Makeup emphasizes dignity only when imperfections are hidden. Therefore, concealers are a must have in a basic cosmetic bag

Even if you are for maximum naturalness in makeup, you are unlikely to be ready to expose dark circles under the eyes, redness or pimples. Masking cosmetics are needed even by supporters of “makeup without makeup”, and they are applied in such a way that no one from the outside will notice that you have decided to hide something.

When can face concealers come in handy?

To concealment cosmetics, first of all, include tonal means. Their main purpose is to even out the tone and relief of the skin, as well as to hide imperfections underneath.

  • Foundation is needed for general tone correction. It is applied, as a rule, either on the entire face (makeup artists also advise to “stretch” the product on the border with the neck so that the difference between skin tones is not noticeable), or on large areas like the T-zone.

  • Concealer is used for local correction. This tool is distinguished by a high concentration of masking pigments, which allows it to reliably block, for example, dark circles under the eyes. The concealer is chosen a tone lighter than the main tonal product. Shiny particles are often added to the formula, which draw attention away from imperfections due to the light reflection effect.

  • Correctors are in many ways similar to concealers: they have a dense texture that allows you to qualitatively mask various defects. However, they are applied before the foundation (concealers - on top); Plus, they come in different colors, which allows you to use them in color grading. So, a green corrector neutralizes redness, and a pink one neutralizes blueness under the eyes.

Covering agents are used both separately and together, if you need not only to smooth out the unevenness of the tone, but also to work out some imperfections (for example, suddenly appearing inflammatory elements) and make them invisible. Many of these products are multifunctional: they can additionally create a radiance effect or, on the contrary, mattify the skin, depending on the texture and properties.

How to choose the shade of your face concealer?

Foundation cream is one of the main make-up tools. Since it is distributed over the entire face, errors in choosing a shade will definitely be noticeable. It should match your natural skin tone.

Manufacturers are trying to offer as many options as possible to get exactly the right tone, so you should look for a product that is also suitable for the color type: the cream can be with pink pigments that are warm in tone, or it can be yellowish or reddish - for dark skin .

Concealers are often a little lighter than foundation, but shading allows you to achieve a uniform tone. But correctors are a different story: they are green, blue, red, but the results of their work are always hidden by the foundation that is applied on top. When choosing a corrector shade, you need to know the rules of color correction.

So, purple corrector helps hide tan spots. And with the help of a yellow corrector, you can remove bluish circles under the eyes.

For the same purpose, a red corrector is used (which, by the way, some people replace with ordinary red lipstick). Green is best for redness, such as acne marks.

Have you ever used color correctors? To help you - a video tutorial on application.

Most often, shades of foundation are tried on the back of the hand, which leads to errors in the choice. The fact is that the skin on the hands is darker than on the face. Therefore, makeup artists recommend testing the cream on the skin at the bottom of the cheek. And we talked about how to choose a texture in this article.

What concealer is needed for different problems?

Knowing the individual characteristics of the skin, you can easily choose a masking cosmetic that will help out in case of problems typical of your skin.

  1. pimples

    If you often have to deal with acne, then there are two main options: you need either a green corrector that can neutralize redness, or a dense creamy concealer in a stick, one layer of which is enough to mask.

  2. Dark circles under the eyes

    On the one hand, the bluish tint of the skin can be made less noticeable with the help of a pink or red corrector. But after the corrector, in any case, you will need to use a concealer to even out the overall tone.

    You can immediately apply a concealer (unlike a corrector, it is applied after a foundation), best of all - with light-reflecting particles, which at the same time “illuminate” the skin and make it visually fresh, and the face cheerful and rested. How to effectively mask circles under the eyes, we talked in more detail in this video.

  3. Pigmentation

    To lighten pigmentation (for example, when you want to hide freckles), a yellow corrector is most suitable, which will need to be covered with foundation on top for the most even and natural result.

  4. Enlarged pores

    As a rule, dense tonal creams cope with this problem. However, light textures can also be used if a pore-filling primer-filler is applied to the skin in advance.

Best Spot Coverups

What means will not let you down at a crucial moment and hide flaws well? Let's talk about the best, according to the editors.

  • Wonder Pencil, NYX Professional Makeup

    This tool in pencil format is suitable for those who need to mask small imperfections from time to time: you can immediately put a few dots on top of a couple of jumped pimples and immediately make them invisible. The pencil allows you to mask very carefully.By the way, it has a soft lead with vitamin E and oils. The tool can also be used as a light kayal, which "opens" the look.

  • Anti-Cernes, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

    Anti-Cernes Concealer Pencil looks very similar to lipstick. Inside the case is a highly pigmented cream stick with a bevelled edge. Thanks to this cut, imperfections can be masked as accurately as possible. The tool is dense, so you can be sure of the durability of the result. And the compact format allows you to carry the corrector with you to touch up your makeup if necessary.

Review of facial concealers and correctors

  • Cover Crayon, Shu Uemura

    A convenient 2 in 1 remedy. On the one hand, a concealer with a thick creamy texture that allows you to hide redness, dark circles, age spots and other imperfections so that no one will guess about them when viewed from the side. On the opposite side is a skin-tone pencil that Shu Uemura recommends for lip contouring. True, point masking them, for example, acne is also possible. In general, the Cover Crayon pencil will definitely find a use.

  • High Precision Retouch, Giorgio Armani

    Concealer allows you to retouch the skin, hiding bruises under the eyes or redness. The Vitamin E formula hydrates while reflective particles help to visibly smooth skin. Thanks to them, by the way, High Precision Retouch can, if necessary, replace the highlighter: apply it on the back of the nose or on the Cupid's arch to create soft shining accents.

  • All Nighter Concealer, Urban Decay

    Unlike many concealers, All Nighter Concealer does not slip off the skin a few hours after application - you can not be afraid that imperfections will again be in the field of view of others. It has a waterproof formula and a dense texture that makes pimples, blemishes and dark circles virtually undetectable. It is recommended even for those who need to hide a tattoo for a while! The coverage will last all day and, if needed, overnight - all the while the skin will look flawless.

What concealers are indispensable for you in makeup? Write a comment.