Red-haired girls often doubt whether they need an emphasis on lips in makeup. Let's figure it out

Red hair is a distinctive feature that is expressive in itself and always attracts attention. But this does not mean that you need to choose an exclusively neutral environment for them - color is not prohibited. Even if you choose red or pink shades for makeup, you can use them in such a way that they will not argue with the redhead in your hair.

What lipstick colors suit red-haired girls?

Let's consider different options.

Red hair and red lipstick

Among the bright colors of lipsticks, red is perhaps the most suitable for girls with red hair. The image is obtained in a single color palette, so it looks harmonious. The result will be the same if you use carrot red shades, "pure" red or slightly darker berry tones.

The matte texture of the lipstick makes its color softer and more muted against red hair. Glossy, on the contrary, allows you to create a brighter effect, suitable for evening makeup.

Red hair and cherry lipstick

A rich shade of ripe cherry, which is close to burgundy, is also ready to serve many red girls as an option for the evening. It's all about its noble depth, which is transmitted to the image. The red hair color seems to be becoming less bold, gaining restrained expressiveness.

It is important to correctly complement this lipstick with blush; if the skin will seem pale, sad references to Ophelia from the canvases of the Pre-Raphaelites cannot be avoided.

Red hair and peach lipstick

Peach shade on the lips will softly echo the color of the hair. Therefore, it is worth choosing it for casual looks, if you prefer the color to the neutral sheen of a transparent balm.

Red hair and brown lipstick

Immediately, you need to discard the cold shades of taupe, in which the presence of gray pigments is noticeable. Redheads need warmer red-brown tones. It can be, among other things, a terracotta color (on the one hand - bright, on the other - a natural, natural clay shade). Becoming part of the image, this lipstick will not catch the eye as something alien.

Red hair and fuchsia lipstick

Pale pink shades can also be successfully integrated into the image of red-haired girls. Fuchsia on the lips will create an expressive contrast that will fill the image with freshness. This is a great solution for spring-summer makeup.

Red hair and neon pink lipstick

Another good combination, albeit extremely bright. Pink neon lip makeup is most appropriate for spring and summer. But at parties, this choice is justified all year round.

It is important that the lipstick is combined with the features of the appearance and complements the overall style of the image.

Lipstick colors for redheads with green eyes

When a red-haired girl has green eyes, the hair color looks even brighter due to the contrast. This should be taken into account when choosing a lipstick color.

  1. Coral palette

    Coral, peach, apricot shades are what you need for everyday makeup. They will not become another color spot that will attract attention, so they can be safely "worn" in everyday life. Choose products with a light translucent texture like tinted balms and glosses.

  2. Red-brown

    Another option for those who want to highlight the lips at the same time and avoid heightening the contrast. The accent will not be knocked out, because the shade (despite the brightness) is close to natural.

  3. Bright red

    Need a universal red that is neither warm nor cold. This is a pure color with which you can not be afraid of an overly bright result.

    Lipstick of this color is best left for the evening. The image will definitely turn out to be successful: a universal accent on the lips will emphasize both the color of the hair and the color of the eyes.

  1. Lipsticks for red-haired girls with brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls with red hair will also go for coral and peach - these shades are generally “natural” for redheads. But among accent colors, berry ones will give the best result, and not light ones, but dark ones.

  1. Cherry and Cherry

    These rich, velvety shades combined with red create a harmonious duet.

  2. Plum

    It's important to choose a plum shade where warm pigments take precedence over cold ones. If it is too purple, it can bring dissonance to the image. But with lipstick of the “correct” color, the image will turn out to be noble.

Lipstick shades for redhead girls with blue eyes

The red-haired girl's blue eyes are an amazing combination. This dignity of appearance can be emphasized, including the color of lipstick.

  1. Pink

    You can use both soft pastel shades (albeit only from warm colors), and more saturated fruit and berry shades - for example, watermelon.

    Choose juicy, but not too bright colors, if you don't want to accentuate your lips in an "evening" way.

    And we showed an evening make-up option for red-haired girls in this video.

  2. Fuchsia

    It can even be neon fuchsia - like many other shades of pink, it is perfect for girls with blue eyes.

  3. Red

    This color on the lips will enhance the contrast of blue eyes with red hair. Two primary colors will ensure the consistency of the image.

Review of universal lipsticks for red-haired girls

  • Superstay Matte Ink in Ground-Breaker, Maybelline New York

    This red shade has a subtle hint of brown. Thanks to this, it is suitable for everyday lip makeup. The matte texture of this lipstick also has a “softening” effect. And the reliable formula with a 16-hour hold will allow makeup to last until late at night.

  • L'Absolu Rouge Cream in 06 Rose Nu, Lancôme

    Pink nude is universal, so girls with red hair 06 Rose Nu will definitely come in handy. This is an option for every day. Makeup with it will find freshness, lightness and “vigority”, which are sometimes so lacking in everyday looks. The finish is sheer and has a sheen that looks very natural. While the subtle shade provides a decorative effect, L'Absolu Rouge Cream's formula moisturizes and softens the skin, allowing it to feel comfortable throughout the day.

  • Lip Lingerie in shade 24 Cabaret Show, NYX Professional Makeup

    Brown shade of lipstick is an accent option for girls who like muted nude makeup. Since redheads need colors from a warm range, No. 24 Cabaret Show fits perfectly: it has splashes of red and pink.

  • Volupté Plump-In-Color in 4 Exposing Coral, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    Even choosing rich shades for lip makeup, red-haired girls look natural: hair color does its job. Therefore, they can wear coral on weekdays. As for Volupté Plump-In-Color, this lipstick also improves the condition of the skin day after day. In the middle of the stick is hidden a softening balm that takes care of moisturizing and nourishing the lips. The outer layer is responsible for the color: it turns out to be catchy, and the radiance enhances the emphasis on the lips.

  • Vice Lipstick in Native, Urban Decay

    In the stick you see a delicate salmon shade, but on the lips it will show itself unexpectedly dense - those who care about color can not be afraid that it will become translucent and will hardly be read on the lips.Pigment Infusion System in the formula of the product is responsible for the saturation of the shade, delicate texture and smooth application. Vice Lipstick also cares about the benefits for the skin, so the composition contains aloe vera and oils of jojoba, avocado, babassu, vitamins C and E.

Which shades do you think red-haired girls look best on? Do you try to match lipstick to your hair color? Write a comment.