The confusion is no coincidence: many people use bronzer as a blush. However, this does not mean that we are talking about two products that are 100% interchangeable

Bronzer was designed to accentuate the tan, creating a slight darkening along with the effect of radiance of the skin. But this was only at the very beginning - makeup artists and just makeup lovers quickly found bronzer with a dozen more ways to use it. One of them is using bronzer instead of blush. They really have a lot in common, but it’s not for nothing that they are two different categories of funds.Let's find out what the features of each are.

Which is better: bronzer or blush?

Blush is a basic beauty tool: with its help, after evening out skin tone, refresh the complexion. The effect is achieved if the cheeks gently turn pink. You can simulate a natural blush and at the same time emphasize advantages, such as expressive cheekbones.

Bronzer, judging by the original idea, is a tool of a completely different kind. It is designed to give the skin a tan tone or to highlight the natural tan with luminous pigments.

After the widespread use of the contouring technique, bronzer began to be used as a sculpting tool to create a play of light and shadow, in particular in the cheekbones. The bronzer together with the highlighter allows you to “sharpen” the cheekbones, making them visually chiseled.We talked about how to apply the product in this video.

One way or another, both products are applied to the cheeks to visually make facial features more attractive. Only blush helps to refresh the complexion, and bronzer - to create the impression that the skin was touched by a light tan, to give a rested look and natural radiance.

Which is better for perfect facial contouring: bronzer or blush?

If you are familiar with the contouring technique, then you know that it is based on the play of light and shadow. Darkening is created, as a rule, under the zygomatic bone, by drawing a diagonal with a sculpting tool towards the corners of the lips. Bronzers do the best with the “shadow” effect. The shades of the brown palette are just what you need.

There are special matte bronzers that are great for contouring. The main thing is to learn how to use them correctly and blend them thoroughly to avoid the effect of dark spots on the skin. If everything is done correctly, the result will be chiseled cheekbones.

At the same time, some use blush to contour their faces. There is even a separate blush contouring technique - draping. Its essence lies in the fact that a darker shade of blush is applied under the cheekbones, and a little higher, on a protruding area, a lighter one. This combination allows you to create a play of light and shadow, which makes facial features more sculptural. How this technique works, we showed in this video tutorial.

However, you can get by with one shade of blush - if you apply it according to the same principle as the bronzer. The result will be softer and more natural than in the case of classic contouring.

What is the difference between bronzer and blush in terms of application?

Apart from trendy contouring, the methods of applying blush and bronzer are still different. So, it is customary to shade blush on the “apples” of the cheeks - this is what creates the effect of freshness, which is expected from the product.


Bronzer is traditionally used under the cheekbones, sometimes adding a couple of strokes to the lateral areas of the forehead, along the hairline, and also along the contour of the lower jaw. This helps the skin to take on a tan tone, and also visually narrows the face, which for some becomes an additional advantage."

What's the difference between a bronzer and a blush?

There are no fundamental differences in the form of release for blush and bronzers. Classic is a compact product with a dry texture. They are convenient to use, as shading is usually not difficult.

Cream and liquid blushes or bronzers are easier for professionals to handle; these textures are more difficult to work with.

There are also very light watery fluids. Blush-gels, blush-jelly - there are such formats too; blush and bronzers in the form of cushions are also popular. A variety of textures allows you to choose the most comfortable option for yourself.

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