How do you know if an unusual, bold color is right for your hair? Try a bright color at the ends first. It is possible that this accent will seem optimal to you

Bright colors in hair coloring have long been a trend. And if, thinking about such a transformation, you are still weighing all the pros and cons, cast aside doubts - after all, paint can only be applied to the tips, and even on your own. Only in this way will you understand whether to be further experiments or not.

Ways to dye the ends of your hair in bright colors

The choice is not limited to permanent coloring. This option is suitable for those who are confident in their decision to make their hair much brighter than usual. Or those who are willing to take risks, even if they are not sure that they will like the result.

The rest can be inspired by the opportunity to dye their hair for a day or two or a week. To do this, you can use different means.

  1. Hair crayons

    Outwardly, this tool will remind you of shadows. And little will differ from them: the same colored powder. If you attach a strand to the crayons and, holding it pressed, stretch the case along the length of the hair to the ends, then the strand will become colored. The result, alas, will not be persistent - during the day, the powder tends to crumble, staining clothes. But this can be avoided if you fix the result with a fixing spray.

  2. Colored ink

    Usually it is used in eye or eyebrow makeup. Inventive girls also apply it to their hair if they lack color in their image. It is important to wait until the mascara dries, then comb the strand so that no sticky hairs remain.

  3. Coloring spray

    The sprayer does a great job with express coloring. It is only necessary to sprinkle the strands or ends of the hair in the area where you want to create a contrasting accent. Such as the Colorista Spray from L'Oréal Paris, it will not be difficult to wash it off without a trace with a regular shampoo. And you will find a test drive of this tool in this material.

  4. Coloring jelly

    This remedy is chosen by those who want to eliminate the risk of a sloppy result (and therefore they are afraid of sprays). Accurate color application is the main advantage of working with jelly.After dyeing, the strands and ends of the hair should be dried with a hairdryer - and the shade will remain with you until the first shampoo.

    All about how to apply the product in jelly format, you will find in this video.

  5. Color Balm

    Colorista Washout from L'Oréal Paris is what you need if you are ready to dye the ends of your hair not for one day, but for a couple of weeks. With a balm, coloring will turn into a full-fledged home procedure: according to the instructions, you need to keep the dye on your hair for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how bright the result you want to get. The original color will return after you wash your hair with shampoo 2-3 times.

Very bright hair color options: ideas and photos

When deciding to even temporarily color the ends, you can already keep in mind the styling and hairstyles that you can do after your transformation.

  1. Styling with waves and straight ends

    This is one of the best ways to focus on colored tips. The desired effect provides a contrast between curls in the middle of the length and straightened hair at the ends.

  2. Straightened hair

    On perfectly smooth and straight hair (after using the flat iron), the dyed ends will also look expressive. Especially if you dyed them without a clear boundary for applying pigment, when the contrasting color on different strands starts at different levels.

  3. Tail

    No matter how you put your hair up, high or low, colored ends will attract attention. To make sure they are visible to others, make an asymmetrical low ponytail so that it can be thrown over the shoulder and presented to the public.

  4. High bun

    When twisting your hair into a bun, make sure that the colored tips are in the top layer of the hairstyle - do not hide them under the elastic band.

How to dye the ends of your hair: step by step instructions

The plan of action largely depends on which remedy you choose. For successful staining, follow the instructions on the package.

  1. Preparation

    Hair should be washed and dried before dyeing. Otherwise (if the strands are already greasy), the paint will most likely not give the expected result.

    Take a towel and cover your shoulders with it so that you don't stain your clothes or skin during the procedure.

  2. Applying paint

    Divide your hair into small strands and work through each section so that there are no "white spots" on the ends.

  3. Styling

    You won't have to dry your hair after the spray, but after jelly and balm it will be necessary. Next, you can start creating styling that will advantageously emphasize the new color at the tips.

Available colors for dyeing hair ends

What shades can I choose?

  1. Blue

    The baby blue tint is best seen on blonde hair.

    The trend is a gray-blue shade with cold ash pigments that create a gray hair effect. Also blue denim.

    This is in the Colorista Washout line.

    If you chose a blue shade, then we shared styling ideas with strands of this color here.

  2. Pink

    Milky pastel in pink colors suits blondes very well. The result is a subtle ombre effect.

    Bright fuchsia should be chosen by brunettes. On dark hair, the contrast will not be too sharp.

  3. Red

    This is not about the burgundy-red hue that was in vogue in the 90s. We are talking about "pure" red, which will make the image fiery.

  4. Purple

    Trend hunters like more violet, except perhaps lavender. Despite the softness, the image he changes dramatically. This color is definitely worth trying on - at least for one day.

  5. Green

    There are many different variants of this color - from emerald green to delicate turquoise. As part of a one-time coloring, both blondes and brunettes can experiment with them.

Lifehacks for dyeing the ends of your hair in a bright color

  • No sharp color borders

    To make the result really expressive and look stylish, you don't need to color the tips so that the color border is even and, as it were, divides the hair visually into two parts. Thoughtful “carelessness” is important here: on one strand, apply the dye a little higher, on the other - a little lower.

  • Ombre effect

    You can do otherwise by "stretching" the color along the length of the hair so that it seems as if it gradually merges into your own, merging with it.

  • More flowers

    Nowhere does it say that the tips should be painted in only one shade. There is no such restriction and cannot be. So you can choose several colors at once and alternate them on the strands to get a brighter and more spectacular result.

Review of products for bright coloring of the ends of hair

Which means won't let you down? Feel free to try one of these.

  • Colorista Washout by L'Oréal Paris

    This is a coloring balm for those who are not afraid to spend a week or even two with a new color on their hair. The product is kept on the strands and tips for up to half an hour, so that the shade grabs, then rinse with water.Next, the hair is dried. You will need to use shampoo twice or thrice (blonds, perhaps more) to “become yourself” again - and return the original shade of hair. By the way, a special Colorista Fader shampoo will help speed up the process.

  • Colorista Hair Makeup by L'Oréal Paris

    This coloring jelly is very similar to the Colorista Washout balm in the way it is applied. However, after it, the color on the hair does not last so long - it is washed off with shampoo from the first time. Suitable for girls who love precise application. After applying the jelly does not need to be washed off. But you have to dry the colored strands. After the hair is dry, it must be combed - and the new image is ready!

  • Colorista Spray by L'Oréal Paris

    Hurry up coloring agent. When there is no time to apply dye to each strand, wait the necessary 10-15 minutes, and then dry your hair, you can quickly spray your hair or just the tips with Colorista spray - and immediately go on business. The color will wash off after the first use of the shampoo.

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