Dreaming of a trip to Asia, but the vacation is not soon? Hieroglyphs on the nails will help you feel the atmosphere of the East

Hieroglyphs are quite popular elements in nail design. They are sometimes chosen even by those who are not interested in oriental culture and feng shui, but simply love geometry.

When is a manicure with hieroglyphs appropriate?

As with any manicure, it all depends on the color scheme.

If you choose neutral shades (for example, beige, coffee or white), and draw hieroglyphs with black or dark brown varnish, you will get a manicure that will be appropriate both on a date and at a business meeting.

But if you prefer a brighter color scheme, such as a burgundy or wine background, then in combination with hieroglyphs, such a manicure will resemble Japanese shoji partitions decorated with traditional painting.

This option is good for an Asian themed party.

How to draw hieroglyphs on nails: step by step photo instructions

Time to try your hand! We show in the photo and tell how to draw hieroglyphs on nails at home.

Hieroglyph "strength"

  1. For this design, you should choose colors that resemble shades of paper. White is the best option. It will be perfectly complemented by golden elements.

    We talked about how to attach the foil to a regular varnish in this video.

  2. Draw a slightly curved line from top to bottom. Please note that each character stroke has a wide base and a narrower ending.

  3. In order to achieve a difference in the thickness of the line, type a small drop on the brush. Due to this, the beginning of the line will be thicker.

  4. Draw a line perpendicular to the previous one.

  5. Draw another perpendicular line from bottom to top so that the ends of the two lines match.

  6. To make the drawing neat, it is important to keep the brush clean. With each movement, the varnish on it dries up, thickens and can begin to reach for the pile. Therefore, wipe the brush from time to time with a lint-free cloth moistened with nail polish remover.

  7. Add the finishing touch and the hieroglyph manicure is ready!

  8. Apply top coat to secure the foil and pattern.

Ethnic style design

Egyptian hieroglyphs are great for ethnic design.

  1. Gold or beige polish is a great background for such nail art. Even more interesting will look like texture varnish, which resembles golden sand.

  2. After the base coat is dry, drip some black polish onto the palette. And immediately start creating a drawing, until the drop has dried up. If necessary, put a new drop next to it - right next to it, and not on top of the old one.

  3. Spread the polish evenly over the brush, pulling it through the drop at a slight angle. There should not be a drop at the end of the brush.

  4. Uniform impregnation of the brush with varnish allows you to draw smooth, neat lines of the same width along the entire length. Holding the brush at a slight angle to the nail, draw a triangle. If you are using a sand textured polish, move the brush slowly so that the polish has time to fill in all the "pits" .

  5. Let's move on to the contour image of the eye. To make curved lines symmetrical on the right and left sides, break their drawing into two stages. First, draw a line from the left edge to the center, and then, having outlined the desired height, set the right extreme point and connect it to the center.

  6. Draw all the elements of the hieroglyph.

  7. To create smooth rounding, hold the brush not horizontally, as when drawing straight lines, but strictly vertically. This will make the brush tip more mobile.

  8. Complete the design with lines with small dots on the edges.

  9. Sand finish nail polishes don't require fixing with a top coat, the manicure is finished!

Chinese characters on nails: their meaning and photo

In order not to miscalculate the choice of a hieroglyph, you can contact a translator or a dictionary.

Among popular ideas are, for example:

  • hieroglyph "mind"

  • hieroglyph "strength"

  • hieroglyph "future"

  • hieroglyph "idea"

Hieroglyph nail design ideas for long and short nails

Which hieroglyphic nail design should I try? Here are a couple of ideas in oriental style.

  1. With sakura

    Delicate sakura petals go well with pastel shades.

    For example, choose blue or pink as the base.

    But you can also experiment with a juicy cherry.

    And decorate one or two nails with branches of cherry blossoms and laconic hieroglyphs. If you do not know how to draw with a brush yet, you can use special stickers. Be sure to check the meaning of the selected character. You don't want unpleasant surprises, do you? After all, even a very beautiful nail design can be fraught with "pitfalls" .

  2. With sparkles and rhinestones

    To make the manicure not look overloaded, you can decorate only the central parts of the flowers with sparkles or rhinestones - the design will turn out to be gentle and harmonious. Or cover one or two nails with shiny varnish and use it for hieroglyphs.

  3. Lunar

    Transparent holes are always effective. Especially if you choose a wine or red base coat. Several nails can be decorated with hieroglyphs or sakura branches - the contrast will be noticeable, but not defiant.

  4. French

    French will look good on almond-shaped nails if you take powder as your base shade.

    Decorate the free edges of four nails with black “smiles”, and the nails of the ring or middle fingers with voluminous hieroglyphs.

Egyptian hieroglyphs

Chinese characters are more like different combinations of lines of different lengths. But many Egyptian hieroglyphs are closer to ordinary drawings - they will perfectly complement the design if you want to surprise others not just with geometry, but also with original painting.

Manicure with hieroglyphs for holidays and weekdays: tips

  • Manicure for everyday life involves choosing neutral shades that will be in harmony with both an office suit and jeans. Therefore, it is better to give preference to universal colors: white, black, beige, pink, translucent shades.

  • If neutral "no support" shades seem boring to you, combine different manicure techniques (for example, French, moon, gradient or rub) with Chinese and Japanese characters. Don't be afraid to experiment in search of the best solution!

Are you ready to make nail art with hieroglyphs? Or rather, choose other design options? Share your opinion in the comments.