Let's check if you can easily navigate the shades, names of lipsticks and beauty novelties

Formulas, unusual colors and formats - when inventing new products, beauty brands puzzle not only over this: the name must also be original. Let's see if you pay attention to them.

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    " Peppercorn" is a shade

    Lipstick Nail Polish Mascara Blush

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    Russian Rose is the name of a lipstick shade designed specifically for Russian women. In the collection of which brand to look for it?

    YSL Beauté Giorgio Armani Lancôme Shu Uemura

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    Which of these lipstick shades is definitely not red?

    Party Star Montmartre Sleepless Night I Protest

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    Which shade is NOT in L'Oréal Paris' Infaillible longwear foundation?

    Golden Vanilla Ivory Porcelain

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    Giorgio Armani has a lipstick shade that suits absolutely everyone. What's his number?

    101 200 400 501

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    Many brands have products with "sweet" names. But what "beauty dessert" doesn't really exist?

    Dark Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette French Cocoa Lipstick Tiramisu Lip Gloss Air Marshmallow Blush

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    "Game without rules" , "Pink flamingo" , "Energetic peach" - these are the names of the shades of the same product. What?

    Lacquer Essie Cushion Lip Matte Shaker by Lancôme Lipsticks Vice by Urban Decay Shadows Hot Singles by NYX Professional Makeup