Tired of matching blush to match lipstick every time? We have found a universal shade that is compatible with any makeup and any color type

Everything is good in moderation, including contouring. Blush should not lie on the skin with a dense graphic "shadow" that visually raises the cheekbones. After all, a real blush gently turns pink on the “apples” of the cheeks, giving the face a he althy color and a fresh look.

To recreate it with cosmetics, peach blush is perhaps the most natural shade available; it makes sense to add it to the basic makeup bag.

Who would suit peach blush?

Who does peach blush suit, and who shouldn't even try it? There are no categorical contraindications. Peach blush color looks harmonious on the skin of any tone and goes well with both light and dark eyes, goes to blondes and brunettes. You don’t even have to specify the color type ( although this information will always come in handy).

If you have pale skin, this blush will brighten up your complexion. Peach is also useful for dark-skinned girls: it will create the effect of sun-kissed skin, and if we are talking about a product with a shimmer, it will also give it a golden glow.

Peach became a shade for all occasions due to the fact that orange, red and pink converged in it. And they are all balanced. There is no obvious "redhead" , which is shown only to girls with a warm skin tone.

Shades of peach blush

Every girl has her own idea of peach color. And indeed, despite the general idea of this shade, beauty brands offer quite a lot of its variations.


Some turn a peach color into a pastel color by softening it with milky white pigments. Others mix peach with beige or even with sandy shimmer, getting a delicate shade that perfectly complements even “no-makeup makeup”.


If in your make-up the blush on your cheeks is not just one of the strokes, but a full-fledged accent, then you can choose a shade and juicier. In a saturated version, this color will remind us of fruits flushed on the sunny side. An increased dose of red pigments in the composition is responsible for this effect. When applying, you will have to pay special attention to shading, otherwise too noticeable colored spots will remain on the skin, which will look unnatural.


To get a darker peach blush, brown notes are added to the main shade.They muffle the brightness of the pigments. Such a tool can be used not only in summer makeup (like bright shades of “peach”). In casual looks, they will be good all year round and are the best way to visually emphasize the cheekbones and at the same time refresh the complexion.

How to choose a peach blush undertone?


Girls with blond hair are best suited for soft, light blush. If we are talking about a cold blond, then it is better if the peach will turn pink on the cheeks, and not give it to the redhead.

Blondes with golden hair can choose a beige-peach shade. Delicate pastel tones that fall on the skin with a translucent haze go well with blond hair of a precious shade. You can read more about which blush suits blondes here.


Brunettes can choose brighter shades. They are especially suitable for "snow whites" - girls with dark hair and fair skin. Due to the blush, the contrasts in their appearance will become even more noticeable and expressive. What other shades are suitable for brunettes? We talked about it here.

It is important to remember that rich blush should not look like a stain on the cheeks. Therefore, you need to take care of shading - so that from the side it seems that the color appears through the skin. Our video tutorial will help you apply blush correctly.

Best peach blush review

What blush should I try without fear that the shade will be too bright or, on the contrary, faded? The editors have made their choice.

  • Dream Matte Blush in Pink Sand, Maybelline New York

    The peach shade doesn't look too bright in this interpretation. However, it is worth remembering the creamy texture of Dream Matte Blush, which will create a dense and therefore rich in color coating on the skin. The pigment must be thoroughly shaded to get the desired natural result. The absence of a powdery finish also contributes to the natural effect.

  • Teint Idole Ultra Wear Stick in 208, Lancôme

    This blush from the Café Bônheur spring collection will also appeal to lovers of soft creamy textures. They are released in a convenient stick format, which allows you to pick up and apply color with your fingertips, getting a slight hint of blush on the skin - the result will look as natural as possible. A delicate peach shade can be turned into a brighter color if you apply a little more product. At the same time, the coating will still be light - the powder would have to be layered.Teint Idole Ultra Wear Stick also allows you to create a glow on the cheekbones, which gives the face a fresh look.

  • Fresh Cushion Blush in Tokyo Vibe Red, Shu Uemura

    The coverage is even lighter and thinner than the result that mousses and sticks give. Shu Uemura chose a convenient cushion format for their Fresh Cushion Blush, saturated the formula with oils (they provide the skin with moisture along with a feeling of comfort) and offered several shades, among which is peach Tokyo Vibe Red. The blush is easy to apply with a sponge applicator. The light texture allows you to blend the product with your fingertips so that it literally merges with the skin.

What shade of blush do you use? Write a comment.