All exams are over, and the moment is approaching when you will be issued a document on obtaining a higher education. Let's tell you what makeup is appropriate on the day of the celebration

"Start in life" is not received every day. And make-up should match the solemn atmosphere. Let's talk about what he can be.

Which style of makeup to choose for graduation?

You have successfully completed the defense of your final work and exams. So, you can finally distract from school affairs and think about the image for the graduation ceremony!

As a rule, girls for this event choose both delicate and bright enough makeup options. You can use juicy shades of lipsticks or radiant textures, make expressive arrows or make-up with an emphasis on blush.

Among the popular techniques for this important event, we highlight the following:

  1. light smoky eyes,

  2. draping,

  3. strobe.

But the choice, of course, is not limited to this and always remains with you.

On this day, it is better to give up too dark shades: plum lipstick or grunge eye makeup. Teachers are unlikely to appreciate your impulse - at an official event, such a make-up looks out of place.

Hairstyle should also match. The image of a student on the verge of adulthood will be successfully complemented by natural styling: "beach" curls or a careless bun that can be dissolved during graduation.

Official Graduation Makeup Step by Step Photo Tutorial

You will need:

  • illuminator Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer ,

  • NYX Professional Makeup High Definition Foundation ,

  • Urban Decay Naked Cherry eyeshadow palette ,

  • Maybelline New York Brow Drama ,

  • Wonder Stick by NYX Professional Makeup .

  1. Cleanse your skin with Garnier micellar water. where to find?

  2. Apply serum to skin. For such an important day, a radiance product such as Aqua Glow from Biotherm will come in handy. It is suitable even for sensitive skin, and vitamin C in the composition will also make the tone more even. Moisturize your face with Vichy Idealia Cream.

  3. To give her a he althy glow, Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer illuminator will come in handy.

    For a more subtle glow, mix with NYX Professional Makeup High Definition Foundation in shade 101.

  4. Under the eyes, work with Infaillible concealer from L'Oréal Paris. where to find?

  5. Smooth contouring with NYX Professional Makeup's Wonder Stick Cream Concealer in shade 01.

    We talked about contouring in more detail in this video.

  6. Set your makeup with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Compact Powder.

  7. Finish the mucosa of the lower and upper eyelids with NYX Professional Makeup's Slide On Pencil dark chocolate kayal - with shading into the ciliary contour.

  8. Apply a shimmering cream base. Give preference to a color that will emphasize the color of the eyes. NYX Professional Makeup Lingerie eye tint works well. This will make the makeup more durable and bright.

  9. Seal your cream foundation with dry eyeshadow from Urban Decay's Naked Cherry palette. To get a more interesting shade, you can fix the makeup of the upper eyelid with a slightly lighter shade, and the lower one with a slightly darker one.

  10. In the center of the upper movable eyelid, put a highlight with shadows of a golden hue. Also highlight the inner corners of the eyes.

  11. For more contrast with the color of the eyes (and for expressive make-up), you can apply a shining eyeliner in the center of the ciliary contour.

  12. Cover your lashes with black mascara to add volume.

  13. Comb your brows and style with Maybelline New York Brow Drama gel. where to find?

  14. Duplicate the creamy corrector with a bronzer: apply it to the correction area, as well as to all protruding parts of the face. A little of this color can also be applied to the crease of the eyelid.

  15. Apply dry blush for a fresh look.

  16. Illuminate the cupid's arch on the upper lip with highlighter and apply a natural shade of lipstick to slightly emphasize the natural shade of the lips. Optionally, you can give them a shine or leave a matte finish.

How to choose makeup for a dress?

Graduation makeup should not only match the occasion, but also match the dress. Consider the options.

  1. Coral dress

    For supporters of bright colors in clothes, the main thing is not to overdo it. To make the image look complete and complete, the shade of the dress can be played with lip makeup. Classic matte scarlet lipstick will look very impressive in combination with a matching dress.

    But eye makeup in this case is better to do light: enough shining shadows or very thin arrows and mascara with a volume effect on the eyelashes. For more makeup ideas to compliment a coral dress, click here.

  2. Beige dress

    Beige dress makeup could be bolder.

    For example, shimmery golden brown smoky eyes (don't darken the outer corner too much: it's not too dramatic) and pink lip gloss will look very delicate.

    However, the cherry color on the lips will also not break the harmony.

  3. Lilac dress

    Lilac dress is an option for romantic ladies.

    The same shade or close to it can be beaten in eye makeup.

    But if you don't want to get a 70s effect, use neutral shades for shading: beige, brown or gray. For lips, caramel, pink and beige-brown colors are equally suitable. We talked more about the nuances of makeup for a lilac dress here.

Formal Events Review

What means will not fail on such an important day? Editor's choice below.

  • Born To Glow Primer, NYX Professional Makeup

    It's important to look perfect at special occasions. If you are worried about unwanted shine on the skin, then in the photographs this effect will only be exacerbated. The base will help prevent this, which will provide the skin with the most natural, delicate radiance.

  • Superstay24 Foundation, Maybelline New York

    Paired with a radiant base, it's best to use a mattifying product with a velvety finish, such as Maybelline New York's Superstay24. With it, at the most crucial moment, you will not be afraid that the T-zone will treacherously shine.

  • Heavy Metal Liquid Eyeliner, Urban Decay

    Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Shiny Eyeliner is an option for special occasions. And the presentation of a diploma to them, of course, applies. It will allow you to draw arrows of any thickness and shape and will last until the end of the day. This is a great choice for summer: in the sun, a shining eyeliner will look very impressive.

What makeup did you do or will you do for graduation? Share your ideas in the comments!