How to draw lilac on nails, what techniques are useful and what design is suitable for nails of different lengths? Let's tell and show

How to create a manicure with a lilac pattern? There are several ways. Let's talk about each in more detail.

Ways to create a manicure with lilac

Lilac on nails can be depicted in many ways. It all depends on your skills and the availability of the necessary materials. Different options are suitable for people with different levels of training.

In any case, you'll need purple or lavender flower polish, emerald or black twig polish, and a base color for the background (check out Essie's 'Full Cylinder' shade). If you want to make a drawing on a transparent background, then you can limit yourself to a colorless base. And don't forget the top.

Lilac stickers

Decals are the fastest way to make a lilac nail art. And it is suitable even for beginners.

It is enough to separate the sticker and gently spread it over the nail plate. If necessary, trim the edges protruding beyond the border of the nail. And then cover with a transparent varnish or gel top.


Drawing is a more difficult option.

If you've never used a nail art brush, it's best to first practice on a sheet of paper or special plates that manicure masters use.

Stamping finished patterns

The essence of the now fashionable stamping technique is to apply a pattern to the nails using a special tool, a stamp. You can create a design in this way in just a couple of seconds. It is enough to transfer the pattern from the disk to the surface of the nail, press the stamp firmly, press lightly and carefully separate the tool from the nail plate. For the picture, you can choose, for example, the shade "Lilac" from the Essie collection.

Lilac nail design: step by step photo tutorial

You will need:

  • Essie nail polish "On the tip of the hairpin" ,

  • Essie Couture Confiture Nail Polish ,

  • Essie Perfect Fit nail polish .

Lilac nail design is a great choice for spring and summer. In this photo tutorial, you will find two ways to draw a lilac, which can be used both separately and together, creating interesting compositions.

  1. Apply your base color to your nails. The ideal option for a manicure with lilac is pale blue. But any other pastel colors will do. Wait for the varnish to dry completely.

  2. Transfer varnishes of similar shades to the palette - lilac, purple or burgundy. In this case, we chose Essie's "High Heels" and "Couture Confiture" . Prepare a toothpick.

  3. Dial the darkest shade on the toothpick and touch the palette a few times so that the minimum amount of varnish remains on the toothpick.

  4. With tapping movements in a chaotic manner, leave prints of varnish where you want to place a lilac branch. Unlike metal dots, a toothpick absorbs varnish, resulting in prints with torn edges. This will make the drawing look more natural and resemble real twigs.

  5. Duplicate the prints with a lighter shade of varnish. At the same time, boldly cover the previous points with varnish to make the transitions between colors smooth.

  6. Complete the pattern with a few dots of white for contrast. The drawing may seem unfinished to you, but when you apply the top, all the prints will slightly dissolve and turn into a fluffy lilac branch. By the same principle, we drew a dandelion and described the technique in one of the previous instructions.

  7. Next, put a rather large drop of green varnish on a toothpick.

  8. Draw the leaves, stretching the drop in the appropriate shape.

  9. While the polish is still wet, run a toothpick down the center to create streaks. It is for this that you need to collect a large drop of varnish. A thin layer will dry instantly, and you won't be able to draw streaks.

  10. Now complete the design with large lilac flowers. Pick up a small amount of white or silver varnish on the brush. Suitable, for example, the shade "Perfect Cut" from Essie.

  11. Draw the contours of the petals with curved lines from the center to the edges. For each line, draw on a new drop of varnish so that the lines are the same thickness.

  12. Fill in the resulting contour with dark lilac varnish. This sequence will allow you to achieve even contours much easier than circling a finished drawing with white varnish.

  13. Add a lighter shade of varnish to the center of the petal, and paint over the core of the flower with yellow.

  14. You can stop at one flower, or you can draw several at once, which will make the design more interesting. Apply a top coat on your nails. Done!

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Manicure with lilac flowers on short nails

How to make this design on short nails? Here are a couple of techniques to help you get the job done.

French with lilac

French will go well with a lilac manicure. Alternatively, do a classic French manicure and decorate a few nails with stickers or drawings with lilac branches.

Spring-summer gradient

In spring and summer, the lilac gradient looks very fresh.

Decorate the nails of the ring fingers with the image of a lilac branch, and the rest of the nails with an ombre with a darker shade at the base of the nails and a lighter one at the tips, as in the photo. This version of a lilac manicure will rhyme with any summer outfit, be it shorts with a shirt or a romantic dress.

An ombre version with a lavender tint that turns into white looks no less harmonious - from the tips to the base of the nails.

More about how to create a beautiful gradient on the nails, we talked about in this video.

Black design

Black doesn't make a design look gloomy at all if used sparingly. For example - for "smiles" in French manicure. This is an original alternative to traditional white.

For more lilac manicure ideas for short nails, look at the photos below.

Variants of manicure with lilac on long nails

How to emphasize the length and shape of nails? Here are a couple of design options.


If you prefer a moon manicure, it is not necessary to draw traditional crescent-shaped holes. You can leave transparent, for example, triangles at the base of the nail, and decorate several nails with the image of lilac branches on a transparent background.

If you still want to stay true to the classics, then give preference to a muted blue-violet tint and a matte top - the manicure will look original and gentle.


Glitters and rhinestones will harmoniously complement the manicure with lilac. Use different variations of purple polish, decorate one or more nails with a lilac image, and the ring finger with matching glitter.

You can make a manicure with large sequins of various shapes. Fix them on the nail plate with a transparent base. Decorate one of the nails with a bouquet of lilacs, and cover the rest with lavender varnish. Suitable "Dress for the evening" from Essie.

It will be interesting to look at a contrasting shade of glitter - for example, silver. This combination in manicure sets a festive mood.


Instead of purple, which many associate with lilac, you can use other shades - for example, bright fuchsia, fashionable in 2023. Try Essie Fashion Style.

More lilac design ideas for long nails can be found in the photos below.

Which version of the lilac manicure did you like the most? Share your opinion in the comments.