It is not necessary to choose between a beautiful and a quick make-up. Sometimes a couple of strokes are enough to get a spectacular look

Don't put an equal sign between make-up done in haste and poor-quality make-up. With the help of proven techniques, you can emphasize your dignity and gain a well-groomed look in a couple of minutes.

For a casual look

  1. Fresh effect

    For a quick, fresh look, even out the tone with a BB cream, then apply a light tint like Shu Uemura's Tint In Gelato to lips and cheeks.


    Then tint and comb your brows at the same time with colored gel or special mascara (Maylline New York's Brow Drama is fine).

    Everything about everything will take no more than a couple of minutes, and the image will be complete.

  2. Expressive look

    Make a quick eye makeup with cream shadows. Choose a dark shade that matches your eye color: brown, navy, plum, or emerald. And "drive" it with your fingertips along the lash line. How to apply shadows and other means, if there are no brushes at hand, we showed in this video.

    Get a light haze effect that will accentuate the eyes.

    Apply mascara.

    And then even out the tone with a regular foundation or BB cream and brown the “apples” of the cheeks.

For office

  1. Outline Emphasis

    Even for those who have some experience in makeup, perfectly even arrows will require both time and patience, which is just not enough in a hurry. Therefore, you can highlight the contour differently - with a soft pencil-kajal.

    It can also be quickly shaded along the lash line from the outside, and then apply mascara. It remains to even out the tone with BB cream and add a little blush to the cheekbones. The image is ready!

  2. Lip color

    About a bright red or burgundy lipstick, going to the office, few people think. You can limit yourself to a translucent coating, which is easy to create with a tint.

    Choose a suitable blush for it or blend the tint itself in a small amount on the "apples" of the cheeks - after working on the tone (again, BB-cream will quickly cope with it).

For a date

  1. Soft arrows

    It is believed that on a date you need to do a special make-up to impress your counterpart. In fact, a better solution is to make a make-up that you are sure of.

    These can be, for example, soft arrows, which are very easy to draw: line the upper eyelids with a soft pencil, and “stretch” the color at the outer corners with a beveled brush to get a pointed corner.

    Tint your eyelashes.

    And don't forget about basic tone work and correction on the cheekbones.

  2. Pink

    Creating a gentle make-up for a romantic meeting is very simple, and you only need a couple of funds for this.After leveling the tone, apply pinkish blush on the cheekbones and with their help “deepen” the look - for this you need to shade a little pigment in the folds of the eyelid. If desired, you can bring the mucosa with a kajal.

    On the lips, spread the tinted lipstick-balm with a light translucent layer.


  1. Glitter

    On top of the eye primer, before it's completely absorbed, spread loose glitter as if creating smoky eyes.

    Spray the result with fixative spray. Remove loose glitter from the skin under the eyes and spread foundation over the face. Highlight the cheekbones with blush or sculptor, blend for a natural effect.

  2. Color on eyelashes

    Make colored mascara the basis of your makeup - it can be quickly applied to the tips of the eyelashes and get a bright accent on the eyes.

    You can complement it with the glow of a highlighter on the cheekbones. Apply the product after evening out the tone.

What tricks help you get your makeup done faster? Write a comment.