There are girls who master contouring to achieve the effect of chiseled cheekbones. But if facial features are naturally embossed, then there may be a desire to smooth them out a little, on the contrary. We'll tell you how to do it right now

There are girls who do not need to achieve the visual effect of sunken cheeks and sharply defined cheekbones with makeup - it's all given to them by nature. But sometimes it does not cause delight, because in some cases it does not look noble, but painful.To achieve harmony with yourself and visually correct what seems to be a disadvantage, you can turn to proven make-up techniques. How to make cheeks plump and hide cheekbones with makeup at home?

How to make your cheeks plumper with makeup?

To sculpt the cheekbones and achieve the effect of sunken cheeks, makeup artists use a bronzer or a special gray-brown sculpting powder to create a shadow under the cheekbone. The tool is shaded diagonally, and as a result, it seems that the cheeks are retracted, and all lines of the face tend upwards.

Rounding the cheeks will help the opposite action. No need to darken the skin on the cheeks, simulating hollowness under the cheekbones with the help of cosmetics. Pay more attention to the apples of your cheeks. Blend blush over them, and so that the color goes down a little lower, but not under the cheekbones. Plus, you need a decent indent from the hairline and the main contour of the face.

One of the recent trends in working with blush can come in handy if you want to make too thin cheeks visually rounder (useful makeup hacks for a thin face in general can be found here). At the shows, many makeup artists demonstrated shading of blush to the very temples.

It is not necessary to completely copy the images from the catwalk. You can adopt the general principle - and grab large areas with blush, "stretching" the color in an upward direction. This will visually round the face.

Highlighting techniques will help enhance the effect. Since light shades and shimmery textures add volume, they can be used on the cheeks to create a more rounded impression. Apply highlighter, focusing on areas that stand out against the background of other facial features, and then blend.

Products like Glow Mon Amour by L'Oréal Paris can come in handy - it's a radiant fluid.

Maybelline New York's Face Studio Strobing Liquid for a thicker creamy texture and a subtle pearlescent sheen.

You can also get the desired effect with a dry product. NYX Professional Makeup's Love You So Mochi palette also allows you to choose a highlighter shade to match your makeup or mix several into one. We talked about how to apply highlighters depending on the texture in this video.

How to hide cheekbones with makeup?

Big cheekbones girls may have another problem: prominent cheekbones sometimes make the face too wide. In this case, you need to act differently - contouring techniques will help. You will need a sculptor powder, which, on the contrary, is contraindicated for girls with a narrow oval or triangular face and sunken cheekbones.

Apply powder along the contour of the face, close to the hairline, trying to narrow the outlines. Most of the color will be needed in the place where the cheekbones turn into whiskey. Darkening will provide the desired effect. However, the powder should be applied in a very small amount. Pick it up on a large fluffy brush and, shaking off the excess, spread it over the skin. Make sure that it does not leave visible dark marks: from the outside, they may seem like dirty spots. Good shading will avoid this.

In this case, it is better not to apply blush on the "apples" of the cheeks: they are very close to the cheekbones, and the color accent will only draw attention to the fact that the face is wide.

Makeup ideas for girls with wide cheekbones

  1. Soft haze and blush

    To correct facial features, girls with wide, embossed cheekbones need to abandon graphics. Instead, the eyes can be emphasized with a single-color haze or smoky eyes with a soft transition from one shade to another.

    Apply blush in a circular motion under the cheekbones, and also blend a little bronzer on the sides at the hairline.

  2. Glow effect

    Correct placement of accents will help correct the situation if the cheekbones seem too wide. Use the highlighter in the central part of the face - apply a little on the bridge of the nose, on the chin, on the "cupid's arch" .

    Add highlights to the inner corners of the eyes. Do not highlight the outer ones at all - neither with shadows, nor with arrows.

  3. Lip accent

    Another distraction can be bright lip makeup. Wide cheekbones draw attention to the upper part of the face, so you can shift the accent with a bold shade of lipstick.