For today's Cinderella, it's important that makeup lasts longer than midnight. And all this time it should remain fresh and seductive. Let's tell you what you need for this

The ball is a significant event. And everything, from manicure and makeup to dress, must be flawless. What textures and products should be preferred?

Ball makeup features

Don't confuse a ball with a party in a club or a concert. Makeup should be both bright, but not defiant. Ditch the dramatic color scheme for a natural glow and subtle palette.

Give preference to a light accent on the eyes. Satin eyeshadow paired with voluminous, full lashes. Doll Eye Mascara Long Lash from NYX Professional Makeup will come in handy.

For long lasting eye make-up, use products with a liquid texture to fix with products of the same shade with a dry texture. First of all, we are talking about shadows, if you decide to take, for example, an eye tint as a basis.

Lips are also important to emphasize. But leave too bright or, conversely, dark colors for another occasion. Soft pink or caramel colors work best. For example, Color Sensational by Maybelline New York in shade 745.

Light makeup for the ball: step by step photo instructions

To make a light make-up for the ball, prepare the following tools:

for face tone:

  • NYX Professional Makeup Pore Filler primer,

  • Unlimited foundation by Shu Uemura,

  • Infaillible Concealer by L'Oréal Paris.

for eye and lip makeup:

  • Brow Artist pencil by L'Oréal Paris ,

  • shimmer down pigment from NYX Professional Makeup ,

  • Eye Pencil 24/7 by Urban Decay ,

  • Color Riche lipstick by L'Oréal Paris .

  1. Cleanse your face of excess sebum and makeup residue. Micellar water from Garnier will do this well. where to find?

  2. Prepare your skin for makeup application. Wipe with a cotton pad soaked in tonic. Apply moisturizer. Don't forget about the delicate area around the eyes. For her, Helena Rubisntein's Replasty Age Recovery Eye Strap moisturizer works well.

  3. For an even distribution of make-up, apply NYX Professional Makeup's Pore Filler primer to your skin.

  4. Spread foundation over your face. Cushion format is best. The coating will be almost imperceptible on the skin, but at the same time it will even out the tone and hide imperfections. Suitable, for example, Unlimited from Shu Uemura.

  5. Hide dark circles with Infaillible Concealer by L'Oréal Paris. where to find?

  6. Set with NYX Professional Makeup's Nofilter Compact Satin Powder in shade 5.

  7. Finish the missing hairs with L'Oréal Paris Brow Artist Eyebrow Pencil.

    Comb through them well and secure with gel. A shade lighter than your natural tone will soften the look.

  8. Apply a shimmering eye tint to your eyelid.

  9. Paint well the mucous and ciliary contour with gel eyeliner. So that the black color is not imprinted on the lower eyelid, you can work out the mucous membrane in brown, and the ciliary contour in black. Both are in Urban Decay's Glide-on 24/7 collection.

  10. Fix the tint with a dry silver eyeshadow. In the crease of the eyelid, apply pink eye shadow to add freshness to the look and make the shading softer.

  11. Draw an arrow with black gel eyeliner. It is important that the tip of the arrow is directed parallel to the ascending line of the eyebrow. Lasting Drama from Maybelline New York will come in handy. where to find?

  12. Apply a silver shade pigment to the center of the moving eyelid to get a kind of highlight. Suitable, for example, Shimmer Down from NYX Professional Makeup.

  13. Fix the tint on the outer corner of the lower eyelid with darker shadows. Work the rest of the eyelid with lighter shades of a pinkish shade. The same ones that you applied to the crease of the eyelid.

  14. Work the mucous membrane with a resistant pencil. Two shades can be used: a darker one for the outer corners of the eyes, and a lighter one for the rest of the eyelid.

  15. The final touch to the eye makeup is black mascara with the effect of lengthening the eyelashes in two layers. Apply false eyelashes if desired.

  16. To emphasize the cheekbones, apply a cream sculptor on them.

  17. Apply lipstick on your lips. You can easily find the right shade in the Color Riche collection from L'Oréal Paris. Preference should be given to natural shades.

Prom Ideas

For nude fans, even evening makeup implies an image with radiant skin and pink satin lipstick. For a natural prom glow, apply highlighter to the cheekbones, back and sides of the nose, as well as the area above the upper lip and the center of the chin before applying the tone.

And instead of a dense matte tonal foundation, use a lighter texture BB cream. Make eye makeup in golden-pink tones. The look will be completed with a cold pink shine and gentle blush.

We showed the steps of creating this image in more detail here.

Those who prefer an expressive focus on the eyes will love the look with dusty lilac shadows, shaded towards the temples, and matte lipstick. For blue-eyed girls, this makeup is especially suitable. We talked about this image in more detail in this video.

Makeup options for a modern ball

Themed balls are in fashion now. If you are invited to a historical ball, you should look for inspiration in portraits of girls from the corresponding era. The characteristic features of make-up in the Victorian style, say, were aristocratic pallor and a slight blush.

In this case, you can apply pink shadows on the eyelids, and dark red lipstick on the lips: gently “drive in” it with your fingers so that it seems that this is the natural shade of the lips. It remains to complement the image with a suitable hairstyle and dress. And you will find detailed instructions for creating such a make-up in this video tutorial.

Antique style looks interesting too. Golden-bronze shadows, a light tan (bronzer will help with this) and a shining brown-burgundy lipstick, combined with a traditional Greek-style fashion hairstyle, will not let you go unnoticed at the ball and are perfect for owners of brown eyes. You can find detailed instructions for creating this look here.

Have you been to balls? What kind of makeup did you do or would you do? Share your experience in the comments!