A new technique in makeup will mask imperfections on the skin so that no one will notice. Figuring out what to do

Concealers are a must have in cosmetic bags of professional makeup artists and just girls who are not indifferent to makeup. With the help of concealers, you can mask under-eye circles, as well as skin imperfections such as pimples and redness. But when using them, there is one drawback: the funds are often noticeable on the face. Microconsiling - a new word in makeup - solves this problem once or twice.

What is microconsiling for?

The main task of microconsiling is to even out skin tone so as to create the illusion of perfect skin. At the same time, the concealer is used as pointwise as possible and without shading. The new technique will especially appeal to girls with oily skin types who periodically suffer from breakouts, as microconsiling allows you to hide imperfections without layering foundation.

By the way, you can learn how to apply foundation correctly from this video.

How to do microconsiling?

Forget about applying concealer to the skin with your fingers or foundation brush: they are not suitable for jewelry work on problem areas. For micro-consilation, you will need the thinnest eye makeup brush, usually arrows draw this.

You won't need much of the product itself, and it should match tone on tone with skin color.If you are in doubt about the choice, then give preference to a shade lighter, it will look more natural on the skin. You need to apply concealer only on imperfections, without going beyond the speck or pimple and without shading the edges.

As a result of this technique, point imperfections become invisible, and the skin of the face remains clean. Since the borders are not shaded, it is not necessary to apply foundation over the concealer (to even out the overall tone). As a result, you will get a natural make-up without a hint of a mask effect.

Which concealer to use?

Products with a greasy, oily texture will not work: they will roll on the skin and only emphasize its flaws. It is better to choose concealers with a more powdery texture and high overlapping power. You can experiment with colored concealers: green neutralizes redness, purple successfully camouflages yellowness, and yellow masks blue-violet spots on the skin.

You can read more about color correction tools in this article. And below - about concealers, which are ideal for makeup using a new technique.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer

Available as a pencil with a comfortable thin brush, perfect for microconcealing. Light gel texture is almost not felt on the skin. The concealer remains invisible on her, but at the same time has good coverage.

Touche Éclat High Cover Concealer by YSL Beauté

The legendary YSL Beauté concealer is also suitable for the new technique, because it has a thin applicator that allows for the most targeted distribution of the product. The composition contains a shock dose of tonal pigments, due to which the coating is dense. Persistence is also pleasing: the camouflage effect persists throughout the day.

NYX Professional Makeup Color Correcting Palette

The palette contains six color concealers that can successfully mask all skin imperfections, from dark circles to pigmentation. The texture of the funds is creamy, the density is high. Apply them to the skin using a thin brush for the eyelids. Read more about why color concealer palettes are needed in this article.

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