Cherry, pink, or maybe classic red? We show which shades will look best on brunettes

Brunettes can suit a variety of shades of lipstick. Today we will look at the options. But do not forget: the main thing is that cosmetics emphasize the natural beauty and your zest.

Basic Principles

To make a spectacular makeup that emphasizes the dignity of appearance, brunettes need to know a few simple rules:

  • black-haired brunettes with light eyes should avoid cold shades of lipsticks - they give the face a painful look;

  • dark hair and eyes in combination with too light, whitened lips lose their burning charm - the face becomes faded and expressionless;

  • all girls without exception are contraindicated in unnatural tones of lipstick - bright orange, blue, black; such lips are only good for the catwalk ( although some of them are still worth a try);

  • each brunette has her own color type of appearance and her own palette of suitable shades, so some colors are suitable for brunettes with brown eyes, and others for light (gray or blue) eyes.

Blue-eyed girls belong to the cold color type.

Blue eye color will successfully complement the following tones:

  • intense reds;

  • fuchsia;

  • powder pink;

  • dark pink;

  • wine.

Even more rules to help brunettes create a harmonious look can be found here.


How do you apply lipstick?

  1. Lipstick will not roll if you cover the surface of the lips with a thin layer of foundation or primer before stroking with a pencil. Use a sponge to apply foundation. Carefully fill in all the wrinkles and cracks that are on the surface. You must make the lips absolutely even.

  2. Outline the lips, moving from the center to the corners of the mouth, mark a few upper points, move with strokes.

  3. Follow the symmetry so that the pencil follows the natural contour, protruding no more than half a millimeter beyond the border.

  4. Shade the resulting contour with light vertical movements, blend lightly.

  5. Apply lipstick. You can use a brush (applicator) or paint lips directly from the tube. It is worth distributing it not only outside, but also on the inside of the lips.

  6. Next, powder your lips again, blot them with a tissue and apply a second coat of lipstick.

If you choose a lipstick with a matte texture, you will find detailed application instructions in this video.

Uzyaofficial, a beauty blogger, shows which shades suit brunettes using the example of Rouge Signature lipstick from L'Oréal Paris (the first ultra-saturated matte lip tint):

  • " "113 Protest" L`Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Lip Tint Matte 113 I Protest Red 7ml"

  • " "115 I deserve it" L`Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Tint Lip Tint, matte, shade 115, I deserve it, red, 7 ml"

  • " 103 Enjoy, L`Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Lip Tint, Matte, Shade 103, I Enjoy, Violet, 7ml"

  • " "105 I&39;m in control." L`Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Lip Tint, matte, shade 105, I&39;m in control, pink, 7 ml"

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