Under the exotic make-up, everyone means his own. FashionVIPdergisi.com editors present their own vision of the situation

Classic arrows, smoky, modest nudes - if you are tired of this basic set of make-up images, it's time to learn something new. For example, explore the field of exotic makeup. We tell you which way to move.

Face Awards Russia

When it comes to exotic makeup, one of the richest sources of inspiration is the Face Awards Russia contest.This beauty battle takes place annually in Russia with the support of NYX Professional Makeup and gathers talents from all over the country. The contestants (professional makeup artists, bloggers and ordinary beautyholics) compete in technical skills. And bring to life the most incredible fantasies, using the face and body as a canvas.

Humanoid humanoids, wonderful goddesses, heroes of children's horror stories and fairy-tale creatures - for three "seasons" Face Awards Russia showed a lot of amazing things. By the way, the contest of 2023 started quite recently, and while we are waiting for the results of the qualifying round, we invite you to recall the brightest images of past years.

National makeup

Exotic can also be makeup that is considered the norm in another part of the world. Turn your eyes to the East or West, try on makeup in Arabic, Indian or Chinese style. Beauty finds of girls from different countries can become the basis for a non-banal make-up. At FashionVIPdergisi.com you will find dozens of detailed photo instructions on how to create different types of national makeup.

Art makeup

The beauty look that turns you into an art object? Why not! Art makeup can be exotic while remaining very simple.

Graphic arrows of an unusual shape, a bright pattern on the face, lipstick of a strange shade - you can make a convincing make-up marked "art" even without a diploma from the Academy of Arts. There would be suitable means!


Let's be honest: these days, you won't surprise anyone with sparkles and rhinestones. Although it all depends on how you approach the issue. Draw patterns on your forehead with glitter eyeliner, glue large colored rhinestones on your temples and eyebrows, use glitter with glitter on your eyelids, and decorate your lips with golden shadows.

Turn everything upside down, because the main rule in this case is no rules. Such a bold make-up will definitely look exotic. And the search for "materials" will not be difficult: products with glitter, shimmer and large sequins today can be found in the collections of the most conservative brands.

A video tutorial that will come in handy when creating a stylish and spectacular lip makeup with sparkles.

And in this case, the emphasis is on the eyes. We take an example from makeup artist Katya Bobkova!

Which exotic makeup do you choose? Tell us!