Choosing a shade of blush is a matter of taste? Not certainly in that way. It is important that it matches your skin tone and matches your color type

When choosing a blush for fair skin, you must first of all remember that the color will be clearly visible on the cheeks, even if you choose pastel. And here careful shading is not enough. Only those shades that are in harmony with the color type of a person will look organic."

What blush colors suit fair skin?

Light skin always cold? Not at all, she can have both pinkish and yellowish undertones. And in each case, the appropriate shade of blush will be individual. But there are blushes that are not suitable for fair-skinned girls in principle - regardless of the color type.

For example, too dark - plum or tan, which on a pale face will look like just a brown spot.

In order not to miscalculate, pay attention to the following blush:

  1. Pale pink

    This shade can be called universal. It is used both on "warm" skin and on "cold" skin with a blue undertone.

    After shading, a delicate pink haze remains on the cheekbones, which looks natural, like a fresh blush after frost.

  2. Peach

    Or a slightly lighter apricot blush is recommended to be added to the makeup bag for girls whose skin has a slightly warm yellowish undertone.

  3. Reds

    Another option for everyone. And do not be afraid that red is a very bright shade.

    It is important to correctly shade the blush, leaving a light translucent layer of color on the skin; then the result will be natural. In order not to make a mistake, we advise you to watch our video tutorial on shading.

  4. Purple or lilac

    This blush can suit girls with very light, pale skin with a cold undertone. But again, you will have to pay attention to shading so that the contrast is not too strong.

Blush for brunettes with pale skin

Girls with this type of appearance are called snow white: they have very fair skin, which seems somewhat pale against the background of dark hair. In this case, you need a blush of cold shades.But! You should not create an accent in makeup with their help - lipstick and eye shadow with eyeliner will do this task better.

In everyday makeup, it is better to use soft pink blush, leaving only a hint of color on the cheeks. For looks with red or burgundy lipstick, red and purple blush are suitable, respectively.

They can be applied a little brighter than is customary in daytime makeup, but still you can’t do without thorough shading - blush should not be the brightest detail of the image. You can read more about which blush suits brunettes here.

Which blush suits blondes with fair skin?

Girls with blond hair and fair skin need an even softer blush. In brunettes, the brightness of the color on the cheekbones can still be justified by the fact that dark hair contrasts with pale skin in their image; here, blush in saturated shades like lilac will stand out too much against the general background.But sometimes, thanks to such a contrast, an interesting image can turn out. Especially if you beat the lilac shade also in the makeup of the lips and eyes.

Give preference to soft pink blush if you have pale or pinkish skin.

If she has a warm undertone, look at shades from peach and apricot tones.

Review of blush for "porcelain" skin

  • Alliance Perfect Le Blush in shade 90 Fresh Rose, L'Oréal Paris

    This is a soft pink shade with fine shimmer, which is more suitable for owners of fair skin with warm undertones. It will help emphasize the cheekbones and at the same time give the skin a slight glow. The familiar powdery texture is easy to work with, and the presence of vitamin C and other moisturizing ingredients will help to avoid dry skin.

  • Teint Idole Ultra Wear Stick in shade 308, Lancôme

    Cream blush in stick format is what girls with fair skin need, as the application is easy to control and even a weightless translucent layer can be left on the skin, which is also easy to blend. Plus, the Teint Idole Ultra Wear Stick gives skin a natural, fresh, dewy finish. Shade number 308 is suitable for girls of both warm and cold color types.

  • Master Blush Palette, Maybelline New York

    A win-win choice for girls with fair skin. Firstly, there are four shades of blush in the palette at once, which means that you can choose the right one, taking into account other make-up accents. Second, brighter shades that don't really suit your skin can be made lighter by mixing them with softer colors like beige (which, when used on its own, will serve as a highlighter for you).

What are you guided by when choosing blush? Write a comment.