Create a radiant look with NYX Professional Makeup! The photo instruction will also be useful for those who are not going to Coachella: the season of summer music festivals is just around the corner

Every year, Coachella kicks off all the fun by kicking off the outdoor concert season. And at this time, California is hotter than usual: in April, over two festival weekends, more than a hundred performers from all over the world will perform in front of the audience. And if you are among those lucky ones who managed to buy a ticket (usually they are taken apart in a matter of minutes), then we, firstly, are very jealous of you.And secondly, we are in a hurry to share a spectacular make-up look created especially for the festival.

Coachella Makeup Step by Step Photo Tutorial

NYX Professional Makeup is the official (and only beauty!) Partner of Coachella this year.

Specially for the festival, the brand has updated the Glitter Goals collection of glitter makeup products for face and body.


We hurried to try out the new items together with stylist and blogger Nastya Johnson.

  1. Before you add bright shining accents, prepare a solid base. Apply Can't Stop Won't Stop Makeup Primer and spread Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation: in the hot festival sun, these long-lasting mattifying products will literally save your face! Conceal imperfections with the Concealer Wand, which is suitable for both spot correction and work in larger areas (for example, under the eyes).Sculpt lightly: We used the Highlight & Contour Pro Contouring Palette to not only contour the face, but also to create the effect of a slightly tanned skin. Set makeup with light Mineral Finishing Powder . Define your brows with Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade and set with Control Freak Eye Brow Gel to keep them in shape all day long.

  2. Since the eye makeup will be very bright and expressive, be sure to use the HD Eye Shadow Base: this way you will be sure that the make-up will withstand the most incendiary dances. Use the Crease 17 fluffy brush to define the crease of the eyelid with matte dark brown shadows (this shade can be found in the Highlight & Contour Pro palette). Under the brow, apply the lightest shade from the Born To Glow Highlighting Palette .

  3. Gel black eyeliner, paint over the inter-eyelash contour. Draw an arrow with it, and then gently blend the contours. Fix the gel eyeliner on top.

  4. Use a matte dark brown eyeshadow from the Ultimate Warm Neutrals palette to darken the outer corners of your eyes. With them, “pull out” the brown arrow towards the temples, creating a cat's eye. Hide the borders of the transitions between the crease of the eyelid and the main color.

  5. Duplicate the actions from the previous step with peach shadows - mark the border of the shading by drawing the crease of the eyelid with them. This will make your makeup look warmer.

  6. Dark brown shadows also blend along the lower eyelid, focusing on the outer corners of the eyes. This technique will add depth to the look.

  7. Use the red shadows from the Ultimate Brights palette to blend the border of dark brown shadows on the lower eyelid. With Jumbo champagne pencil (shade Cashmere 630), underline the lower eyelid and apply it to the mucous membrane - to enlarge the eyes. If you don't have a pencil handy, you can use cream eyeshadows of the same shade as an alternative. But keep in mind that in this case, the makeup will not be so resistant.

  8. Glitter Primer Apply Glitter Primer with your finger on the moving eyelid. With a bronze shade from the palette of cream pigments Glitter Goals (shade "Galaxy" ), walk along the entire upper eyelid. By the way, if the shading at the previous stages turned out to be not too neat, it doesn’t matter: the glitter will just hide all the flaws.

  9. Gold glitter from the same palette mark the inner corners of the eyes to “open” the look.

  10. Eyelashes (both upper and lower) apply Worth The Hype mascara. Fill lips with Lip Lingerie matte in Seduction 17.

The festival look can be left as it is, but for the most daring, we suggest adding one more interesting detail: draw delicate strokes on the skin with Zodiac Queen gold liquid eyeliner from the Glitter Goals collection: on the lower eyelids and chin.

Complete the look with a shimmery lipstick in Bloodstone from the same line.

If you have an open outfit, apply Glitter Brillants Gold 05 on the neckline.

Makeup artist: Gilfanova Dilyara

Do you want to repeat this makeup exactly and be among the first to try new items from the Glitter Goals collection? Then take part in a free test drive.

5 makeup ideas for Coachella

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What should be makeup for a music festival? Leave your options in the comments!