Bold make-up trend is being tried on by radio host and actress Katarina Pudar

In the next episode of the Trend Drive YouTube show, Makeup semi-finalist Zhenya Montano shows how to create a monochrome make-up in wine tones. Katarina Pudar goes with such a make-up to speed dating, and make-up artist Katya Bobkova and TV presenter Regina Todorenko watch what is happening.

How to make trendy monochrome makeup for every day? Zhenya Montano answers.

  • You just need to change the color scheme - choose light, beige-brown, chocolate shades.

  • Add some light bronzer to the high points of the face.

  • Apply a slightly darker and more saturated shade from the same range on the lips.

  • Second option - apply Alliance Perfect highlighter on the top of the cheekbone, on the center of the upper eyelid, under the eyebrow, on the bridge of the nose, on the lips and on the area above the upper lip. Get a light make-up with a bronzer effect.

  • Don't forget to apply the same highlighter on the protruding collarbone and bare shoulders, and paint over the eyelashes with mascara!

5 beauty tips from Katarina Pudar

  1. In winter, choose a thicker concealer, and in summer try to refuse it altogether: a light tan perfectly “hides” dark circles.

  2. Always keep your concealer or foundation bottle tightly closed. Otherwise, it will oxidize and give the skin a yellowish tint.

  3. I love arrows very much and draw them quite often. Personally, I like to use a felt-tip pen eyeliner, which I can draw a perfectly thin arrow and outline the ciliary edge. My favorite is Superliner by L'Oréal Paris.

  4. My favorite beauty trend of 2023 is neon arrows. This summer, don't be afraid to draw bright orange and lemon arrows.

  5. Choose peach blush: they will help make the image more tender, youthful and in a good way naive.

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