We are used to seeing Gzhel painting on dishes, but its potential is not limited to this. Try decorating your nails with white and blue motifs - the result will be unexpected and very effective

Do you think that complex Gzhel painting is beyond your reach? In fact, bringing such a design to life is not as difficult as it seems.

Who is Gzhel manicure suitable for?

Do you think that nail design under Khokhloma or Gzhel is an option only for the brave? In fact, there are no strict restrictions. Manicure in the style of Gzhel will look organic on both long and short nails.The traditional color palette of such nail art is a combination of white with different shades of blue.

If you are going on vacation to the ocean, you can choose brighter colors, and for a manicure for every day, a dark blue color and a matte top are suitable - with it the design will look more restrained.

Ways to create a Gzhel pattern on nails

  1. Stencils

    Stencils are one of the options for those who have not had time to get their hands on nail art yet. It is enough to attach them to the nails and make a couple of movements with the brush. The beauty of stencils is that they can be positioned however you want - vertically, diagonally or horizontally.

  2. Stickers

    Stickers are perhaps the fastest and easiest way to make a Gzhel manicure at home. You don't even have to pick up a brush. From above, we advise you to cover the nails with a fixative so that the stickers are securely fixed on the nails.We talked more about the stamping technique (i.e. manicure using stickers) here.

  3. Self-drawing

    Do you like experiments and don't spare time for a manicure? Then arm yourself with a brush and draw an original design - no one will have exactly the same manicure!

How to draw Gzhel on nails: step by step photo instruction

Manicure in the style of Gzhel painting looks very artistic. Such a design seems rather complicated in execution, but only at first glance. The main thing is to get familiar with the algorithm. How to draw Gzhel on nails, we will tell you in a step-by-step photo instruction.

For manicure you will need:

  • Essie-Blanc nail polish,

  • "

    Essie nail polish - Aruba Blue, Essie Nail polish, shade 92 Caribbean Blue"

After you have degreased the nail plate and prepared the cuticle, you can start creating the pattern.

  1. Apply white polish to your nails. Wait for complete drying. Then transfer a drop of blue varnish to the palette. You can get by with one color, but the manicure will look more interesting if you combine several shades of blue and blue.

  2. Now you need to draw a flower. Use dots to create a curl. To do this, put a dot in the widest part of the pattern and move the dots down, gradually raising it so that the tip narrows.

  3. Duplicate the curl on the other side.

  4. Add some more swirls, reducing them in size.

  5. You can leave the pattern plain, or you can add a lighter varnish to the center, repeating the main pattern with it.

  6. Draw a curved line with a thin brush.

  7. Next to the drawn line, arrange small curls using a dots of small diameter, imitating the branches characteristic of Gzhel painting. You can draw one or two branches or fill the remaining space with them - as you wish.

  8. The next part of the Gzhel pattern is a leaf. First create a pointed tip. To do this, use the smallest dots to draw a curl from the bottom up.

  9. Next, arrange 5-6 dots with dots so that together they form a small oval.

  10. Fill in the central part of the resulting shape with light varnish.

  11. Complete the pattern with a stem and dots.

  12. The next element of Gzhel painting is a wavy line, one of the varieties of a decorative border. To make it without special paints and brushes, line up a few dots with a medium-sized dots. Wait for it to dry.

  13. Duplicate the dots with dots of the same diameter, but with a different color, placing them just below the first ones. This will achieve the gradient effect.

  14. Finish the element with white dots - in the color of the main coat.

  15. Wait for the painting to dry completely. Top coat your nails. Manicure ready!

If the main thing for you is that the manicure resembles Gzhel at least in color, then you can master the technique of water manicure from this video.

Gzhel style nail design ideas for short nails

To make a Gzhel-style manicure on short nails look spectacular and at the same time neat, we advise you to pay attention to shining textures. Several nails can be covered with blue varnish, reminiscent of the night sky, with small sparkles. And the rest - decorate with drawings in the style of Gzhel painting. It is most convenient to create them on a neutral white background.

Don't like shimmer? Then you can alternate the blue background with white, and make the drawings contrast in the same style.

For every day round or square nails, a design against the background of a basic translucent milky shade is perfect. Decorate your nails with Gzhel flower stickers in blue tones and your manicure is ready!

Gzhel painting on long nails

The easiest option for long nails is a plain blue coating on four nails and Gzhel painting on the ring finger. If desired, a French manicure can be done on nails covered with a monochromatic varnish.

Long nails allow you to boldly experiment with different techniques. A gradient, for example, will perfectly complement a Gzhel manicure. Do an ombre on two or three nails, and decorate the rest with a pattern.

For fans of the matte top, there is one more option: cover one nail with blue polish, the middle one with white with a transparent insert, and decorate the ring nails with an arbitrary blue-blue pattern.

Aren't you afraid of flashy manicure? Then boldly decorate all nails with Gzhel painting. Such a manicure is especially good on summer days: in combination with dresses made of airy blue fabrics, it will look very good. By the way, the design of Gzhel in the summer is quite appropriate in a pedicure.

Do you like Gzhel design on nails? Share your opinion in the comments.