Trends contradict each other: on the one hand, naturalness is in fashion. On the other hand, colored strands and neon at the ends of the hair. Is it possible to find a compromise?

To be different every day is now possible. Who does not want to change the image, having the opportunity to return the previous one in a day? It will not be difficult to do this now: for those who would like to update their hair color, dyes are available today that are washed off with an ordinary shampoo. You don’t have to take risks, choose between naturalness and brightness too.

Features of temporary hair coloring

Hair coloring until recently was perceived as something very serious - a step that was decided after weighing all the pros and cons. The situation changed when funds appeared with which the desired result can be obtained for a while.

Coloring gels, sprays, jellies, balms, foams are now available - a variety of formats and textures for a comfortable transformation for a day or two or, for example, a week.


  1. Temporary effect

    Pink streaks or blue hair ends delight many people when viewed from the side. It seems that it is these accents that will refresh your image. What if, a week after going to the salon, the color gets tired?

    Temporary coloring is a solution that will let you see if you can get used to a new shade of hair.Try on the look to see if you are ready to "wear" it for a long time. And you can continue to dye your hair for a couple of days or a week, each time changing the color to a new one, so as not to repeat. In addition, this is a great opportunity to surprise everyone, say, at parties.

  2. Accessibility

    Temporary coloring products are designed specifically for home use. There will be no difficulties in handling them - you can change the image yourself, spending no more than 15-20 minutes on it. Knowledge of special techniques and intricacies of applying paint is also not required.

  3. Variety of shades

    Those who plan temporary coloring have plenty to choose from - the palette of products is no worse than that of professionals. In addition to natural shades, there are also extravagant fuchsia, red, blue, emerald, mint, lavender, plum.

  4. Democratic price

    If salon coloring is a fairly serious expense item, then you will spend a little on funds with a temporary effect.


  1. A question of choice

    The result may surprise or disappoint if you do not take into account your hair color when choosing the shade and texture of the dye. Gels and balms, for example, are not suitable for brunettes, as they cannot provide a bright result. Dark hair needs to be dyed with "superficial" means (they do not penetrate the structure) - dry pigments, sprays, mascara.

    Blonde hair takes color easily. On them, the contrast will be noticeable even if you use pastel paint.

  2. Color washout

    The effect of temporary staining is designed for a period of one day to 1.5 weeks. However, there is a caveat: the color will “leave” longer from blond hair.

    The structure of blonde hair is such that it is more susceptible to color, and it may take longer to return to the original shade than indicated on the package.

What can I temporarily dye my hair in different colors?

Tinted Shampoo

This tool is used if you want to dye your hair completely, along the entire length, from roots to tips. Using shampoo, you will get a new color, which will gradually lose its intensity - after about a month, the hair will return to its original form.


" L&39;Oreal Paris Colorista Washout Colorista Washout Shade Flamingo Hair 80 ml. Colorista Washout by L’Oréal Paris is a prime example of this, literally, with shades available in red, pink, blue, green, purple and more."

The balms have a rich texture and formula, thanks to which the color stays on the hair for 1.5–2 weeks. As you wash your hair with shampoo in your usual way, the shade will gradually fade. But you will have enough time to enjoy the updated look.

It is easy to use the balm: apply it on your hair, wait from 15 to 30 minutes (the saturation of the result depends on the exposure time), and then rinse with water - without shampoo. It remains only to dry and style the hair.

Gels, jelly

Compared to balms, these products are lighter in texture, which is reflected in the result. For example, in the case of Colorista Hair Makeup, you can only enjoy a new color for a couple of days.

After the first shampoo, the original hair color will return. As for the use of gels and jellies, it is enough to distribute them over the selected strands and dry your hair with a hairdryer. You can learn more about the application method from this video tutorial.


A distinctive feature of sprays is that they leave color on the surface. The tool is not absorbed into the hair, but as if enveloping them. Therefore, the coloring is as bright as possible.

The shade is also washed off during the first wash with shampoo. Sprays are suitable for those who can spontaneously decide to quickly dye their hair. It is enough to sprinkle them - and the new image is ready.

Hair crayons

It was the crayons that at first formed the trend for coloring the strands. In fact, these are the same dry shadows, only more pigmented. They are easy to use. However, there are also disadvantages: the powdery texture does not contribute to the durability of funds, so they tend to crumble by the end of the day.


You can add a few bright strokes to your hairstyle with ordinary colored mascara for eyebrows or eyelashes.

The round brush will easily distribute the shade through the hair. It remains only to comb them to eliminate the effect of gluing.

Temporary Color Shades


The palette of shades of red is quite wide: it is burgundy (they often dye not individual strands, but the whole hair), and fiery red, and carrot with a redhead. This gamut in coloring does not seem hackneyed, so it is perfect for experiments. And we will find ideas for coloring with such a shade here.


This is perhaps one of the most common options. Many boldly dye their hair fuchsia along the entire length, without fear of the brightness of this shade. At the same time, pink strands are also popular. This option is preferred by brunettes, adding a soft contrast to the look.

Blondes like pastel pink (“strawberry with cream”): it blends smoothly with the natural shade, resulting in a very delicate and feminine coloring.


There are several trendy shades of blue that are especially popular with temporary color lovers. First, it's electric blue, which is neon-bright and helps to attract attention for both blondes and brunettes.

Second, denim blue. Muted, but no less original and even mystical.


Mint pastel, blue-green turquoise and a deeper emerald shade are the most relevant.

All of them are used by those who make fashionable coloring in the "mermaid" style; as a rule, pink, purple and blue are added to green tones here.


One of the favorites of the season. Colorists suggest dyeing your hair neon purple or lavender.


Ash-gray tones are gaining popularity, which on the hair create the so-called gray hair effect. A beautiful cold tide can look very elegant.

How to temporarily dye your hair at home? Step by step instructions

  1. Preparation

    Hair must be clean before coloring. So you can't do without washing your hair. Dry your hair thoroughly before you start coloring.

  2. Coloring

    Follow package directions. Depending on which tool you are using, the procedure may vary. So, in the case of hair crayons, the strand is pressed against the powdery surface and the jar is “pulled” down, towards the tips.The pigment will leave a bright mark on the hair. With sprays, it's easier - you just need to spray the hair in the right places with paint.

    After applying the gel or jelly, the hair will have to be dried. And colored balms with a denser and thicker texture are left on the hair for about 20-30 minutes, and then washed off with water.

  3. Styling

    When the coloring is completed, you can start styling. The new color will shine expressively if the hair is straightened. You can focus in another way - by doing a light curl. This technique is good if you did the coloring of the strands; effect of relief volume will work.


In order not to get dirty during the dyeing process, put a towel over your shoulders and put on disposable gloves.

How to choose the right dye for temporary hair coloring?

Before choosing a shade, find a product that suits you.Think about how long you are willing to go with the new color. If you only need a change of image for a day, the best options are crayons, mascara, spray and gel, as they are washed off after the first use of shampoo. To transform for 1.5-2 weeks, use a balm that is washed out longer.

Attention will also have to be paid to how different shades and textures “grab” on hair of different colors. It is better for brunettes to abandon the pastel palette, since such shades on dark hair are simply not visible. True, the problem can be solved if you use products that leave pigment on the surface of the hair.

Blondes can choose from a variety of shades and textures. Whether it's sprays, crayons or balms - the color will show itself in any case. But it is important to keep in mind that on blond hair, the pigment may linger longer than planned, and it will take longer to return to the original shade.

Have you tried temporary hair color yet? Describe your experience in the comments.