In the beauty industry, there are more and more new concepts that require clarification. Let's talk about makeup today

The words "make-up" and "make-up" are synonymous for many. This happened due to the fact that the profession of makeup artist appeared. This, as you know, is a make-up specialist who professionally owns beauty tools and techniques for applying cosmetics.

This is what confuses most people. In fact, it cannot be said that makeup and make-up are one and the same. Let's figure out what the difference is.

Visage and makeup - what is it?

Makeup is one of the types of makeup designed for everyday life. Special methods of using cosmetics allow you to mask the flaws in your appearance, and emphasize the advantages, bring them to the fore.

Visage is not limited to makeup. This is a more general concept, which implies the creation of a holistic image in which all elements are in harmony with each other and the external features of a person.

Knowing the art of makeup is not the same as knowing how to do makeup or style your hair; the make-up master accurately determines the type of appearance and matches it with shades, textures, accents to obtain a harmonious look.

It also matters how much the person who does makeup is aware of current trends: the image should be created taking into account fashion trends.

Now the word "visage" in this interpretation is rarely used. They continue to stubbornly confuse it with makeup, at best designating it as an artistic make-up, where there are no familiar and simple details typical of casual looks.

The difference between make-up and visage

It must be admitted that make-up can be very versatile, but still does not cover all the possibilities of visage.

Makeup satisfies the needs that arise in the usual life schedule. Many do make-up as part of their usual care: they even out the tone, hide the redness of the skin, give it radiance, “open up” the look.

Make-up is more thorough in every respect: the make-up in it is thought out in every detail, as it relies on the color type, facial features, its contours, eye color and other characteristics - it includes a complete analysis of appearance and selection of haircuts / styling, which will beautifully frame the face.

This is a full-fledged image creation, only not in clothes, but in terms of beauty. Make-up is often chosen for evening outings and other special occasions when an integrated approach is needed, because makeup and hair should come together in a single image, when all elements complement each other.

Only a professional can handle makeup, while every girl can do casual makeup at home and with minimal knowledge of tricks.

How to choose an image for yourself: color type theory

If you are interested in make-up and you have a desire to get acquainted with its basics, then the first thing you should learn to determine is color types. There is the most general division into “warm” and “cold” color types, however, a classification that includes the “spring”, “summer”, “autumn” and “winter” color types is considered more accurate and useful.


With this color type, the appearance is “light”. It has no contrasts. If we talk about the hair color of girls like "spring" , then it is either wheat, or straw, or shades of blond.

Eyebrows can be a shade or two darker than hair color. The eyes are either hazel or blue or grey-green. As for the skin tone, it is also fair, but with warmth; sometimes those who can be classified as "spring" also have freckles.


The main difference between girls of the "summer" type is the presence of a cool ashy undertone in their features. Their hair can be both light and dark, but without redness.

Skin undertone - blue or olive. Eye color is most often blue, gray, blue, less often green (with an admixture of gray). For girls with such an appearance, the make-up that we described in this article is suitable for everyday wear.


The complete opposite of “summer” is the “autumn” color type: warm shades predominate in this appearance." Autumn" girls are primarily brunettes, whose hair is cast in gold or copper. Red-haired and fair-haired girls can belong to the same type. Their eyes are brown, green or hazel.

Skin - medium tones with warm undertones.


Determining whether you belong to the "winter" color type is not difficult: the appearance of the girls contrasts strongly with each other.

First of all, these are brunettes (you can find the basic makeup rules for girls with dark hair here) with porcelain skin (“snow whites”), whose eyes stand out brightly against the general background - blue, green or dark brown. You will find the idea of makeup for girls with this appearance in this video.

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