Try on, for example, "Lilac" from Essie.

Which version of dream catcher nail art did you like best? Share your opinion in the comments!