Delicate variations with a pastel bow or extravagant crimson nail art? You choose! Share inspiration and practical tips

Among the novelties of 2023 is a nail design with a bow. Feminine and delicate manicure with a picture of a bow is suitable for almost any occasion. But in what situations will it look especially organic?

When a manicure with a bow is appropriate

Fashion trends in 2023 say: a bow on the nails looks feminine and gentle. This is a great manicure option for graduation, birthday, wedding or date. But it is also suitable for every day, if you correctly choose the color scheme, as in the photo.

At the same time, there are many design options. You can even stick a voluminous bow of stones on one of the nails. If you are not ready for such bold decisions, special stickers and stamping techniques will come to the rescue.

Step by step photo tutorial: how to draw a bow on nails

How to draw a bow on the nails? For inspiration, beautiful ideas and useful tips for beginners, look for two step-by-step photo instructions below.

If you think manicure with bows is child's play, then our photo tutorial can convince you. See how you can do a pretty understated and elegant yet cute design with a bow and ribbons.

  1. Cover your nails with the base color. For a discreet manicure with a bow, beige and gray tones are perfect. Wait for the varnish to dry completely so as not to damage the coating when creating the design.

  2. Ribbons will be a great addition to the design with a bow. You can draw them by hand or use decorative adhesive tapes. In order for such a decorative element to last as long as possible, leave an indent of 1 mm to the borders of the nail plate. In this case, the top will be able to securely fasten the tape.

  3. Remove excess varnish from the brush (about the neck of the bottle) so that it remains only on its sides. It is the side that will need to be used to complete the drawing.

  4. Press the side of the brush against your nail to get the rounded edges of the bow. Next, reduce the pressure and move the brush towards the center to create a narrowing.

  5. Repeat the same movements on the other side.

  6. Put a dot in the center with dots. This will complete the simplest variation of the bow on the nails, but we suggest continuing!

  7. Step back from the drawn bow 3–4 mm and draw a stroke to its center using a medium-sized dots.

  8. From the same point (3-4 mm from the bow), draw a line down to form the tip of the ribbon. Decrease the pressure to make the line narrower.

  9. Complete the bow with highlights, cover with a top if you used gel polish. Manicure with a bow is ready!

The second option is a youth design in the American style, where rather active patterns are distributed over the entire area of the nail. Moreover, the design is decorated not with one or two nails, as is customary with us, but with all ten!

  1. The ideal background for this print would be neutral white and gray shades of lacquer.

  2. When the nail polish is completely dry, drip some black polish onto the palette.

  3. On a thin brush of medium length, pick up color: to spread the varnish evenly, hold the brush at a slight angle and pull it through the drop.

  4. Hold the brush at the same slight angle to the nail and press it against the nail about 2/3 of the length of the bristle. Draw a diagonal line.

  5. Draw a line crosswise in the same way.

  6. Connect the ends of the drawn lines.

  7. Taking a drop of varnish on the tip of the brush, fill in the resulting outline of the bow with it.

  8. Randomly place several bows of one or more colors.

  9. Complete the design with contrasting dots. White dots will perfectly complement black bows, and black ones will be clearly visible on a white background and on gray bows.

  10. Since the design is quite active, cover it with a matte top to balance the overall picture.

Fashion trends and photo ideas of manicure with a bow: novelties-2020

In 2023, among the fashion ideas for manicure with bows, there is an eternal classic. We advise you to bet on pastel and deep dark shades and not overload the design. It is enough to decorate one of the nails with a pattern, and use the French or moon manicure technique on the others.

We analyzed the french technique in detail in this video.

And the nuances of the moon - in this video tutorial.

Pink, red, blue or burgundy manicure with a bow are win-win options. In combination with tanned skin, coral and white will look especially impressive in the spring-summer season.

And in general, we advise you to choose the design depending on the length of the nails. Each has its own nuances. Look for ideas in the selections below.

Manicure options with a bow on short nails

Even if you have short nails, you should not limit yourself in choosing a design. Depending on the shape of the nails, you can safely use and combine different techniques and shades. Consider manicure ideas for girls with nails of this length.

For example, four nails can be painted with wine varnish and covered with a matte top, and for the rest use beige gloss.On the nail of the ring finger, draw a white bow, and on the other hand, a vertical shiny stripe on the border of two shades, as in the photo. Such a manicure with a bow is easy to do even on short nails, and it will look holistic and thoughtful.

Glitter always creates a festive mood. A manicure on short nails with sparkles and small patterns will look neat and gentle.

Choose a soft pink base coat. Cover the nails on the little fingers with gold glitter, and on the ring fingers - decorate with translucent bows with rhinestones.

You can also decorate the nails on the middle fingers with a diagonal shiny bow. For short nails, this design will do just as well and visually make them longer.

For fans of a laconic, neutral manicure, bows on a transparent background are best suited. You can use a manicure brush or stickers if you haven't gotten your hands on nail art yet.

bow design on long nails

Long nails - space for creativity. But don't overdo it. If you want to make a festive, bright manicure, choose a varnish with an unusual texture, and draw a bow on only one of the nails. Love glitter? Then the bows can be supplemented with voluminous rhinestones. This design will look especially impressive on almond-shaped nails.

The combination of matte and glossy tops will look original and at the same time will not argue with any dress code if you prefer discreet shades.

Blue and gray-blue is a non-trivial combination, but why not? And decorate the nails on the ring fingers with a horizontal bow.

Another idea for blue lovers is a combination of shades from the marine range. Feel free to combine blue and blue varnishes, and use a special sticker for one of the nails. The center of the bow can be decorated with small stones to match.

What manicure techniques go well with a bow on the nails?

To make the manicure not look overloaded, it is enough to decorate with only one or two nails with the design. Alternatively, make a manicure with bows and holes on the ring fingers, complement them with rhinestones and a thin “smile” along the edge, and use burgundy varnish of different textures for the rest of the nails. In different combinations, matte and glossy or, for example, small glitter and bouillon will look interesting.

Combination with a bow will look no worse than a cat-eye manicure and a pea print, which is easy to create with the help of dots. A jacket with bows on the nails is a traditional romantic design for a wedding.

How do you like such a delicate design? In combination with what shades does the bow look the most spectacular? We are waiting for your answers in the comments!