What happens if you come to the museum with bright makeup? Regina Todorenko checks on herself

The new part of the Trend Drive project, created by L'Oréal Paris, is dedicated to creative shooters. It is difficult to surprise the host of Makeupers Regina Todorenko, but the finalist of the show Elena Artyushina tried it and drew bright wavy arrows for the eyelids for the star.

To adapt the trend to real life, makeup artist Elena Artyushina advises using less bright colors and changing the "angle" of the wave, slightly "lowering" it down to the ciliary contour.

How did this image come about? “My eyes fell on the blue eyeliner, and the idea was born of itself to draw an unusual“ wavy ”arrow on the eyelids, reminiscent of the outlines of a sea wave. I supplemented the arrow with another fashionable trick: I applied bright shadows not along the ciliary contour, but from the eyebrows downwards, ”comments Elena.

Finalist of the second season of "Makeup" Elena Artyushina

Together with make-up artist Elena Krygina and the winner of the first season of "Makeup" Katya Bobkova, we are watching how this beauty experiment will end.

Elena Artyushina, Regina Todorenko, Elena Krygina and Katya Bobkova

Do you want to repeat the image exactly? You will need these tools:

Color Queen eyeshadow, shade 03 Flawless, L’Oréal Paris

Color Queen Eyeshadow, Shade 05 Bold, L'Oréal Paris

Perfect Slim Liner, Blue, L'Oréal Paris

Which trends of this year are also worthy of attention? The star make-up artist and founder of the Krygina Cosmetics brand Elena Krygina answers.

  1. Brown makeup

    Brown shades in makeup are a reference to the dashing 90s. You can often see Bella Hadid in such images: a reddish-brown tint on the lips and on the eyes, plus a slight correction in the same color. Such a make-up looks self-sufficient, but can become the basis for a brighter image. Just add an accent in the form of a delicate blush and a glossy lip gloss.

  2. Bright monoshadows

    The trend is eye makeup in all colors of the rainbow. Do not be modest - you should choose really juicy shades on the verge of neon: blue, grassy green, salmon. Your reference point is photo reports from the last show of Rodarte. And do not forget to work out the skin: make a light tone and face correction.

  3. Sequins

    When you need to look cool, but there is no time for long gatherings, sequins help out. Apply them anywhere - on the eyes, lips, cheekbones. You can even add some glitter to your hair.

  4. Berry lipstick

    The trendy makeup option for every day is a neat nude plus red-pink lipstick. This shade is obtained by mixing classic red and neon pink. If you want to look strictly, it is better to keep the lip contour clear. If you are creating a light daytime look, then lightly blend the borders.The contour will be noticeable, but the image will not turn out too aggressive.

    Rouge Signature Lip Tint, Shade 114 I Represent, L'Oréal Paris

  5. Gloss on eyelids

    Wet glitter eye makeup is the trend this spring. If you don’t want to dye your eyelashes, just add a little glossy shine to your eyelids - it will turn out very effectively. Look for coatings that don't run.

Which trend do you like best? Tell us!