In a new YouTube show, celebrities and makeup artists bring key beauty trends to life. And you decide whether to take note of them or forget them like a bad dream. The first episodes are being prepared by the participants of the Makeup show - let's see what happened!

Today, the second season of the TV hit Makeupers starts on the Pyatnitsa TV channel. The first make-up reality show in Russia, created in collaboration with L’Oréal Paris, attracted millions of viewers to the screens already at the start. But this time the fight will be more motivated: the winner will be the National Makeup Artist of L'Oréal Paris!

The Trend Drive project starts simultaneously with the Makeupers and provides an opportunity to get to know the reality show participants better.

Hosted by Regina Todorenko and Katya Bobkova

In the first issue, beauty battle participant Danila Shevchuk shows how to create a trendy look with colored eyebrows. And the well-known blogger Ida Galich checks the trend for strength in “combat” conditions. Presenters of the issue - Regina Todorenko and the winner of the first season of "Makeup" , makeup artist Katya Bobkova.

How to repeat the image exactly, what can be added to it and what kind of reaction should be expected from others - you will learn from the first issue of the Trend Drive project. Read the details in the exclusive interviews with Danila Shevchuk and Ida Galich for

Danila Shevchuk, semi-finalist of the second season of the Makeup Show

  1. How did you come up with the idea for the purple brow look?

    Makeup contestants were asked to create an image of a unicorn as part of the competition, and I immediately thought about colored eyebrows decorated in one of the shades of the rainbow.

  2. You created the make-up with Color Queen eyeshadows. What alternative means can be used?

    The new Rouge Signature tint in purple 104 or fuchsia 106 is perfect for the same purpose.

    Rouge Signature 104 (I Rebel)

    Rouge Signature Shade 106 (I Proclaim)

    From improvised products, you can use a pink pencil or blush - but it is important that the product has a stable formula.

  3. Three main, in your opinion, trends this spring?

    A slight glow of the skin and a bright accent on the lips remain relevant. Be sure to try to make careless arrows - very wide, with jagged edges, feathered. This is a very stylish look that is easy to repeat on your own.

  4. And what trends should we forget about, on the contrary?

    Strong facial correction is no longer in trend. Excessive shine also fades into the background: it is certainly beautiful when the skin is slightly shiny, but it should not seem oily due to the abundance of highlighter.

  5. Unobvious beauty mistake to avoid?

    To visually “open up” the look, they often emphasize the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid with a white pencil. I do not advise doing this: the whites of the eyes in this case begin to appear yellowish. Prefer peach or nude pencil.

  6. Beauty tip everyone can use?

    If you don't have a special primer on hand, use cream lipstick instead of an eyeshadow base: this will improve the "adhesion" of the shadows to the skin and ensure the color is vibrant. Apply lipstick with a brush in a very thin layer, and then with patting movements spread over the shadow and gently blend so that there are no gaps.

  7. Which L'Oréal Paris products are on your favorite list?

    All-purpose concealer in an Alliance Perfect stick, Unlimited mascara, which paints the eyelashes very delicately, and Paradise colored mascaras. Apply colored mascara over black mascara before it dries on your lashes. An unusual shade will be noticeable only at a certain angle, so this mascara can be used even in a casual look.

Ida Galich, blogger

  1. How do you like the look with colored eyebrows?

    It turned out that colored eyebrows really suit me! I'm thinking of making this technique my beauty trick.

  2. What other unusual beauty trends would you like to try?

    I'm ready for anything! Today, in principle, there is little to surprise, we are used to everything. But for example, “smeared” arrows are a great trend, I would try them on.

  3. What does your base makeup look like?

    If possible, I try not to make up at all. In ordinary life, my maximum is tone, sculptor, eyebrow lipstick and lip balm.

  4. What do you do if you need to get ready in three minutes?

    I always have a foundation brush and sponge with me so that I can quickly apply foundation. I will definitely do a light eyebrow makeup. Eyebrows decide! Lightly tinted them with a pencil or lipstick (my favorite is Brow Paradise), and the face immediately looks more well-groomed.

Did you like the first episode of Trend Drive? Would you dare to appear in a fitness room with purple eyebrows? Share your opinion in the comments!