Who doesn't dream of perfect skin tone? With these innovations, dreams become reality. Let's tell you how it works


The star of the Can't Stop Won't Stop collection is the foundation of the same name. It differs from its predecessors in its special resistance: it does not roll for 24 hours, while maintaining efficiency.

Another unconditional advantage of the novelty is a wide palette of 45 (!) shades.

Alyssa Ashley, a popular blogger and face of the advertising campaign, took an active part in replenishing the color scheme: “I noticed that the NYX Professional Makeup palette lacked intermediate shades, so we expanded it with undertones,” explains Alissa.

The brand's website has a convenient functionality for choosing the right product. It is enough to enter the brand, name and shade number of your usual foundation, and the system will display the desired tone from the Can't Stop Won't Stop collection.

The foundation has a matte finish and thick waterproof coverage. At the same time, despite the pronounced camouflage ability, the foundation does not clog pores and does not provoke the appearance of acne. Suitable for all skin types."

Matifying Primer

Designed to enhance the effectiveness of Can't Stop Won't Stop foundation, making it even more wearable and providing a long lasting matte finish. Apply the novelty to cleansed face skin - first in a circular motion, and then with patting to fix the coating.

Makeup done with these two products will last the hottest party.


There are 24 shades in the palette of concealers from the Can't Stop Won't Stop collection. Highly pigmented products give a dense coverage. With the help of the novelty, you can easily mask pimples and redness, as well as hide dark circles under the eyes.

For the under-eye area, choose a product a shade lighter than the skin: this area is often in the natural shadow of the superciliary arches, which makes it look darker than the face in general, so it needs to be lightened.


Like all products from the collection, the powder provides a dense and matte finish. Pleasant velvety texture is not felt at all on the skin. Due to the rich pigment in the composition, the powder can be applied to the face as an independent foundation: it covers redness well and evens out the tone.

Perfectionists who want the perfect skin look can layer it over Can't Stop Won't Stop foundation.

Read about all NYX Professional Makeup foundations here. What products do you use to create the perfect skin tone? Leave your comment.