"Lighter" and "darker" - not all that can be said about the shades of foundation. It must be selected according to its color type, considering whether it is warm or cold

Even a very light reddish foundation can look unnatural on pale porcelain skin. A seemingly small mistake in choosing a shade leads to a serious dissonance in the image - the makeup becomes like a mask. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the undertone of the cream, comparing all its color nuances with the undertone of your skin.

Who suits cold undertone foundation?

First of all, we are talking about girls with a cold color type of appearance. The division of color types into warm and cold is the most general classification; It won't be hard to figure out which of these two categories you fall into. There are several ways to find out.

  • First, you can take a closer look at your skin by holding a sheet of white paper to your face. Against its background, it will immediately become clear what kind of skin you have - with a warm or cold undertone.

  • Secondly, you can remember which jewelry suits you best: gold usually looks better on warm skin tones, and silver is in harmony with a “cold” appearance.

  • Thirdly, there is a method for determining the color type by the shade of the veins on the hands. The owners of the warm color type have them green, the girls, whose appearance is predominantly “cold”, they seem blue.

To be sure, you can run all three tests and get the most accurate result, but usually one is enough. Read more about how to determine your skin tone, we wrote in this article.

If we talk about the division into color types according to the seasons, then cold shades of foundation should be chosen “summer” (the appearance of people with this color type is distinguished by a cold ash undertone) and “winter” (a typical “winter” is a brunette with a pale skin, "snow white" ).

Cold foundation shades

Cold foundation colors differ depending on the individual characteristics of the skin for which they are produced. Cold tone foundations are as follows.


Usually one of the lightest shades available in foundation collections.It is used by girls with pale thin skin that looks transparent: “veins” of veins are visible through it. Porcelain foundation in this case evens out and "tightens" the tone, helping the skin to find a fresh and he althy look.


In this shade, beige is mixed with yellow pigments, which, however, does not make it warm. It is suitable for those who have fair skin, but you can’t call it pale.

Light beige

Sand shade, in which the addition of ash gray is noticeable, is an option for girls of a cold color type with medium skin tones.


This shade has a cold undertone, but warm pigments are also present in it; it can be considered neutral and therefore the most universal. The probability of making a mistake with such a shade is very small.

Which of the cool shades of foundation to choose?

Even if you have determined your color type and know for sure that you need a foundation with a cold undertone, choosing the “right” shade is still worth taking time and attention. If you have multiple purchase options, use a tester and apply a little cream with a disposable applicator (or you can bring a brush) to the skin of the neck or cheeks at the bottom of it.

It is wrong to try foundation on the wrist: here the skin is usually darker than on the face, which is why cosmetics mistakes happen so often. And do not forget that when choosing a cream, it is important to consider not only the shade, but also the texture of the product. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different textures here.

How to apply foundation on the face in 3 different ways, we told in this video instruction.

Blonde foundation

When a girl with blond hair (meaning natural blond) has a cold color type, her skin is most often also very light, sometimes even pale. In this case, the choice will be limited to the two lightest shades of foundation: porcelain and ivory.

Brunette foundation

Porcelain shade and ivory color will also suit brunettes with the “winter” color type. However, there are girls with dark hair and medium skin tones, which are distinguished by a cold grayish undertone. Then it is better to use an olive shade of cream or sandy beige without redness.

Cold Undertones Review

  • Fit Me in 95 Light Porcelain, Maybelline New York

    Lighter and colder in the range of Fit Me shades, perhaps not to be found.If, immediately after application, it turns out that it is not 100% compatible with your natural skin tone, you don’t have to worry: the formula of the product can adapt to the skin. After a couple of minutes, the coating will literally merge with it. The composition contains powder microparticles that mattify the skin, fill enlarged pores and smooth out other skin imperfections; this makes Fit Me a godsend no matter the shade.

  • Skin Feels Good in 010C Cool Porcelaine, Lancôme

    Another product that can adjust to your skin tone. Among the five main shades in the Skin Feels Good range is the cold No. 010C Cool Porcelaine, which will suit summer and winter girls with very fair skin. The coating will be almost invisible. The thing is that Skin Feels Good has a powerful moisturizing function: hyaluronic acid and glycerin are included in the composition.Moringa extract, which is also contained in the product, nourishes the skin and protects it from free radicals.

  • Maestro Fusion Make-Up in shade 4 by Giorgio Armani

    Among the shades available in the Maestro Fusion Make-Up line, there are some that would suit girls with medium skin tones and a cold color type. This, for example, is No. 4 from the Maestro Fusion Make-Up collection. The tool is a thin, weightless veil that gently corrects skin tone. There will be no noticeable lightening or darkening - only a complete fusion with the natural skin tone.

  • Petal Skin Fluid in 564 Shu Uemura

    The coverage that this foundation gives is compared to a thin and delicate sakura petal. Shade No. 564 gives the skin a fresh look - this result is due to the optimal combination of cold pigment with yellow.This option is suitable for girls with fair skin, which, however, does not differ in pallor. Mineral pigments hold fast, effectively mask imperfections and leave a pleasant semi-matte finish.

How do you choose foundation? Write about your experience in the comments.