Behind the beauty of Instagram heroines are, of course, not only filters. A lot determines the choice of cosmetics: among the recommendations, the leading products are those that do not show imperfections even under the gun of a camera

Now you can argue about who sets beauty trends: make-up artists from fashion weeks or bloggers with a million audience. Many beauty influencers are popular precisely because they create makeup that is applicable to life - unlike many runway options.

In addition, they immediately share instructions that allow you to repeat their image yourself. And do not forget to list the funds that helped them realize the idea. As a result, today every Insta-girl has a set of tools that have been tested in a variety of situations and have proven their reliability.

  1. Blur primer

    There is nothing surprising in the fact that cosmetics with the effect of Photoshop are in such demand: they allow you to easily hide imperfections or divert attention from them.

    For example, primers (they include Master Prime from Maybelline New York smooth out uneven skin texture as if it is out of focus: small defects are simply visually blurred.

    Products are designed to fill enlarged pores, soften and smooth the skin. The foundation lays much better over such a coating.

    We talked about three ways to apply a primer in this video.

  2. Matifying foundation

    Despite the fact that one of the hottest trends is a moist glow of the skin, matte tones hold the palm on Instagram.

    The fact is that in photographs and videos, coatings with a reflective effect create the illusion of a greasy sheen. Therefore, beauty bloggers prefer highlighters that are applied locally - for example, on the cheekbones.

    Effect of skin with an even tone, without a single redness, is achieved with the help of creams like Infaillible "Fresh tone 24h" from L'Oréal Paris - in addition to its matte texture, it is also distinguished by daily durability.

  3. Contouring kit

    Contouring is the favorite make-up technique of girls who are active on Instagram. Facial features become sculptural through the play of light and shadow. Contouring allows you to visually narrow the face, make the nose more elegant, lift and “sharpen” the cheekbones.

    The result of the contouring looks very attractive in the photo. Therefore, makeup, which is captured on many Insta-shots, is not complete without palettes like Lancôme's Matte Contouring Palette, which include shades to darken areas under the cheekbones and to create "volumetric" accents in areas where light naturally falls.

  4. Highlighter

    A definite hit on Instagram - contouring done with highlighters. This technique is also called strobing. The catchy glow of shimmering particles on the cheekbones has already escaped the online space: many girls add this detail to their makeup and in offline life.

    And often they choose unusual shades of highlighters for this, which are now produced even in palettes. There is, for example, Love You So Mochi from NYX Professional Makeup, which will allow you to experiment with shades.

  5. HD powder

    It's not just make-up artists who can't imagine themselves without finely ground translucent powder. This is the best tool for fixing makeup - it is applied last as a "finish" coating.

    The result can again be compared to a Photoshop effect. Take a look at Shu Uemura's Stage Performer Invisible Powder.

  6. Black liner

    Most beauty bloggers can boast that they are able to draw perfectly even graphic arrows with a sharp “tail” without any auxiliary tools. What they show on the video is the result of long training; you won't learn how to draw arrows in another way.

    True, the eyeliner should be good - with a texture that avoids blots, and with a convenient applicator. Check out the Eyes To Kill Liner by Giorgio Armani in felt-tip pen format.

  7. Eyebrow gel

    Admiration for wide sable eyebrows a la Cara Delevingne, it seems, will not soon let go of make-up lovers in Insta-style. But recently, blogs have begun to strive for naturalness - eyebrows are no longer emphasized with dark colors, but simply combed so that they seem more fluffy, and fix the new shape with a gel.

    The general trend does not exclude bold experiments, and bright shades are used here - such as in the collection of colored mascaras Double Team from Urban Decay.

  8. Matte lipstick

    In lip makeup, the permanent (so far) favorite of Insta-girls is liquid matte lipstick.

    The result on the lips looks as bright as in the package. The coating is velvety and has a record durability.

    Lipsticks like NYX Professional Makeup's Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick literally freeze on the lips.

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