We figure out which ones are worth implementing and which ones are better to admire on a smartphone

On the catwalks and on social networks, we see a lot of beauty trends that are not very compatible with real life. The brightest of them are in our review.

Yellow blush

Like many other controversial beauty trends, yellow blush first adorned the faces of girls in Instagram photos, but after some time they came out “to the people”. For the office, such makeup, of course, is not suitable, but for a summer party - just right! Instead of yellow blush (it is almost impossible to find them), use eye shadow of this shade - there are plenty of them in the range of cosmetic brands.You can read more about this trend here.

Ear makeup

Makeup artists have more work to do, because now even ears require makeup. For the first time, we saw this technique on the catwalk: at the Louis Vuitton and Opening Ceremony shows, instead of jewelry, the ears of the models were decorated with cosmetic pigments of precious shades. If you want to fake jewelry with makeup, use cream eye shadow, glitter or eyeliner and apply them along the prominent contours of the ears and on the lobes.

Pigtail Eyebrows

Braiding an eyebrow into a pigtail was the first idea of the American blogger Eros Gomez. He posted a photo on his Instagram, which immediately blew up the Internet. All it takes is brushes, brow liner, or photoshop if you're not a professional makeup artist. You will find a complete photo tutorial on how to create such an eyebrow makeup in this article.

Flowers on the face

Faceprint will allow you to stand out even from the bright crowd at the summer music festival a la Coachella. If such an event is not expected, then makeup with flowers on the face can be a great idea for a photo shoot or a themed party. Floral appliqué or design can be done on cheeks, eyelids, forehead and even lips.

Lip art

Fame make-up artist Jasmine Danielle brought the pictures that she painted on her lips. Most of all, the girl likes to reproduce images of the heroes of popular cartoons and famous films. This is also a great idea for a photo shoot or a party!

For more ideas, check out our tutorial video.

If you do not have pronounced artistic talents, special temporary lip tattoos will help repeat the trend.

Hologram on lips

Holographic fever moved from nails to lips. The most impressive look are "gasoline" stains in green and blue tones. If you want to create such a makeup yourself, you will need colored pigments, a balm and liquid lipstick or petroleum jelly. The components will need to be mixed and applied to the lips with a brush.

Colored hair

Orange, peach, lettuce or sea blue hair has been in fashion for several seasons. With the light hand of social media stars, this trend has become massive and enjoys growing popularity. Take it into service, especially since modern dyes have a gentle effect on the hair and, if desired, are quickly washed off.

What trend are you ready to try to bring to life? Leave your comment.