Unbanal ideas from the make-up artists of the Makeup show. Step by step photo instructions included

Arrows are classic eye makeup. If we track beauty trends through fashion shows, we will see that they do not lose their relevance from season to season, only their shape and color change.

Difference between evening makeup with arrows and daytime makeup

Arrows are appropriate both in daytime make-up and in make-up for going out. It all depends on the intensity of their color and, of course, the shape.Ultra-wide hands are perfect for the evening, they can be absolutely any color - from hot pink to emerald or black. Various variations of art arrows are also good for the evening: double, graphic or made using rhinestones and glitter.

When creating daytime makeup, it is better to draw arrows that are neat, thin and with a short “tail”. They should emphasize the shape of the eyes and give expression to the look, but be almost invisible on the face.

Evening makeup with pink arrows: step by step photo tutorial

We invited makeup artists from the Makeup show to experiment with arrows in evening eye makeup. Polina Belova created the first look with the help of L'Oréal Paris cosmetics.

  1. Clean skin thoroughly and spray with setting spray. Usually it is applied over the finished makeup, but if you use it before, the effect will be even better: the products are layered on each other more densely, and the makeup is long-lasting.

  2. Take two shades of Infaillible foundation and apply the products on the face with strokes: dark under the cheekbones and along the contours of the face, and light in the center. Carefully blend with a brush, first a light shade, then a dark one. This method of applying foundation provides a natural contouring of the face.

  3. Under the eyes apply Infaillible Concealer and blend to cover dark circles. Apply it under the eyebrows and above them: this will visually lift them and make the look wide open. Color the eyebrows themselves with the Brow Artist Designer pencil and comb the hairs in an upward direction.

  4. For face contouring, use products with a creamy texture: they are easier to blend. Apply a dark foundation under the cheekbones and on the wings of the nose closer to the back, blend thoroughly with a synthetic brush.

  5. Apply eyeshadow base to lids. Start drawing arrows from the tips, first draw lines at the outer corners of the eyes.

  6. Then draw a line from the outer corners to the inner corners and paint over the arrow with Color Riche Plump And Shine pink lipstick. The lipstick gives a brighter and juicier pigment, but it will only last well on the eyelids if you first apply the base, and then fix the creamy texture of the lipstick with dry shadows of the same shade.

  7. Color the lower mucous membranes with a blue pencil Color Riche Le Khol.

  8. Apply black Unlimited mascara to upper lashes. Wait for it to dry and spread over the brown Volume Millions Lashes and apply it to the lower lashes.

  9. Smile and on the protruding parts of the cheeks, apply the same lipstick that was used instead of shadows as a blush: it will refresh the image.

  10. Apply it on your lips too. For a more glamorous look, add Glow Mon Amour gold highlighter to the back of the nose and cheekbones.

If you like the idea of monomakeup, watch our video tutorial on how to create it.

Evening makeup with arrows and shadow gradient: step by step photo tutorial

Another version of the evening make-up with arrows was shown by another participant of the Makeup show Dima Rovel. This is a completely different image, but its main element is still arrows.

  1. Even out skin tone with Woke Up Like This BB Cream. If you are doing rich eye makeup, the tone should be as light and inconspicuous as possible so as not to overload the image - bb-creams are great for this. If visible imperfections remain on the skin, apply a second layer of the product.

  2. Under the eyes, spread the Infaillible concealer. It will hide dark circles and visually even out the skin. Apply it to the nasolabial folds and fix it on the skin with Infaillible Mattifying Loose Powder.

  3. Give volume to your face with a dry bronzer, spreading it under the cheekbones, at the temples and at the chin.

  4. For a fresh look, apply pink blush to the center of your cheeks. Use them under the eyebrows and a little - on the upper parts of the cheekbones.

  5. If you are doing bright eye makeup, first apply a base on the eyelids. Outline future arrows by making a few touches with a black Color Riche Le Khol pencil around the eyes, and blend.

  6. Under the eyebrows and on the moving eyelids, apply dry brown eye shadow: this will fix the creamy texture of the pencil and prepare the eyelids for the creation of arrows.

  7. In the folds of the eyelids and on the lower eyelids, distribute a more saturated shade of brown shadows and blend the lines to the temples - this will visually bring the shape of the eyes closer to the almond-shaped.

  8. Using black Superliner, draw long arrows from the center of the eyelids to the temples.

  9. Apply glitter to the inner corners of the eyes.

  10. Work out the mucous membranes of the lower eyelids with a black pencil - this will add drama to the image and make the look more expressive.

  11. Apply Color Queen shimmery eyeshadow in shade 10 to movable eyelids and fill lashes with black mascara.

  12. Finish brows with Insta Brow Gel and apply Rouge Signature Liquid Matte Tint in I Explore to lips.

arrows in make-up for brown eyes

Brown eyes suit almost all shades. We have collected for you the most successful options for evening makeup with arrows. Get inspired!

Pay attention to the burgundy range of shadows - they make brown eyes magnetic.

More makeup ideas for brown eyes can be found in this article.

arrows in evening makeup for green eyes

Green eyes can change their shade depending on makeup. Below are examples of make-up that successfully emphasizes the beauty of this color.

Burgundy tones accentuate the beauty of green eyes, as well as pink and purple. More information on makeup for green eyes can be found in this article.

evening makeup with arrows for blue eyes

To emphasize the heavenly color of blue eyes, use golden shadows in makeup and carefully paint over the mucous membranes with black kajal.

The most advantageous and bright art makeup looks exactly on blue eyes.

In this article we talk in detail about makeup for blue eyes.

Review of cosmetics for an evening look with arrows

If you are not a professional make-up artist and have not yet learned how to draw perfect eyeliner arrows in a minute, use a felt-tip pen liner, even a beginner can handle it. Here are the most worthy options from L’Oréal Paris.

Tattoo Signature Waterproof Eyeliner

Ultra black eyeliner with a radiant finish has a waterproof formula that doesn't wash off even after a swim in the pool. If you're looking for a bold evening look that's meant to last through dancing into the morning and splashing champagne, Tattoo Signature Eyeliner is perfect for you.

Superstar Eyeliner

Felt pen eyeliner has a flexible felt tip, with which it is easy to draw arrows of different thicknesses, adjusting only the pressure on the applicator. The product has a light water-based texture, so it is very easy to apply.

Superliner Cat Eye Stenciled Eyeliner

Thanks to the handy stencil that comes with the eyeliner, drawing perfectly even "cat" arrows will not be difficult even for a beginner.In addition, with a thin applicator it is convenient to draw the space between the eyelashes, which will make the makeup brighter and the look more expressive.

Do you often do makeup with arrows? Already learned how to draw them quickly and evenly? We are waiting for your answers in the comments.