Bestsellers, new items and limited editions of the brand can finally be bought in one place

The official L'Oréal Paris online store opens today - no more collecting your favorite funds through multi-brand networks. The most complete range of L'Oréal Paris cosmetics will always be available here. Exclusive products, gift sets and beauty boxes should be looked for at the same address. In addition, the brand promises to regularly hold closed sales and send gifts for purchases.

In honor of the launch, profitable promotions will be held in the online store:

  • all customers will get a 25% discount on their first order,

  • the first 100 customers will receive a beauty box as a gift,

  • The first 1000 buyers will get a chance to win a trip to Paris.

In the first days of the store's operation, it will also be possible to buy gift sets and beauty boxes at a discount, made up of the favorite products of actress Svetlana Khodchenkova and blogger Daria Arkhipova. And the 5% discount for paying online will be permanent.

Five products we recommend adding to your cart right now.

  • Color Queen eyeshadow

    L'Oréal Paris haven't updated their eyeshadow collection for a long time, but we've been waiting for so long for a reason. Firstly, all Color Queen monoshadows contain oils, which makes the texture very pliable: you can even apply them with your finger.Secondly, there are as many as 36 shades in the collection, from neutral peach and bronze to bright yellow and purple.

  • Unbelieva Brow

    This brow gel is one of the latest brand new products that we have already tested. The thin angled applicator can be used to shape and color brows at the same time.

  • Infaillible Long Lasting Multifunctional Concealer

    Concealer in a bright avant-garde case looks funny, but does a serious job. Dense and persistent, if necessary, it can replace the base foundation. Bribes and an impressive amount of funds: 11 ml against the standard 6-7. Long lasting even if you use concealer every day.

  • Infaillible Les Macarons Liquid Matte Lipstick

    L'Oréal Paris continues to explore the theme of desserts and, following the Les Chocolats collection, they release a series of matte lipsticks Les Macarons. As you might guess, they all have the flavor of a French macaroni dessert. But if the macarons themselves are usually painted in muted pastel colors, then the lipsticks turned out to be really bright and juicy.

  • Infaillible Loose Mattifying Powder

    Transparent powder is one of the rarest make-up tools: you can rarely find transparent powder on sale. In the meantime, it can be useful to everyone (what exactly, read here). It's nice that now you can always find translucent powder in the L'Oréal Paris collection.