Detailed instruction from star make-up artist Ksana Tomnikova


  • Features of L'Oréal Paris color cosmetics
  • Day makeup
  • Evening makeup
  • Express makeup options with L'Oréal Paris cosmetics

Are you planning to go to a party after work? Makeup artist Ksana Tomnikova will show you how to turn daytime makeup into evening makeup in seconds using L'Oréal Paris products.

Features of L'Oréal Paris color cosmetics

“Reveal your individuality” is the slogan of the L’Oréal Paris color cosmetics line. It should be noted that this is not difficult to do: the brand's arsenal includes all types of tonal products, as well as cosmetics for the eyes, eyebrows and lips in various shades. In addition to the main collections, the range of the brand is regularly updated with limited and seasonal updates.

Day makeup

Let's explain step by step how to do daytime makeup with L'Oréal Paris cosmetics. See our photo instruction.

  1. Cleanse face thoroughly and apply moisturizer. Wait until it is absorbed (10-15 minutes) and pat your skin with a paper towel to remove excess product. Apply a moisturizing balm to your lips - by the time you start making up your lips, they will be soft and smooth.

  2. On clean skin, apply the Infaillible makeup base, it will help the foundation to spread evenly and increase its durability. Then take the Alliance Perfect Foundation and spread it over your face with your fingers, moving from the center to the periphery. Carefully blend the product at the hairline so that there are no visible borders. If you plan to pull your hair up, add some foundation on the ears to hide the pink pigment.

  3. Under the eyes, spread Alliance Perfect The One concealer. Choose a product a tone lighter than your skin: the area under the eyes is in the shadow of the superciliary arches, and so that it does not stand out on the face, it needs to be lightened a little. It is better to gently “drive” the corrector into the skin with the pads of your fingers.

  4. Apply Glow Mon Amour Liquid Highlighter to the temples, back of the nose, upper lip checkmark, and center of the neck for a more radiant, sculpted complexion.Always use oily textures first, then dry ones. Otherwise, the first will roll on the skin, and the makeup will look untidy.

  5. Set the tone with Alliance Perfect powder. On the cheekbones, blend the Alliance Perfect "Perfect Fusion" blush, being careful not to go into the area under the eyes, otherwise the result may be a painful and tired look.

  6. Comb the eyebrows along the growth vector and draw the missing hairs with the Brow Artist Micro Tattoo liner. Do not make the form graphic - this is no longer relevant. Draw the space between the eyelashes and the mucous contour of the upper eyelids with the Infaillible brown eyeliner in shade 3.

  7. Line the inner corners of the eyes with Infaillible Eye Paint in shade 101 and blend the lines: this technique will refresh the face.

  8. When coloring eyelashes, use two mascaras: for volume - apply to the roots, and lengthening - to the tips. When creating daytime makeup, it is better not to color the lower eyelashes so as not to weigh down the image.

  9. Blot your lips with a paper towel and apply Rouge Signature Liquid Matte Lipstick in shade 110. No pencil needed, the convenient petal-shaped applicator allows you to clearly outline the contour.

Evening makeup

To quickly turn daytime makeup into evening makeup, you only need two tools: blue eye shadow and burgundy lipstick. Below is a detailed photo instruction.

  1. On the lower eyelids, including the mucous contour, apply Infaillible Eye Paint blue liquid shadows in shade 204. Do not be afraid to actively paint over the lower eyelids - contrary to popular belief, this technique visually enlarges the eyes.The main thing is that there are no clear boundaries. Blend in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, and leave the tip clear. Line the upper lid creases with Infaillible Brown Pencil in shade 3 and blend into a haze.

  2. Apply Rouge Signature Liquid Matte Lipstick in shade 115 to lips. No need to use a pencil: the pointed applicator can easily define a clear contour.

Express makeup options with L'Oréal Paris cosmetics

If you don't have enough time or think you can't handle complex eye makeup like the example above, check out other quick makeup ideas.

Neat arrows will emphasize the beauty of the eyes and make the look more expressive. The easiest way to draw them is with a Perfect Slim marker liner .

To refresh your look, just even out your skin tone: apply foundation and blend thoroughly.

For express makeup, red lipstick is an indispensable tool. Apply it on your lips and you won't need any other cosmetics: it will take all the attention and make your makeup look complete.

Can't imagine wearing red lipstick? Then focus on the eyes and leave the lips intact.

For more express makeup ideas see our tutorial video.

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