Red-brown hair color was a trend in the 90s, and today individual strands are dyed in a fiery shade. How to get a spectacular result?

Coloring strands is deservedly popular today: this is a sure way to create bright accents and use them to refresh the image without changing it drastically. You don’t have to weigh the pros and cons when deciding whether to sacrifice natural color (albeit on several strands), because it is possible to leave the color only for a couple of weeks or even for a day or two.

It's up to you to decide on a shade. "Doll" pink, as well as lilac, emerald and turquoise in a mermaid style - too much for you? Then start with red - the result will be noticeable, but not flashy.

Coloring with red strands for brunettes

Brunettes with coloring have a hard time. If we are talking about a salon procedure, then dark strands can be given a bright shade only after preliminary bleaching. If you use a tint balm at home, you will have to take into account: no matter how much you keep the composition on your hair, the color, even if it is well “absorbed”, will not appear as you would like.


Dark-haired girls need products that do not penetrate the hair structure, but cover them from above. There are, for example, special hair crayons that are little different from classic powder eyeshadows.

Thanks to them you will get catchy colored touches on your hair. But the powdery texture is not the most resistant, so this effect cannot be called long-lasting.

Another option is mascara. You can find a special one, specifically for hair, but the one that is designed for eyebrows or eyelashes will also cope with the task - for example, Urban Decay has such (Double Team mascara).

The result will be quite persistent, but you will have to take care that the hair does not stick together, because the mascara, as a rule, has a gel-wax texture.

Try coloring sprays like Colorista Spray by L'Oréal Paris.

They are easy to use: you just need to sprinkle the selected strands with the color composition and, if necessary, dry them. Fashionable coloring will take just a couple of minutes. The shade will be as saturated as on the package, and it will be possible to wash it off without any effort - with water and shampoo.Read more about how to use the tool here.

How to dye strands of blond hair red?

Blondes who dream of colored strands have the advantage that the color will easily "grab" on their hair and show itself in all its glory, no matter what shade you choose. Red - including.

So in addition to superficial products like crayons, mascara and sprays, you can use gels, jellies and balms with a wet texture that literally saturate the hair with colored pigment. On blondes, such coloring will inevitably attract attention due to the bright contrast.

Look, for example, at Colorista Hair Makeup. How this jelly works, we showed in the video instructions.

At the same time, you have to keep in mind that dyes are often washed off from fair hair longer.However, this moment was also thought out by paint manufacturers: for example, L’Oréal Paris has such a tool as Colorista Fader. This is a shampoo that helps wash out the paint. So the return to the previous image will not be long in coming.

Fashion photo ideas for dyeing medium length hair with strands

Medium length allows you to implement a variety of coloring ideas, including strands. One option is to “stretch” the pigment through the hair, starting at different levels: somewhere closer to the roots, somewhere in the middle of the length, and somewhere at the ends.

This "creative mess" will look better than changing the color of all the strands at the same level. However, if you color only at the roots, you get a beautiful ombre effect.

Only at the tips, red also looks impressive, especially if you “blur” the transition from the original shade to a bright one.

Experiment: you can, for example, dye strands of only the lower layer of hair - with normal styling they will not be visible, but will appear in a bun or high tail; you can use the brightest shade at the roots and gradually reduce it to nothing.These are just a couple of possibilities out of a great many.

Streaks of red on long dark hair

Dyeing strands of dark brown or black hair red is only for those who are ready for contrasts, and not just color strokes. On hair below the shoulder blades, thin red stripes starting from the very roots will look best.

However, the level of application of color is better to “blur” in any case, as well as soften the sharpness of the transition between shades. A clear border line of two shades will look strange.

After dyeing, straighten your hair: on a smooth, shiny surface, the result will look more spectacular, even if you collect the strands in a ponytail. Be aware that dark hair requires a superficial product.

Red strands on blond hair with a bob haircut

If you have a bob, wide strand coloring, which works great on long hair, will not work. Try randomly distributing strokes of red throughout the hair at different levels or, for example, highlight thin strands in red both in the lower layer of the hair and in the upper one, as well as near the face - painting them from root to tip.

In the first case, styling with curls will help to emphasize the coloring, and in the second case, straightening the hair with an iron.

Overview of funds for getting red curls

  • Colorista Washout Paprika by L'Oréal Paris

    The product of a red shade with a light reddish color allows you to get colored strands that will refresh your look for 1–1.5 weeks, during which time the paint will gradually wash out. The balm needs to be applied to clean hair and kept for 15-30 minutes (calculate the time based on how intense the result you want to get), and then rinse with water without shampoo and dry your hair.Done!

  • Colorista Hair Makeup Jelly in Red Hair, L'Oréal Paris

    In the case of Colorista Hair Makeup, the result will not be very durable, which is in the hands of girls who are ready for a transformation for only a day or two. The balm is applied to several selected strands and dried - so the color will appear in full force. Shampoo 1-2 times to restore your hair to its original color.

  • Hot Singles Eyeshadow in Bad Seed, NYX Professional Makeup

    Shadows can be used as hair crayons. The method of application is simple: you need to press a dry strand to the surface of the shadows in the package and “stretch” the jar down so that the hair is dyed to the ends. The highly pigmented formula ensures a luminous result.Shadows are easy to wash off with shampoo if the color does not come off on its own: powder products do not show durability on the hair.

What shade would you color the strands? Write a comment.