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We continue the series of tests for those who carefully read our articles: the correct answers to the questions are in our materials published over the past month. Let's get started!

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Which make-up trend is one of the most important this year?

  • Orange lipstick accent
  • Bright blue shadows
  • Impressionist eye makeup
  • Glitter on cheekbones

Who is best suited for terracotta blush?

  • To blue-eyed blondes with porcelain skin
  • Brunettes with olive skin
  • Redhead girls
  • Ash hair girls

What's special about Maybelline's new Snapscara mascara?

  • Available in eight vibrant shades
  • Contains lash boosters
  • Equipped with a special curved brush
  • Does not contain wax

What lipstick can I use instead of eyeshadow?

  • Water based
  • Lip Balm
  • Cream with translucent texture
  • Matte
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What is contrast makeup?

  • Bright lips plus neutral eye makeup
  • Combination of warm and cold tones in one look
  • Makeup using shades located opposite each other in the color wheel
  • Makeup using shades from one range
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Why are silver particles added to cosmetics?

  • Silver soothes the skin, reducing inflammation and redness
  • Silver makes cosmetics last longer
  • Silver makes the pigment more intense
  • Silver is responsible for the matte effect
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Which of these actions will NOT make your lip makeup last longer?

  • Powder lips
  • Apply two coats of lipstick
  • Use balm or oil as base
  • Fix lipstick with matching blush