Yesterday there were dances and a sea of champagne, and today you have to go to work? Take Beauty Action! We tell you which ones

Came back from the party after midnight, didn't get enough sleep, my head hurts from drinking the night before, but is it time to go to work? This situation is familiar to many. In order not to suffer from a headache and not to scare colleagues with your appearance, it makes sense to master a few beauty tricks that will save face. No one will guess anything!

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Ideally, you should think about the dynamics of well-being even before the party. Or at least as soon as you get home. Below are clear recommendations for saving your reputation.

When we came home after the party

Nothing complicated is required of you, the main thing is not to forget to follow simple steps.

  • Many people think the first step is to drink as much water as possible to prevent a hangover.

    In fact, a large amount of fluid is stress for the body: swelling cannot be avoided in the morning. If you are very thirsty, limit yourself to a glass of still water.

  • But what exactly you need to do before going to bed is to clean your face and put on a sleep mask. After libations, it is difficult for the body to fall into a deep sleep, which is able to restore strength.

    The mask will help you fall asleep faster (especially if you came home when it's already light outside), and will also prevent you from waking up early.

The morning after the party

So what to do to recover in less than an hour.

  • In the morning after the party, water will definitely come in handy: and the more you drink it in the morning, the faster you will return to normal. At least two glasses of water per hour will help the body restore hydrobalance."

  • Get in shape and the right breakfast will help. The best choice is scrambled eggs or toast with scrambled eggs. Eggs contain cysteine, which effectively fights toxins, and toasted bread will help raise blood sugar levels to the desired level. As a result, you will get the necessary boost of energy in difficult times.

    Normally, blood sugar is controlled by the liver. But if you drank too much the day before, the forces of the liver are transferred to another front: it is engaged in the breakdown of alcohol. Low sugar is one of the main reasons for feeling unwell.

  • Now you can start beauty treatments. First, wash your face with cold water to minimize bags under your eyes. If swelling is noticeable, additionally wipe the skin with ice cubes.

  • Energy anti-fatigue serums can quickly reanimate the skin. Their task is to refresh the face, give the skin a he althy look, radiance and tone.

    The formula is designed specifically for skin, whose resources are undermined by stress, poor ecology and lack of sleep. The product has a light liquid texture, and the composition has a shock dose of moisturizing and energizing ingredients. You can read about other remedies that quickly improve the appearance of the skin in this article.

  • The completion of the "revitalizing" beauty ritual will be instant patches for the skin under the eyes.

    In a couple of minutes they will eliminate swelling and visually tighten the skin in this area.

    Now start makeup. The effect of freshness will allow you to achieve peach shadows and lipstick in a natural shade. Forget about the arrows - in such a situation, they can only emphasize a tired look. But red lipstick can be used: it will divert attention from tired eyes.

More tips for those who want to quickly recover after a stormy party can be found in this article.

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