How to improve the quality of the skin so as to give up makeup? Competent care and beauty tricks will help, which we will now talk about

Foundation, on the one hand, serves as the basis of any makeup. On the other hand, even after proper application, it can sometimes be seen. In this case, "no-makeup makeup" loses the natural effect it aims for. Who doesn't dream of having perfect skin without make-up and without the need for a foundation? Making dreams come true will require systematic attention to skin he alth and knowledge of some makeup techniques.

Is it possible to achieve perfect skin without foundation?

The condition of our skin largely depends on how well we take care of it. It all starts with care, which needs to be given time in the morning and evening. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing - three basic steps that serve as a guarantee of beauty and youthful skin.

Cleanse your skin in the morning and in the evening, preventing impurities from accumulating and mixing with sebum, causing irritation, redness and inflammation.

Cleansing also includes regular (1-2 times a week depending on skin type) exfoliation of dead cells that prevent the active components of caring cosmetics from achieving their goals and performing their tasks. It is useful to supplement the use of masks, serums, creams with salon procedures, such as facial massage, which helps to keep the skin in good shape, maintain elasticity and firmness.

Nutrition also plays an important role. Firstly, you should observe the drinking regimen, because the skin also receives moisture from the “inside”. Secondly, you need to monitor the diet and include foods rich in vitamins and minerals. But fast carbohydrates and sugar are best avoided - according to many researchers, they provoke inflammatory processes.

How to do makeup without foundation and concealer: step by step instructions

Sequentially follow the steps of the instructions - and you will see the effect.

  1. Care

    Start by thoroughly cleansing your skin with a gel or foam. After this, you can do a light peeling. After that, treat the skin with a tonic: it will complete the cleansing procedure, restore the pH of the skin and prepare the face for subsequent care. Apply serum and cream in succession to moisturize the skin and even out its microrelief.

  2. Base

    In order not to turn to the help of foundation, choose a primer that suits your skin type. If enlarged pores are your biggest concern, NYX Professional Makeup's Pore Filler might be the one for you.

    Most primers do not contain color pigments, which are found in concealers and tone correction creams. When absorbed, the primers do not reveal themselves in any way. An invisible layer remains on the skin. We showed three ways to apply a primer in this video.

  3. Correction

    If you refuse to use tonal products, then, in addition to regular and thoughtful care, you will have to select cosmetics that fit well directly on the skin, and not on the tonal coating. In this sense, creamy textures are preferable.

    If we talk about blush, then CheekHeat Blush from Maybelline New York will do.

    Cushion blush will be no less effective (the skin perceives the light texture of the fluid well), as well as gel blush.

  4. Eyes and lips

    There is no need to look for new ways here. You can make up your eyes in the usual way (apply shadows, draw arrows) and cover your lips with lipstick or gloss.

    But if you set out to achieve the effect of complete naturalness, then you can refuse not only the tone, but also other make-up tools; the only thing you can do is tint your eyebrows and eyelashes.

  5. Top layer

    After multi-layered care, you can apply a transparent fixing powder on your face - it will give the skin a velvety matte finish.

Makeup artist hacks

Here are a couple more life hacks.

  • If you have oily skin, then during the day blot it from time to time with matting wipes. They will get rid of oily sheen and refresh the complexion.

  • Another way to give your face a fresh look is to sprinkle your skin with thermal water. This method is also good for dry skin with one caveat: after a few seconds after spraying, lightly blot the skin with tissues (a paradox, but this is how you keep the skin moisturized).

Overview of alternative tinting make-up tools

Don't know which means will not fail? Feel free to try these.

  • Face Studio Fix, Maybelline New York

    This invisible setting powder perfectly hides imperfections and mattifies the skin. Apply with a brush or sponge. Since the powder is translucent, it is suitable for all skin tones. By the way, in this way you can correct makeup (including foundation) during the day, neutralizing oily sheen. Or use it as a fixative.

  • Skin Feels Good, Lancôme

    It differs from other tone correction products in caring properties. Due to the very light toning, the effect of "second skin" is achieved. The foundation moisturizes (hyaluronic acid and glycerin are responsible for this) and provides antioxidant protection (by the power of moringa extract). Active substances have good penetrating power, which means they continue to work even after you wash off the product. That is why the general condition of the skin improves over time.

Do you use foundation when creating makeup? Write about it in the comments.