You can buy the most effective cosmetics, carefully care for your skin - and all to no avail. The most common culprits are habits that you have so far considered harmless

Even seemingly harmless habits can lead to inflammation or premature signs of aging. Which ones are especially dangerous?

  1. Using makeup for years

    Time flies fast, so it's easy to miss that a year has passed since you bought the foundation.It is important to regularly audit your cosmetic bag and check if the products you use have expired (if it is not indicated on the package, you can determine it in other ways).

    The texture of many products favors the growth of bacteria. This primarily applies to fluids, creams, gels and other products that contain water.

    Dry powder products are not subject to this risk - their shelf life is usually much longer. It is necessary to part with expired cosmetics without regrets in order to avoid skin problems.

  2. Wash your brushes every few months

    Hygiene is key. Together with the particles of cosmetics, sebum accumulates on the brushes and sponges. And if you also store them in "random" places, dust and other household contaminants are added to this mix. Transferring all this to the skin is a crime against beauty and he alth.

    Dirty brushes can cause irritation, redness, inflammation. To avoid all this, wash your brushes regularly and do not forget to spray them with a special disinfectant solution. Useful tips you will find in this video.

  3. Playing sports with full face makeup

    Of course, girls in the gym also want to look beautiful and well-groomed. No one argues - you can tint your eyes with waterproof eyeliner and mascara, apply gloss or tint on your lips.

    But it’s better to clean the skin before class so that sweat, sebum, dust and other impurities, mixing, do not create a “fertile soil” for bacteria to multiply. After training, the skin needs to be cleaned again.

  4. Wash with micellar water

    Many girls think that it is enough to wash off makeup with a cotton pad moistened with micellar water.

    Not really. Firstly, you should additionally wash your face after using the "micellar" .

    Secondly, it would be nice to wash it off not just with water, but also with a foam or gel. Yes, micellar water effectively removes makeup residues, but in fact, its composition is based on the same surfactants, only in a different form. Therefore, after applying micellar water, it is recommended to additionally wash your face.

  5. Injure the skin

    A rare case when a jumped pimple is squeezed out with thoroughly washed hands. Wounds are susceptible to infection, which can lead to its further spread. Be aware that such intemperance can have long-term unpleasant consequences.

    Add that the microtraumas that you consistently apply to the skin can lead to accelerated “wear and tear” of tissues, which means that age-related changes will appear ahead of time.Special mention is made of “operations” with black dots: by applying pressure on the skin, you expand the pores - and you get an additional problem, the solution of which will require serious salon procedures like laser resurfacing.

  6. Change pillowcases rarely

    Think about how much time your skin spends in contact with linens. It is important to understand that sebum production does not stop at night, but, on the contrary, is activated (because at this time the skin is actively getting rid of toxins, including bringing them to the surface).

    Therefore, pillowcases are recommended to be changed at least once every four days, and ideally more often.

  7. Sleep on your side

    Another "bed" nuance. We all sleep differently, and for many, lying on our side is most comfortable. In this position, creases and folds inevitably appear on the supporting side of the face, which are not smoothed out until we roll over.

    And this may not happen for hours. In order not to contribute to the early appearance of wrinkles on the face and neck, try to accustom yourself to sleep on your back. The pillow should be low enough.

  8. Sit on the phone without looking up

    One of the most notable recent beauty trends is cosmetics to protect against gadgets: it is believed that HEV rays (or “blue light”) harm the skin and cause premature aging. This question continues to be studied. In the meantime, it can only be explained that the constant tilt of the head to a smartphone or laptop causes premature wrinkling of the neck.

    The habit of working reclining also does not contribute to the youthfulness of the skin of the neck.

    Many people have heard the concept of tech neck, which means the same "rings of Venus" , that is, transverse folds on the neck.

  9. Get on carbs

    A threat to beauty is any simple (fast) carbohydrates. We are most often talking about sugar in any form, carbonated drinks, pastries, sweet fruits. The fact is that simple carbohydrates “start” the process of glycation in the body, gluing collagen fibers, which is necessary for skin elasticity and youth.

    This adversely affects not only the quality of the skin, but also the he alth of the body as a whole. Therefore, for everyone who wants to maintain beauty and youth for a long time, it is important to monitor nutrition.

    We also talked about some other makeup mistakes in this video.

Which of these habits do/did you have? Tell in the comments.