There are only two remedies for dark circles under the eyes: eight hours of sleep and concealer. Let's talk about the second one

Dark circles under the eyes can be masked with makeup, but to make it look natural and imperceptible, you need to know a few rules. Says beauty blogger Uzi @uzyaofficial.

How to properly cover dark circles under the eyes

For this you will need primer, concealer and foundation.

  1. First, a primer with light-diffusing properties should be applied to the area under the eyes. All small wrinkles and irregularities will be filled - and the skin will look smooth. Wait until the product is thoroughly absorbed, and only then proceed to mask the imperfections.

  2. The next step is the distribution of the foundation on the face. Please note that concealer should be applied over foundation, not before it.

  3. Now take the concealer, it should be a tone lighter than the skin and have a uniform texture.

  4. With your fingertips or a special brush, place a few dots of concealer around the perimeter of the lower eyelid and gently blend. If you work with your fingers, do not rub the product, but lightly "drive" it into the skin.

  5. When spreading the concealer, go from the inner corner of the eye to the outer. I used Maybelline New York concealer, it gives a smooth matte finish. The special formula with microparticles of powder masks enlarged pores and prevents the appearance of oily sheen. The tool perfectly hides dark areas under the eyes and age spots.

  6. After the concealer dries a little, apply a translucent loose powder. It will fix the result and provide it with naturalness.

  7. Finish with a highlighter. It must be applied to the skin at the inner corners of the eyes and on the cheekbones. It will illuminate the skin - and dark circles under the eyes will become almost invisible.

How do you cover up dark circles under your eyes? Leave your comment.