The collection of Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes replenishment - the novelty Naked Reloaded has combined twelve universal shades. It's time for a test drive

Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes need no introduction, they have long been appreciated not only by professional makeup artists, but by all lovers of quality makeup. This year, the collection was replenished with a palette with neutral shades. Meet Naked Reloaded Palette.

Urban Decay's Naked Reloaded palette features

The palette contains twelve universal shades, with which you can create both daytime and evening makeup. But the novelty has a number of features that distinguish it from its predecessors.

  • Only new shades are presented. The texture of the shadows is different: matte, glossy and shimmery.

  • Tools that are intended for more frequent use occupy large cells.

  • Shadows are perfectly shaded and at the same time have increased durability.

  • Powder products can be used not only as shadows, but also as blush (Retro shade) or highlighter (Angel Fire and Bribe shade).

  • The palette is released in a lightweight version, it is convenient to carry it in your bag.

Evening makeup with Naked Reloaded palette

The Naked Reloaded Palette is perfect for any occasion. Below is a detailed photo instruction from Urban Decay makeup artist Karina Abnaginova on how to create an evening look.

  1. Cleanse skin thoroughly with micellar water, wash with gel and moisturize with Quick Fix Coconut Water Spray.

  2. Apply Optical Illusion Complexion Primer to further hydrate skin and prepare it for foundation application. Spread the product over your face with your fingers - this way it will warm up and lie better on the skin.

  3. Using a synthetic brush, apply Naked Skin Foundation in Shade 1 onto skin. Despite being water based, the foundation has a high level of concealment, so one layer is enough.

  4. Under the eyes, apply Naked Skin Concealer in Light Neutral to lighten the area and hide dark circles. Blend it near the nasolabial folds: this will give the face freshness.

  5. Apply Eyeshadow Primer Potion on the eyelids: it will increase the durability of the shadows, keeping the eye makeup in its original form until the end of the day. Fill in between lashes and lash lines with Glide-On 24/7 in Perversion and blend the edges. Repeat these steps on the lower eyelids. The pencil has increased durability and is quickly fixed, so try to blend it as soon as possible.

  6. Apply Boundaries Bronze Eyeshadow from Naked Reloaded Palette to movable eyelids and blend to the outer corners of the eyes. Blend the borders with the Blur shade and spread it over the motionless eyelids to the eyebrows.

  7. Darken the outer corners of the eyelids with Distilled.

  8. Spray the brush with All Nighter fixing spray and apply Burn shade to the center of the upper lids with a wet method. Paint over the mucous membranes of the upper eyelids with a black pencil to visually make the eyes larger. Line the lower mucosa with Glide-On 24/7 Brown Pencil in Hustle. Apply Perversion mascara to your lashes in multiple layers.

  9. Apply Naked Illuminated Highlighter on the cheekbones, back and tip of the nose, under the eyebrows, and closer to the inner corners of the eyes. On the "apples" of the cheeks - a blush from the Naked Flushed palette.

  10. Moisturize lips with Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil with Coconut Oil. Line lips with Glide-On 24/7 in Rush and apply Vice in Liar. You can read the full dossier on this lipstick here.

  11. Sprinkle finished makeup with All Nighter fixing spray: this will extend the durability up to 16 hours. Read more about All Nighter here.

Naked Reloaded Day Makeup

You can also use any of the shades presented in the palette for natural everyday makeup, but testing has shown that the following four are most often used: Bribe - matte ivory shade, Barely Baked - soft golden metallic, Boundaries - warm terracotta and Blur - matte light beige. They are presented in cells of a larger size, so you can use this palette in full longer.

  1. Daytime eye makeup also start with the application of the Eyeshadow Primer Potion base: it will not allow the shadows to crumble. In the creases of the moving eyelids, put the shade of Retro and blend towards the eyebrows.

  2. From the inner corners of the eyes to the middle of the eyelids, apply Barely Baked shade and use the Blur shade to blend the borders.

  3. Apply Boundaries shade over the entire surface of the mobile eyelids and on the outer third of the contour of the lower ones. Line the mucous membranes of the upper and lower eyelids with a Glide-On 24/7 pencil in Mushroom.

  4. To correct tone, use Naked Skin cream, blush from the Naked Flushed palette and Naked Illuminated highlighter.

  5. Finish lips with Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil and Hi-Fi Shine in Naked.

Another daytime make-up option is in this video.

What do you think of the new Naked Reloaded palette? Would you like to include it in your beauty collection? Leave your comment.