Exemplary make-up with smooth black arrows and burgundy lipstick, applied perfectly along the contour, can do a disservice by adding you 5-10 years. Let's talk about accents to avoid

We never tire of repeating that makeup should be done taking into account the general color type, face shape, skin tone, eye and hair color. But even if all these factors are taken into account, there is a risk of not getting the desired result. This risk is seriously increased by beauty techniques that make people visually older - in other words, they age.They will be discussed in this article. Forewarned is forearmed.


  1. Contouring

    Don't be scared, this is not about technique in general, but only about aggressive facial contouring with very noticeable darkening of the cheekbones. It looks unnatural and deprives the image of freshness, and without this it will not work to look young. In addition, visible traces of sculpting powder make makeup heavier. Even diagonal shading, designed to create a lifting effect, in this case gives the opposite result.

  2. Dark blush

    Nothing good bode too dark shade of blush, if you have fair skin and blond hair. A plum shade (if it is not shaded close to transparent) will definitely add age to blondes with “porcelain” skin.

    Therefore, you should be careful with the fashionable draping technique, in which sculpting is done with blush in two shades: darker and lighter.

  3. Tight concealer

    Tonal products, without which many people cannot imagine everyday makeup, can also age. This happens if you apply them too thick. By the way, this also applies to concealer.

    If you go too far with concealer, you can get light spots under the eyes. And excessive application of foundation threatens with the effect of a mask. Both that, and another does not add to a make-up of ease and does it more "age" .


  1. Dark smoky eyes

    Even in evening looks, you can hardly find smokey ones, which are made only with black shadows, shaded all over the eyelid. It is difficult to argue with the obvious: such makeup seriously ages, as the eyes visually fail.

    In addition, dark haze often causes the "panda effect" - if the shadows crumble on the skin under the eyes.

  2. Thick arrows

    Initially, the task of the shooters is to optically stretch the shape of the eyes, bringing it closer to the “reference” almond-shaped, which is considered the most attractive. Neat thin arrows look advantageous, creating the effect of a flirtatious squint.

    But thick arrows can let you down and give the impression of "heavy" eyelids.

  3. Focus on the lower eyelid

    Here a lot depends on the shape of the eyes. The fact is that such a make-up draws attention to the outer corners. If they already “look down”, then the look will become emphatically sad.

    In make-up, which is designed to refresh, all the strokes are directed upwards, thereby providing a visual lifting effect.

  4. Clean eyebrows

    Age is added, as a rule, by sharp, clear lines in makeup. Therefore, when performing color correction of the eyebrows, it is best to abandon the underlined contour, otherwise the look will be heavy and emphasized strict.

    If you use the hatching technique without pressing the brush or pencil, this problem will not arise.

    The most natural result is the use of a pencil. How to work with it, you will learn from this video.


  1. Outline

    There are several tricks in working with the contour that make you visually older. Firstly, this is too much darkening of the contour in the manner of the 90s. One glance at the photographs of those times is enough to make sure: makeup, in which the lip pencil is darker than lipstick, adds ten years.

    Secondly, the expansion of the contour of the lips, which is used to create the impression of volume. This technique is good for a photo shoot and can be deceiving when viewed from afar, but up close the effect is likely to be unnatural, and therefore leave an unfavorable impression. If you want your lips to look fuller, you should act very carefully. Useful tips you will find in this video.

  2. Dark color

    It's not the burgundy or plum lipstick that makes you age, but the inept handling of it. For example, many mistakenly combine burgundy lipstick with a very light matte foundation and do not “support” this lip makeup with harmonizing blush.

    In this case, the contrast in the makeup is too strong, and the image is gloomy. The way out of the situation is to “highlight” the skin, preventing it from looking deaf-matte. Plus, choose the right blush color so that it rhymes with a shade of lipstick.

Have you made such mistakes? What exactly? Write a comment.