It can take a long time to find the perfect shade of red lipstick. To speed up the process, consider the color type of your appearance when choosing

There are an infinite number of options for red, warm and cold, with different inclusions and pigment features.

It is for this reason that it is almost impossible to find an unconditionally universal red lipstick that would be considered a must have for everyone. On the one hand, the choice is a matter of taste. On the other hand, there are certain rules for matching shades.

Lipstick may not fit the color type. Therefore, you should first find out which shades of lipstick do not suit you in principle, and which, on the contrary, will successfully complement the image.

What is typical for the appearance of the "summer" color type?

The main feature of this color type is easy to remember: if summer as a season is associated with warmth, then cold shades prevail in the “summer” appearance. We are talking about ash-gray tones. So, if a girl of the “summer” color type is blonde, then her hair will be devoid of a yellow tint.

A brunette will have hair color without red. The eyes of girls of the "summer" type are most often blue, blue or gray; if these are green eyes, then they also turn a little gray. The skin has a cool undertone, which is easily identified by the blue-blue veins.

Shades of red lipstick, in harmony with the color type "summer"

Given that in the appearance of girls of the “summer” color type there is no redhead, and it should not be in the shade of lipstick. Terracotta, brick red, red-brown - all these options should be immediately excluded; these obviously warm shades will not only create dissonance in the image of a girl with “cold” features, but also make it heavier. Thus, it is better to choose cold shades of red.

  1. Coral

    This color combines both warm and cool tones that balance each other, which is the reason why coral can be considered a universal shade.

    With the “summer” color type, coral lipstick is “red” for everyday life. On the lips it will be bright, but not too much. Get an interesting look "for every day" with a full emphasis on the lips.

  2. Pure Red

    This is a classic - red, in which both heat and cold are equally present.

    Not too light and not too dark, this color looks harmonious in any make-up and adorns girls of any color type, including “summer” ones.

    If you are a blonde with fair skin, feel free to use the techniques from this video tutorial.

  3. Red with a touch of cool pink

    Looking at this shade, you can't immediately tell if it's red or pink. And therein lies its magnetism. With this color, you can create images in which you need a bright accent on the lips in the spirit of tropical flowers.

  4. Wine

    A warm shade of marsala will come in handy for girls of the “summer” color type in the autumn-winter season - traditionally, it is during this period that lipstick inspired by the color of warming mulled wine becomes relevant.

    And you can “wear” it even on weekdays - this is already a familiar beauty solution that few people will find extreme.

Palette of Red glitters and tints for the "summer" color type

  • L'Absolu Gloss Cream Lip Gloss in shade 132 Caprice, Lancôme

    Red lipstick still obliges: you need to either adapt the whole look to it, or complement it with an outfit for a special occasion. Everything is easier with lip glosses. Even if you choose a shade brighter, the makeup will turn out without pretensions - with an emphasis on the lips, which is quite compatible with the casual style. In the case of No. 132 Caprice from the L’Absolu Gloss Cream collection, you can count on just such a result.The femininity of the image will attract attention - all thanks to the glossy finish and beautiful shade.

  • Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss in Bang, Urban Decay

    Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss translucent texture with a wet glow effect allows you to take a fresh look at the shades of red. Urban Decay managed to ensure that the gloss was not sticky, viscous and “heavy”, not only in sensations, but also in the look from the side. The finish (even with the intense, it would seem, Bang shade) looks both light and effective. Glitter gives the lips a visual volume and makes them very attractive. By the way, Urban Decay is advised to use glitter not only as an independent tool. They can also refresh lip makeup with lipstick as needed.

red lip products: best review

Do you prefer lipsticks to glosses and tints? Then you should try the tools from this list. According to the editors, they claim to be the best.

  • Super Stay 24H Color Lipstick in Red Alert, Maybelline New York

    When you want your favorite red color to stay on your lips for as long as possible and not require reapplication, you need to choose a reliable resistant formula - such as Super Stay 24H Color. With this tool, you will forget about lip makeup for a day. Estimated durability - up to 24 hours. Maybelline New York suggests that you first apply a color base, and then cover the lips with a fixing balm. The products adhere well to the skin and, unlike many other long-lasting lipsticks, do not dry it out.

  • Infaillible Les Macarons Lipstick in Strawberry Cheesecake by L'Oréal Paris

    If you're looking for a red shade that's close to ideal in purity, look no further than Strawberry Cheesecake from Infaillible Les Macarons' new "delicious" collection of fragrant shades. From rich texture that glides on smoothly to 16-hour wear, L'Oréal Paris has thought of everything you need for such an expressive color.

  • Powder Puff Lippie in Boys Tears, NYX Professional Makeup

    When you choose NYX Professional Makeup Powder Puff Lippie, you get an unusual rich powder color with a soft pad applicator. The delicate texture of the mousse, drying on the lips, becomes velvety. Boys Tears is another exemplary red, which will be the best accent in make-up for the “summer” color type.

What color type do you have? Do you choose makeup products based on your color type? Write a comment.